Seven Things That Are Underrated (if you ask me)…

1. A woman with a firm handshake

Totally boss.

I don’t know about you, but I appreciate a confident, firm handshake when shaking another woman’s hand.  Nothing is worse than going in for an assertive grip only to be met by a feeble handshake in return . Those limp hand shakes are for the birds, and leave me asking, “What woman started this wimpy habit?”  I think there is something so refreshing about a woman with some substance behind that palm.  To me, it says, “I’m a strong, capable, secure woman, and I’m not afraid to show it.”  C’mon ladies, men do it, so why don’t we?

2. Eating dinner alone

When I was younger I hated being alone.  I could easily spend days and nights completely consumed by hanging out with my friends.  In fact, the first day I met my friend Reagan, we ended up spending nearly a week together, going back and forth to each others apartments.  I still love my friends (and my husband), but I no longer mind eating dinner alone.  I could easily go sit by myself at a café or diner and be completely content there alone without anyone else to talk to.  I think with age you start to appreciate alone time more (at least I do), and those times where you can turn your brain off become highly underrated.

3. Comfortable Silence

Does anyone remember this scene in Pulp Fiction?

It goes something like this:

Mia: Don’t you hate that?

Vincent: What?

Mia: Uncomfortable silences. Why do we feel it’s necessary to yak about bulls*it in order to be comfortable?

Vincent: I don’t know. That’s a good question.

Mia: That’s when you know you’ve found somebody special. When you can just shut up for a minute and comfortably enjoy the silence.

P.S.  Isn’t that true?

4. Getting lost

I hate to sound cliché, but everything really does happen for a reason.  Sometimes it’s good to be lost, and sometimes it’s good to not have your life completely planned out.  Trust me, I learned this one the hard way.  I spent most of my early 20’s trying to control everything and everyone who walked into and out of my life.  Finally something clicked one day, and I realized that living my life this way made me miserable, so I decided to make a change.  One of the best times of my life was when I decided to stop looking at the big picture, just take each day at a time, and give myself permission to flounder…and do you want to know a secret?  I became happier, and something wonderful happened.  I met Matt, who eventually became my husband.  You might think something is right for you, whether it be a job, relationship, etc., but it might not be what is best for you.  If you refuse to let yourself be lost, than you never allow yourself to truly be found.

5. Handwritten letters sent in the mail

Snail mail is way underrated.

In a generation where we can connect with people all over the world in a matter of seconds, it’s almost impossible to not take advantage of the internet and email.  However, I think sending a good, old-fashioned letter or card in the mail is completely underrated.  Think about it.  What if you opened your mailbox today, and received a note from a friend telling you how much they missed you, instead of simply writing it on your Facebook wall.  How special would that make you feel?  Yep, pretty special.  That’s what I thought

6. Electric blankets

So genius.

The fact that I found this picture, where the model is trying her best to look super cool as she is luxuriously wrapped up in the electric blanket, is so funny to me.  So, I know we’re moving in on summer here, but I’ve got to tell you, electric blankets are totally underrated.  If you’ve ever slept in one, especially in the dead of winter, than you know exactly what I’m talking about.  It’s warm…it’s cozy…and it’s phenomenal…Enough said.

7. Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives

Best. Show. Ever.

I am seriously obsessed with this show, and think it’s the bomb.  Let me guess, you’ve never heard of it, right?  That doesn’t surprise me, because every time I try to shoot the sh*t with someone about it, they have no idea what I’m talking about.  If you’ve never seen it, it’s basically a cooking show where the host, Guy Fieri, travels around the United States in search of the best diners, drive-in’s and dives.  It’s not your average cooking show, in that it doesn’t go into all the tedious step by step process of a recipe, but it does give you a recap of numerous cooks whipping up deliciously unhealthy grub that is sure to make your mouth water.  In a nutshell, this show is entertaining and tons of fun, but completely underrated, because hardly anyone has heard of it.

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447 thoughts on “Seven Things That Are Underrated (if you ask me)…

    • I’m also a huge fan of hand-written letters. Everything from the size and slant of the script to your unique signature makes it so much more expressive than an email, text or tweet. Letters can come from people we love with good news or bad and they are often actual keepsakes. I love the rest of your list, too, but this is just a favorite of mine.

      • I am more hot water bottle than electric blanket but the handwritten letters I’d do anything to revive. That said, people used to complain about mine as I have the most illegible scribble. Sad. I’d probably write a lot more if I knew people could actually read what I was writing.

    • I actually received a letter from a new Dr. that I had gone to see last week and was shocked to see it was a thank you note…how funny! Love Electric Blankets and Silence and Pulp Fiction, and Besides Guy the entire Food Network is the Bomb….a must have in TV viewing….thank you so much for sharing…

    • I’m sorry but I cant support you on electric blankets – you are placing your body right next to an electric wire that generates electro-magnetic fields ! Thats carcenogenic ( gives you cancer ! ) But its okay to turn them off before you get into bed. Another great underated item for bedtime is the 2C Solar Light cap – brilliant night light for reading without disturbing others.

    • I agree… That and I don’t think that show is underrated at all. I am pretty sure that its darn popular…… Especially considering that Guy Fieri was a Next Food Network Star winner….. tool, tool.

  1. Awesome list. Agree with all of them; especially your last. This show makes my stomach rumble no matter what time of day I tune in. My hubby tried one of his burger recipes. Yummo!

  2. Love this!! One of my best friends and I were just talking about snail mail a few weeks back. He was talking about how much he’s always loved to get letters in the mail and I was talking about how much I love to write them. We don’t live all that far from each other, but you’re never too close for a hand-written love note in my opinion! Also, comfortable silences make life better. When I’m that comfortable with someone, I know the world is just as it should be. 🙂

  3. I’m with you on all of these.. but the guy on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives freaks me out. I think it’s his hair. I’m more of a Man vs. Food kinda person.
    Also I’m only 20 and I’ve appreciated eating alone for a while. I agree that young people seem to have this need to stay in groups. But I’ve sat in coffee shops alone with a muffin and a book and been very content 😀

  4. I agree awesome list. I have always been a big fan of eating alone. Sometimes I just want a silent meal or watch tv or read a book or watch people and have no interruptions. I would also like to point out something over-rated and that is a simple hello. If greet someone why can’t they greet you back. I don’t want a life story and I’m not looking to tell mine just a simple hi. Also spell-check and grammar. I hate reading blogs or facebook when someone types like they are having seizures and you can’t understand a thing they said. Slow down, read what you wrote and use spell check.

  5. To quote Ignacio from “Nacho Libre”, “Everything you just said, is MY favourite thing to do, every day!” (Well maybe with the exception of being out-squeezed in a handshake by a woman) We actually just found out about a great little local place here in Tampa that we never knew about from watching “Tripple D” – it’s an under-rated show, really, lol.

    And for someone who appreciates great quotes, you’ve come up with a keeper yourself: “If you refuse to let yourself be lost, than you never allow yourself to truly be found.” True wisdom there, Sarah!

  6. I love this list. I love to eat a bowl of pasta all by myself, and I am constantly looking for time to squeeze in where I am all alone. I still write letters, especially to my grandmother. I always wish someone wrote them to me…

  7. I loveeeeee Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives!! The cooking channel does mini marathons like every weeknight and I’m obsessed. I think it would be so fun to take a road trip and hit up a ton of those restaurants!!

  8. LOVE your perspective! As someone who went through a completely blindsiding divorce (which, in fact, inspired my early blog beginnings), I wholeheartedly relate to #2. Considering I met my future husband at the age of 21, married at 24 and divorced at 36, I skipped the part of my life when I was “supposed” to eat alone. But I found myself LOVING it in my early, post-divorce days.

    Now that I have a boyfriend — we both take much more time to do the things we love to do alone. Very empowering.

    And as to the limp fish handshakes, all I have to say: “Ewwwwwwww.”


  9. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Except for 7. I love my grease and I love my food shows, but I’m more of a Road Food (on The Splendid Table) type gal. I adore eating out alone! Congrats on the freshly pressed!

  10. I love all these things, but I have to give a special nod to electric blankets and handwritten mail. They both make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

  11. I love eating alone–I can just get absorbed in a book and not have to wait until between bites to have a conversation with someone.

    Also, firm handshakes FTW. I immediately judge someone (sorry, but it’s true) if they have a wimpy handshake, man or woman. It really diminishes my respect for someone–especially someone like a priest, who shakes hands with more or less his entire congregation on their way out of church. A priest has two chances to get in my good books: the homily and the handshake. If he only has the handshake, it’s easier for me to deal than if he only has the homily. I don’t know why. I just feel like a priest especially should have a good handshake because I feel almost brushed aside if he can’t take the time to give me a nice firm handshake.

    I was always taught to have a firm handshake. I’ve actually gotten some compliments on it, believe it or not! All from men, though, which sometimes made me feel a little like they were patting me on the head and saying, “Good job with your manly handshake, little girl.” But not enough that it wasn’t still flattering. 🙂

  12. I completely agree with the first five! Written correspondence is so rare now, people who take the time to write and post a mail definitely stand out. I’ve never tried electric blankets though..

  13. Funny to read this list when I’m just eating dinner alone, and have just gotten home from posting two letters to my pen pals! I don’t watch TV, so no idea about that show, and I’ve never had an electric blanket (but I love my hot water bottle), but I can only agree with the rest of your list!

  14. I LOVE quiet meals alone. Where I don’t have to share my food, and I can really savor it. Can you tell I have kids?

    I got two hand-written letters in the mail last week. A personal record. I have vowed to write more of those, myself.

  15. This is a cool post right here! I could probably think of another 7 things that are underrated, but you got the top ones down pat. Oh, and I know Diners, Drive-ins and Dives!! Randomly came across it on a food channel. My mum thinks it’s gross, but I just gape at the screen whenever it’s on, and start thinking of all the immensely fatty things I can create up in the kitchen 🙂

  16. Great list! I agree with most of your thoughts, but probably the ones I love the most are the handwritten letters and comfortable silences 🙂 Congrats on being freshly pressed and have a wonderful weekend!

  17. Good post! What IS with the dead-fish handshakes, especially from women? It’s like someone told them to be dainty when they were girls, and they equated that with ‘limp’. I go to ceilidhs quite often, and if the limp handshake is a problem, it’s nothing compared to the limp dance partner! Sad!

  18. Getting lost…and found seems to be a theme today. Good list. I would add Walking. Something about taking time to meander and mosey in this day and age of zipping and zooming…I’m walking with my kids tonight, no doubt! ~Regards, Dan

  19. Apart from getting lost (I have the worst spatial issues when it comes to directions/retracing my steps and when I can’t find my way I get panicky), I agree with everything on this list! 🙂 Especially with the last one…no one ever knows what I’m talking about when I mention Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, either. Congrats on the FP!

  20. First I thought “should I just leave a blank comment to make you see that I agree with you on the comfortable silence thing?” But then again, how would you know that I agree on all points except the last one… My excuse for never having heard about this show is that 1.I’m from Germany and 2.I’m living in Bolivia right now. Handwritten mail – dig it!

  21. I agree whole heartedly with all of this…except for the dinners alone, but this is just because my partner and I eat dinner alone 5 out of 7 nights a week. We relish cooking dinner together, but that’s because we have the luxury of our alone time. 🙂 And I am a D,DI,and DIV groupie. If I am travelling, I will look up the diners featured on the show and I HAVE to go there. I actually wrote a blog on the latest place my partner and I went…
    Oo! and I love that scene in Pulp Fiction and yes, it is awesome

  22. The ones I most agree with:

    3. Yes, comfortable silences are an awesome experience.
    4. You can actually find yourself while you’re lost.
    5. Very rarely does someone write anything by hand nowadays which makes it more valuable than ever.
    7. I love diners as long as they’re 50’s styled and they have a great hamburger. There’s one that I like going to that has a lot of Elvis stuff. I never get bored!

  23. I’m 46, and I still hate eating alone. In fact, I wish I never had to eat at all. Eating is not a pleasure for me–it never has been. Anything I have to do is not pleasurable–only what I don’t have to do, but simply want to do, is pleasurable.

  24. A little while ago a few friends and I were just discussing when last we had received a hand written letter from someone. None of us could remember.
    We came up with a plan to bring back this tradition. We wrote a paragraph of a made up story and a list of instructions and posted it to a friend. The idea was that the friend would continue the story and then post it onto someone they knew. When it got to six months the last person would then post it back to one of us.
    We were pretty impressed with the idea and thought that in six months time we would get together over some wine and have a good chuckle over the completed story.
    The one major flaw in this was that not everyone could be bothered to continue the story and post it on. Out of the 3 letters we sent none were returned which scuppered our plan.
    I still think it was a cool idea!

  25. Comfortable silence is hard to get with anyone! if you just wanna start it like that in a matter of moments it will feel uncomfortable. I guess one just has to reach that level of understanding before comfortable silence can be achieved. Sometimes people just want to eat alone fro some ‘Me’ time without ever having to worry that something is in your teeth or people staring and I’d be glad if someone wrote me a letter in the mail. I would feel that i have been transported to the lovely 18th Century, just write and tell me about their day, the latest gossip of their thoughts, what happened to written scripts!

  26. Agreed from beginning to end! I especially can’t stand women who will put out their hand and not even squeeze a LITTLE bit! What are they expecting – a kiss?? And I love Triple D! (although my boyfriend always gives me a hard time when I watch it because it makes him so hungry!)

  27. I HEAR you on the firm female handshake. I actually had a guy tell me that he had NEVER met a woman with a firm handshake before me. What?!

    Strangely, I always feel suspicious when a man gives me a limp handshake. I wonder if he really shakes hands like that (gross) or if he’s just “toning it down” for me. Maybe I read too much into handshakes as first impressions, but they are a big deal to me.

  28. Good stuff. I love some good alone time and living each day as it comes. However, I must admit that I am pretty needy for my wife since we’ve gotten married, even if she’s just napping on the couch while I get in a good game of Fifa 12 on the X-box. I miss diners. I used to live in Northeast New Jersey–diner capital of the world. The South just doesn’t get it right when it comes to good diners.

  29. I’m totally with you on eating dinner alone, comfortable silences, and getting lost. This post made me smile. Thanks! 🙂

  30. Ha, I agree with all of this. BTW: I’ve proudly seen Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and think it’s awesome. Somehow it always comes on when I haven’t eaten all day. Makes me want to take changes on some dives.

    I have been meaning to send some hand written notes. It reminds me of all of those old shows where you see the older people with all these old handwritten love letters, or letters from their family and friends and they find something magical in them. Not everything is best virtual.

    Have fun!

  31. Amen, sister, amen! (Except, technically, I have never seen Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, but I HAVE heard of it, and the rest of the list is so good I will just have to trust you on that one.) I like eating alone, and just getting the chance to do simple things alone like go to the grocery store. I just came home from doing that and it’s like I just got a massage. (Why, yes, I DO normally have a three-year-old with me in the store. Why do you ask?) Great post, and congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

  32. Love the list. As far as the handshake goes…. I don’t know I’ve always been tuaght you treat a lady gentle and give a firm handshake to a made to show respect and say “hey, I’m not weak…”. Maybe I’m just old fashion.

  33. I’m with you, especially on getting lost, also literally lost (only when I am on holiday). I am quite casual, when I get around, I like to wander and sometimes I do get a bit lost in new cities, but that way I find places I would never have seen, had I stuck to the map…
    And talking about control mania, I decided I have to say yes more, yes to unexpected invitations, yes to things I have never tried, yes to meeting people I have known through friends in Facebook, yes to trying a new risotto recipe in the microwave (I thought it wouldn’t be that good, but I was wrong!), yes to one more Margarita 🙂
    Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  34. Oh god you are so right,I’ve recently started pushing myself to do things like eating alone and trying to relax when an uncomfortable situation silence comes up…still working on the firm handshake but I have to admit I do love those winter nights when I turn on my electric blanket and put the food channel on….it makes me hungry though :/ Congratulations on being freshly pressed again, I love reading your blog 🙂

  35. Love your list – I am actually a huge fan of coming up with Underrated lists. Totally agree with eating alone, I’m so glad I’ve mastered the ability to enjoy alone time. It’s so precious. And I definitely am a fan of Diners, Drive-In’s, and Dive’s. My husband and I watch it all the time… especially when I’m trying to eat healthy. It’s weird but I (almost) get my fill of unhealthy, delicious foods by just watching that show. Oh and Man vs. Food – love that one too! 🙂

  36. my wife hates, dinners, drive-ins, and dives. i love the show. so i guess when i go on the road to visit each and every joint guy has been to she can stay home and eat dinner alone.

  37. My dad watches Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives. I think it’s decent show, and some of the food they show on there looks really tasty. Good post! 🙂

    • AGREED. I’ve gotten a few from men (mostly older guys) who seem to do the delicate little limp handshake-by-the-tips-of-the-fingers thing when shaking a “lady’s” frail, dainty hand, and it always makes me want to tell them, “I’m sorry, I left my lace hankie at home, could you shake my hand like I’m a damned human being?” They seem to have two settings: crush-n-maim used to impress other males, and limp-fish to keep from injuring delicate ladies. Thankfully, the species seems to be dying out …

      • Except now you’re getting the younger generation that doesn’t know what to do with a hand that’s held out to them!

      • They’re not so bad. 🙂 At least it’s the same glazed stare for everyone. EVenhanded social awkwardness is more acceptable to me for some reason.

  38. Great list! However, although women have invented many things, the limp handshake is not one of them. I’ve shaken some pretty dead-fish-feeling male hands, too. Ick. What are people thinking? It always creeps me out a little, whereas a firm handshake says, “Yes, I see you. Hi!” Dinner alone is great and I love getting lost, but I’m afraid I haven’t watched the food show (but do I get credit for having heard of it?). Congrats on being FP!

  39. This is a great post. The only thing is electric blankets make me nervous. Seems like a C.S.I. show plot waiting to happen.
    Also, I love the food network, but Chopped is by far my favorite show. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it.

  40. An excellent post. I am a firm handshaker and find that sometimes people give me weird looks for my firm grip. I’m with you–I want to say to them, listen, you’ve already made a bad first impression on me with that limp fish handshake. That’s a hard thing to recover from!

  41. I completely agree with you! I think it’s important to establish a comfortable silence between friends and family members- sometimes small chat just doesn’t cut it. I LOVE receiving and writing hand-written letters. When I lived in New York for 5 months (I’m from England) it was interesting to see who would keep in contact via email and who via letters. I love looking back on old letters whereas emails I forget. I also love eating alone sometimes, I don’t want the conversation, especially when I’m hungry and just want to eat lol!

  42. I recently acquired an electric blanket. How did I ever live without one before? And yes, comfortable silences are very very SEVERELY underrated

  43. As I read 1-5, I thought you must be my long lost twin! I’m a huge advocate for firm handshakes especially. Shaking a limp noodle is the worst!

    As much as I love bundling up, however, I find electronic blankets WAY too hot. I emit enough heat on my own … I guess I just like the feeling of being swaddled. And as for #7, I haven’t seen it. But you’re the 3rd person in under a week that I’ve heard raving about it, so I’m thinking I need to check it out.

    Fun post, and congrats on the feature!

  44. Great post!! Totally with you on having dinner alone and handwritten notes. I have my son write thank-you notes whenever he receive a birthday or other gift from friends/relatives. He hates it, but I hope a little of it sticks. . . well deserved Freshly Pressed!

  45. A snail mail letter means someone cared enough to write, either long hand or type and print, but then get the envelope and the stamp. The delay in delivery is a comfortable silence.

  46. I absolutely love this list.
    Almost everything in here I have to agree with, especially comfortable silences ( though very rare, they do feel like bliss ).
    Thank you for posting this.

  47. Yes yes yes on number one! Why do women do this? I don’t shake hands with people that often but come on women, stop it. I always learned it should be a firm handshake, other wise what is the point? The rest of the list is great, presently having trouble with but slowly learning how true number 4 is.

  48. I was JUST talking about handshakes earlier. I hate when I get a wimpy handshake, especially when it’s from a woman. I think it may have started from when, back in the day, men kissed women on the hand. Look at any of the movies where a man kisses a woman’s hand.

    I honestly love this list! What a great compilation 🙂

  49. I love Guy – but cannot watch this show around suppertime because it makes me so hungry. I am a Food Network junkie–so Guy is no stranger to me. I agree with everything on your list–very astute–and I love a firm handshake from men and women–except men who crush your hand–I want to do it back, but I assume they do not know they are doing it.

  50. I could not be more with you on the soggy handshake. I have to shake, shake, shake for my career and is it ever embarassing to meet another professional woman, get along, shake in greeting and friendship – and then I accidently squeeze her noodley hand until her gelatinous bones creak together. Hard to feel a colleagial connection to someone I’ve just bodily harmed because she never learned to firm up for a shake!

  51. One of my friends hit the five-year mark for her cancer’s remission. She was pronounced cured. I, loving the art of writing letters, sent her a congratulatory note through snail mail. I was rewarded when she sent one back, saying it made her whole week to receive that in the mail! Knowing something so simple made her week made mine! It’s a simple gesture that can make the sender and the receiver smile. : )

  52. Traveling alone. I’ve toured the country solo for a promo campaign. I’ve been to France for 9 weeks solo. I’ve driven across the country solo. The best way to chat it up with strangers in a strange place is to be alone. Nobody approaches a couple. But everybody approaches the single woman. No matter where she is, she’ll be approached and invited. Sometimes to odd places but…

    Love this list. I need to come up with my own! Such fun… and of course I agree with everything here but was drawn to it by Mia’s picture!

  53. Hi Sarah,
    Especially lovin’ your top 5 (of the 7): a handshake with character reveals so much about the person; dining alone offers the opportunity to feed your soul with time to eat, read, and sometimes even write, whilst enjoying a bite to eat; still searching for someone to be comfortably silent with!; often lose myself whilst searching for meaning in this World; and finally -no other form of written communication quite compares to the intimacy of a personal letter from someone special!
    Thanks for the inspiring words …checking the mailbox has a curious new appeal to it!
    – Joel.

  54. i’m sick of firm handshakes when a guy tries to break every bone in your hand to prove he’s a real man. as if it proves anything. its just a meaningless ritual created by neanderthals.

    as for electric blankets it once burnt a hole in my bed bringing in a fire truck, firemen breaking down my door, hosing down my bedroom, drenching all my books. so no more electric blankets for me. i take fish oil instead, which increases my circulation and warms me up. good enough for eskimos. and i always carry a fish with me so i can use it instead of my hand to shake another person’s hand.

    i once got a birthday card with a hundred bucks in it and it was the wrong address. it sure caused me an ethical dilemna. i hate ethical dilemnas. it exposes my weaknesses, which is revealed through my limp handshake.

    i wonder why i’ve been eating dinner alone a lot lately.

  55. I like silence sometimes. Also, dinner alone, but in public. If I am going to eat alone, I want to eat some really good food and enjoy it without the pressure to talk. Gave up electric blankets a long time ago – hot flashes.

  56. When I saw this thumbnail, I thought your list was going to include “Pulp Fiction.” I was delighted to see that didn’t (not because I don’t like that movie, but because I found your list so creative)!

    I very much agree with the importance of firm handshakes! I can’t decide if it’s worse to get a limp one from a woman (because she’s being dainty) or a man (because he thinks I’m dainty).

  57. Hi. I’d strongly agree with you on all except the final two. I’m sure you already know, but the French have a such clever way of avoiding the handshake altogether, and saying much more in the process, letting you snuggle in close with a warm kiss on each cheek. 🙂

  58. I miss getting hand written letters so much. Anytime I get something with my name on it written in someone’s handwriting I get really excited. Oh and I use to love using a heated blanket. So cozy! Especially on a really cold night.

  59. Eating alone is the best. One of the best meals I ever had was alone in the San Francisco airport. I had to travel for work. I had no desire to stay overnight so I flew out in the morning. Got done working, high tailed to the airport and sat in some chain restaraunt, had a beer and some ribs and didn’t have a care in the world. Caught the redeye back home.

    Driving alone with no particular plan in mind is the best too. God I sound like a loner but I swear, you get a lot of thinking done when the rest of the world is somewhere else.

  60. See if this is underrated!
    My first book- hello bitches

    Hello Bitches! is not for the close-minded. Or else it might cause a heart attack. The book is about the scandalous life of Georgina Vogue and her party animal friends who lived life in hedonistic mode. The stories are told in the author’s gossipy manner of talking about socially acceptable topics like love and friendship, as well as thought-provoking subjects such as alcohol, drugs, sex…

  61. Hand written letters. Because that take effort and commitment. Its a bit of a lost art in today’s fast paced frenetic world!

  62. I love a handwritten letter, so I’ve been trying to send more myself. That old golden rule. I ALSO love Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. My best friend and I planned a road trip across the country (she was moving for grad school) which allowed us to stop at a DD&D destination every day. Yum.

  63. everything up until number 5! i do most of those things the majority of the time. life is amazing that way. except, i have yet to find the right person to share a silence with. thanks for sharing! and congrats on getting freshly pressed!

  64. I live in Indonesia and here they absolutely adore gentleness and softness as a character trait, so handshakes are often nothing more than touching fingers, even from men. It’s bizarre to me, because I like a firm handshake, but I embrace the cultural norm. It also means that speaking in almost a whisper is admired too, so I have to be extra careful at listening when I go shopping or to the bank.

  65. I’m also a fan of firm handshakes. My own firm handshake gets assorted reactions from men. Most of the time it’s like they don’t know what hit them. :)) And I love eating alone, getting lost and giving my brain a little rest, too.

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  67. I agree with 80% of this post, but dinners alone–suck. I am 64, a Disabled Veteran, divorced, no children. My parents are dead. I have no family within 500 miles. I live alone–well, not exactly. I have three babies: all cats. I yearn for opportunities to dine with someone else. It happens very infrequently. About the handshake; I absolutely hate wimpy, cold fish handshakes from men. I have, on occasion, received firm handshakes from women, and I appreciate that. Thanks for this post. I enjoyed it. 🙂

  68. to be honest I am 27 years old and for me eating dinner alone sometimes could become relaxing my mind and I am doing this to prepare myself to facing real world. I mean, I can’t move on without preparation

  69. Love this page! I also do love getting handwritten letters 😛 theres always a sense of privacy and warmth when you get those

  70. Its a nice and optimistic post.
    — a calm evening by the sea at a Favorited place, with a glace of good wine, nice dish – ordered & enjoyed in piece 😉

  71. Good not agree more on the firm hand-shake (men or women) – and please no sweaty palms…YUCK!! But a women or man who barely places their hand in your hand when greeting you is just lame….Any time I am interviewing someone for a job and they do this I automatically think, “NO WAY – NEXT”!

    Then the scene with Mia is one of my fav’s – pressed again – excellent job!!

  72. I agree! As a guy its tough to gauge handshakes in the moments right before the grasp. Either you crush a wimpy handshake, you come in to soft to an unexpected death grip or you receive a “let me grasp just your fingers with a weak uneasy smile on my face”.

  73. I do love getting letters. At the moment, the only person I ever get them from is my cousin, who lives in Scotland, as she hasn’t yet got around to computers. I’m sure she will eventually, but she prefers writing longhand.

  74. I totally agree with you on most of the points, particularly the comfortable silence, eating alone and snail mail ones! Loved this post! Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed again!! 🙂

  75. Ohhhh I agree!! 🙂 I Love this!! Will be checking out your Blog further! A huge congrats for being Freshly Presssed! 🙂 You earned it!!
    Love from Rach.

  76. Very, very nice post! I’m not even sure how I found it, but nevertheless, I very much enjoyed it. I enjoyed every number, but number one. See I am a man, and I know about firm handshakes. We are taught this at a very young age, but I don’t think I appreciate women giving me firm handshakes. I more enjoy a woman that can be comfortable with a soft handshake. Heck, it may even cause me to not shake at all. I may loosen my grip, turn hers palm down, lift, and kiss the back of her soft hand. To me, a soft handshake is not the sign of a weak woman, but that of a woman comfortable with being “soft”. That’s in my opinion what most mothers are after all. At least that’s the kind of mother my wife is. My mom though, not so much (another story).
    I could however be missing your point, and you could be speaking only of shaking other women’s hands. That now, especially if your husband and/or kids are around, would be sexy as all get out. A mamma protecting what’s hers by asserting physical force is-mmm, mmm, good stuff right thar. Anyway, glad I stumbled on this. I will follow.

  77. I like everything that made your list. And I am a huge fan of handwritten letters! Not that I don’t drink the Kool-Ade like everyone else and do the texting and email thing too, but I also love to surprise people with snail mail. I enjoyed this post.

  78. Andre: What does it do to us, Wally, living in an environment where something as massive as the seasons or winter or cold, don’t in any way affect us? I mean, were animals after all. I mean… what does that mean? I think that means that instead of living under the sun and the moon and the sky and the stars, we’re living in a fantasy world of our own making.
    Wally: Yeah, but I mean, I would never give up my electric blanket, Andre. I mean, because New York is cold in the winter. I mean, our apartment is cold! It’s a difficult environment. I mean, our life is tough enough as it is. I’m not looking for ways to get rid of a few things that provide relief and comfort. I mean, on the contrary, I’m looking for more comfort because the world is very abrasive. I mean, I’m trying to protect myself because, really, there’s these abrasive beatings to be avoided everywhere you look!
    Andre: But, Wally, don’t you see that comfort can be dangerous? I mean, you like to be comfortable and I like to be comfortable too, but comfort can lull you into a dangerous tranquility.

  79. You couldn’t be more right about nr 2-3-4. Also pleasant: seedless tangerines and bone-free fish, wasting yourself with late night blogging or cult movies watching so the first work meeting the very next morning is the challenge of the challenges, low-tech anti-iching devices ..

  80. What a great post … strong agreement from me on the first 5, especially comfortable silence.

    I don’t go much for electric blankets but I live in Australia where cold weather is never all that cold, and living here I don’t know anything about Diners Drive-Ins & Dives (except that it sounds like something I’d love.)

  81. Agreed with all items, especially item 4. I’m in my early twenties and my life did become less stressful now I’m no longer obsessed about the future and the BIG PICTURE. I love your post. 🙂

  82. I love ‘Diners, Drive-ins and Dives’! Ever since I babysat for the first time for this ridiculously rich family who have Sky Tv AND the Amnerican Food Network (I’m British btw) and stumbled upon this programme I’ve become obsessed. Also, I’m sooo with you on the electric blanket…how sexy does THAT look!!

  83. Dudie, like I love how you like literally trend on wordpress (yep I’m a twitterholic! Lol!) And I really like what you said about getting lost coz I’m trying so hard to control the love aspect of my life, where I think I know who I want and I’m like certain they’re the one for me, and it leaves me miserable. But like how do you let go without feeling weird or scared? and how you manage to trend on wordpress? Any secret method??

  84. I absolutely love this post – it is so true! I adore handwritten letters and can never get enough of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives – I always get so excited when I see that it’s on. And yes, lone meals are actually really nice; time to spend just within your head.

  85. I love your list! Especially getting lost, to many of us are caught up in life not enjoying it like we should. And hand written letters, with all the bills we get these days it’s nice when someone that really does care sends you some love. I need to do both of these more. Great post!

  86. Sometimes even men have wimpy handshakes. I have to admit that shaking my Dad’s hand is like grabbing a dead fish. (Sorry, Dad.) And I LOVE MY ELECTRIC BLANKET. Even though I live in Florida, I use it during the “winter.”

  87. All d things u said are worth taking note … the most i liked was Comfortable silence , it can only happen with someone who understands you more than yourself ….

  88. The other day someone asked me why I don’t talk much, and it threw off my mojo something fierce! At the time I was just enjoying the surroundings. Comfortable silence rules!

  89. I totally agree with most of what you said, namely eating alone, comfortable silence, getting lost, and handwritten mail. Eating alone is great, no one’s there to judge your choices. And silence is nice, I’m not one of those people who feels the need to fill every second with meaningless small talk. I get lost a lot due to my bad sense of direction, but you discover new things that way. I used to write letters and notes to people all the time by hand, but not so much now, as there’s facebook and texting instead. I miss it.

  90. I totally agree!! I have never really thought about it, though! Some of my most memorable adventures were when I got lost, my most cherished words are in a letter, and my most favorite people are ones who I can chat with for hours or simply sit in silence. Thanks for making me think about all of these things! Great post!

  91. “If you refuse to let yourself be lost, than you never allow yourself to truly be found.” [sic]

    Wow. Powerful. And I agree, ‘coz after all you can get a good laugh out of it plus it’s one hell of a story to tell your friends or strike a conversation with new acquaintances.

    Amazing blog, btw!

  92. It’s so true, needing to be lost to be found. I love this post as much as I love comfortable silences, eating alone, sending and receiving snail mail. I like to still hold and read books as well as when I write, I use a fountain pen and paper. I’ve also seen Diners Drive-In’s and Dives more times than I can count, gotta spread the love of Guy!

  93. 3, 4 and 5 – so so much.
    3 – I can spend minutes in silence with my closest friends without feeling awkward.
    4 – I’ve recently adopted that “take each day as it comes” outlook and yes, I definitely feel happier and a lot less stressed than before.
    5 – I recently sent a thank you card and letter in the post because I decided it would mean more and wanted to be sure it made that person smile.

    Wonderful post 🙂

  94. Yes! Or how about eating dinner alone standing over the sink while watching Diners Drive-ins and Dives?

  95. Nice post! I love the photo of the woman eating alone with the cat 🙂 Looks like Slash and I, lol. Glad to have found your blog again so now I can follow. Congrats on Freshly Pressed by the way!

  96. Everything on there apart from that show as never seen it! I have to say a good electric blanket is a godsend on a freezing night!
    Silence regardless of comfort is highly underrated sometimes people need to take a step back and just shut up!
    Eating dinner alone is something that I have always loved – you can pay attention to your food and get lost in your own world without any unwanted interruptions.
    Snail Mail is a favourite of mine which is MASSIVELY underrated and i think i might even post on it myself and send some for good measure!

    CONGRATULATIONS on your great post and being freshly pressed! Nice one! :D:D:D

  97. Im a huge fan of Guy Fieri’s show all the way from South Africa and i’m shocked people in the US are clueless about it woow.

  98. Very much like this list. I especially like the being alone part. Not that I’m a loner by any means, but it is healthy to find out who you are….this can usually occur when alone. Not a huge fan of Diners and the shaking blanket though. Great post. Oh, and also, I think you could have included ‘being single’; similar to eating alone, but different for all the right reasons.

  99. I love this list. While the convenience of the internet has made life easier, it certainly has made life less personal. I’d be floored if I reached in the mailbox and found a letter from anyone besides a bill collector. Opening that envelope and eagerly pulling the hand-written note from it is such a delicious feeling; I miss it very much.
    I’d also like to propose an addition to this post: Common Courtesy. Maybe it’s just me, but people have become so much less considerate of other people as I’ve gotten older. I may be young, but I’m nearly burdened with empathy, so for me to be as flippant about others as most people can be is impossible. Am I over-sensitive, or are people really just getting more and more rude?

  100. I’m completely with you on handwritten letters! I have three penfriends and with one of them I type the letters up (which is better than email, at least) because he does, but with the other two we just handwrite them, which is so much nicer and more human.

  101. Oh, I´m so with you on all your points. The British version of diners, `greasy-spoon´ cafes, are so good. I´ve just been to a tiny restaurant that qualifies for that. Both food and service were excellent!

  102. Great post Sarah! Hit the nail on the head on most of these. I have occasionally seen Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and I understand the fascination. I am however, a bit mad at the fashion mis-statement of that electric Snuggie though (bristles). 😉

  103. I’m with ya! I especially agree with eating alone, comfortable silence, and getting lost. Handshakes and handwritten letters are pretty incredible as well.

  104. I totally feel you about the majority of these. I have worked at teaching my son the importance of a firm handshake. What’s worse than a woman having a limp grip is when a man does!

    ‘Diners Drive-In’s and Dives is one of my favorite pleasures. I’m learning to love ‘Storage Wars’ just as much.

    Writing handwritten letters sent via post office is so refreshing. It takes more time and effort to show your interested as opposed to the internet.

    Eating alone! After having my son, I love eating alone and uncomfortable silences. I relish both b/c I don’t have to say, “no and stop that!” or talk when I just don’t want too.

    Thanks for this post.

  105. For some reason, bloggers who write in list form always seem to capture me and get me thinking. This one especially! It’s the little things in life that make people’s days complete- without them even knowing so. Definitely high five to snail mail. And I mean actual letters, not just a note with some house keys attached after “someone” left them at your place following a big night out..

  106. I stole (I mean, borrowed) your idea and posted my seven things with a link back to your wonderful words. Thanks for the inspiration! Loved your comments and totally agree with what you had to say. Congrats on being freshly pressed!!

  107. First, totally with you on the woman handshake. I am a guy, and I am in sales. If we shake on a deal, and you are a woman, SHAKE ON IT. Its no longer cool for me to kiss your hand in public, so stop fishing.

    Second, my assistant and I watch almost nothing but Food Network, we are totally with you on Diner’s. Also, Chopped.

  108. Interesting. I agree with 3 and onward, but not really with 1 and 2. It never occurred to me before, in fact, but to a man your handshake will never seem as firm… Besides, there are batter ways, in my opinion, to show that you have balls. Eating dinners alone is a nightmare for me, especially since it gives me no motivation to actually cook. And 3 is spot on, I wish more people could appreciate that.

  109. Eating dinner alone felt so uncomfortable and it made me feel like a loser at first but when you get the hang of it, it’s one of the best feelings ever – having the confidence and the courage to enjoy your food and the place and the people around you. And yeah, getting lost to getting yourself be found – check 🙂

  110. It’s the littlest, over-looked things that are the greatest! I still say the electric blanket I got for Christmas a couple years back is the best gift I’ve ever received! And now there’s proof my love of eating dinner alone does not, by itself, classify me as weird! Thanks for a great post!

  111. Definitely agree with eating dinner alone. I used to think that no one should eat alone, but you’re right, with age, I seem to look forward to eating by myself more. It’s relaxing and gives me time to unwind or just plain enjoy my dinner.

    • this took a lot of courage the first time. Now I proudly sit down at my table for one when I need a break or am out on the road and just relax.

  112. Great post. The “Getting lost” section was truly beautiful and gives me something to deeply think about. Excellent. Thank you. I also like a woman with a firm handshake!

  113. I agree with all of the above, besides the last one about the show, I’ve never seen it but awesome list nonetheless.

  114. Nice post but I don’t like eating dinner alone . But I like the handwritten letter’s . The other’s are good . Liked it. 🙂

  115. Electric blankets are just the greatest. Don’t go to sleep with them on though, so the safety experts say 🙂

  116. Great post,am totally agree with you and Congratulations on ‘Freshly Pressed and Thanks for sharing…

  117. Love a handwritten letter. remember as a kid running to the door, to see if i have any post. and letters from penfriends were always sooooo exciting. I think I still have them somewhere.

  118. I’ve been told that I have a bone crunching handshake. 😉 I used to love writing and receiving letters. So sad those who used to write to me have now passed on. The younger generation just don’t write nay more, just e-mail. Enjoyed your post very much.

  119. 2-5 are brilliant

    I’m married with 3 daughters. I’m close to my inlaws, niece, and others people in my family. I’m rarely alone. When I travel for work or find a moment where I can eat a meal by myself, its true peace on Earth.

    I miss handwritten letters. I’m 41 years old. I kept handwritten letter correspondence with close friends in the late 1980s and and early 1990s (before email). I write my wife love letters every once ina while. I think I will mail one to see her reaction.

    good post

  120. Awesome list!!
    I Totally agree with you, especially the first one –“A woman with a firm handshake”.
    Thanks for sharing.

  121. A big ‘YES’ to numbers 1, 5 and 6…handwritten letters are so exciting to receive, they make such a pleasant change to junk mail, and are truly unexpected in these days of e-communication. It’s a really well thought-out list!

  122. Very nice list! I would add the following; pulling stupid faces before a mirror, pretending to be stupid when no one’s around, if you have a pet dog trying to balance something on its head, juggling, juggling before your dog thinking the dog will be amazed and then seeing the dog’s indifferent reaction, teaching the dog to juggle, getting confused as to why the dog can’t juggle but is able to hear a dog barking in the town 17 miles away and duly responding accordingly, teaching the cat to juggle, registering the cat isn’t interested, wondering who invented beans on toast, eating beans on toast with mayonnaise, and absent mindedly picking your nose and then mocking people who do it in public.

  123. I’m SO with you on numbers 2, 5 and 6. For all the wonders and convenience of e-communication, nothing beats getting a card or letter in your mailbox!

  124. LOVE #4. And not only women with firm handshakes, but even guys. Ugh, such a turn-off when anyone receives your handshake with a limp hand.

  125. Right from the first point, I already agree with you! 😀 I didn’t even know that feeble handshake is common from women, because I’ve always been taught that the best way to give a good impression is to have a firm handshake. So I’ve been shaking people’s hands firmly since I can’t even remember when!

    And I also feel the eating alone thing. 😀 I do it, comfortably, sometimes even do it on purpose, when I need time on my own.

    Thanks for the post!

  126. I love snail mail. It makes me a little sad to think that my daughter (9 mo old right now) may never get to experience the excitement of receiving snail mail (from someone besides her mother 🙂 ). Great list!

  127. I totally agree that eating dinner alone is underrated! I used to find it weird to do so before I went to Australia for my postgraduate studies. Initially before I made friends, and had people to hang out with, I went out to dinner, cafes and movies alone and I totally loved my company! Now I keep doing it once in a while, and a quiet dinner or a movie all by myself totally does the trick when I want to slow down! It’s assuring to read that somebody thinks that way too! I love your post! Truly deserves to be freshly pressed! Congratulations!

  128. nice blog! I actually do enjoy eating alone…except when i hve a significant other….Comfortable silence is actually not that bad as well…at least with something special…never experienced a lady’s firm handshake lol…Diners? well we have something like that in jamaica but they’re not underrated…I like this post..good work

  129. Firm handshakes, I have been obsessed with this exact thing forever. I have known people that I just cannot like no matter what, based on their handshake. I shake hands everytime I meet someone, and love that it’s part of our culture. Enjoyed the read!

  130. It would have to be electric blankets for me. Every Spring my other half and I go through my electric blanket withdrawal syndrome. She wants to take it off of the bed in May and I want to wait until mid June. I’m thinking of just going to a tailor and having an electric pair of pajamas made so that I don’t have to go through this every year.

  131. I so love the hand-written letters, there’s always the feeling of thrill and excitement of what is written inside it that is different when receiving text messages and e-mails.
    I also like #2 – I wonder how other people can stand eating alone. But whenever I see one, I just thought of it as being courageous and independent. I think this is a good way of spending time with yourself. Free from talking a lot, just like the Comfortable Silence.
    I enjoyed your post. Thanx for this! 🙂

  132. The funniest part of the picture with the model and the electric blanket is that she is modeling an electric Snuggie (which reminds me of high school hazing rituals)!

    Great stuff. Thanks Sarah.

  133. I truly enjoyed your post and I am specifically fond of number #2 and #3. I often eat with family, but I enjoy the times when I can just pull out a book, and read and eat. Also, I am surrounded by people who don’t understand comfortable silence. I truly don’t feel the need to talk incessantly. I know so many people who have to fill the air with their chatter, that it is a relief when I befriend someone who can sit quietly beside me and we enjoy each others presence more than we need to hear each other thoughts.

  134. I actually get upset whenever somebody interrupts my very important eating alone time.

    I want to make a sandwich hole that I can hide in and eat sandwiches alone.

  135. Everyone should have a firm handshake.
    I love comfortable silences.
    I like eating any meal alone.
    I enjoy anything handwritten, so long as all the crucial nouns, verbs, and adjectives are legible.

    Congrats on being freshly pressed.

    • Those were my favorites, too. A weak handshake just feels so gross. And there’s nothing worse than a person who feels the need to fill a quiet moment with unnecessary prattle.

  136. Handwritten letters are the ultimate best ! I still have some from when i was in high school and I love to read them again once in a while. It’s such a good feeling !

  137. DDD looks like a fun show, I have´nt seen it around but I would like to see what kind of food you eat in those Diners. In Europe we just get annoying repeats of the Big Bang.

  138. Wow, you definitely nailed it with this post! I’m always a fan of taking a break from people and eating alone, and would probably die without my electric blanket at night:) love your blog!

  139. This is a brilliant list! I totally agree with you on the first five things but can’t really comment on number six and seven as I don’t own an electric blanket, despite the cold Swedish winters, and haven’t seen that food show before. Congratulations on being freshly pressed!

  140. I loved your post, I am glad to hear that there is someone else out there who feels the same way about comfortable silence and being able to eat alone. Still being in college i get weird looks when I sit outside reading a book and enjoying a cup of tea. I just think people have become to attached to being connected and in constant company.

  141. Love the firm handshake because I have one. Nothing is worse than when a woman only offer her friggin’ fingers as her handshake as if the other person is diseased.

  142. I completely agree with you on everything! I used to be fearful of eating dinner alone at restaurants, but I’ve come to savor it (and crave it) as well as eating along in my apartment – especially Sunday morning breakfast/coffee. Everyone should know how to be alone and recognize why it’s good for you!

  143. Great list! I hate when anyone has a limp hand shake, it drives me nuts. And diners, drive-ins and dives is awesome, I love that show!

  144. That’s true about meals on your own im 23 & my friends and family think im a bit weird when i go the cinema on my own but i enjoy it and thanks for the idea of an electric blanket looking forward to winter no…!! Lol

    Interesting blog thanks for that.. 🙂

  145. I completely agree that handwritten letters are totally underrated. When I lived abroad, I sent home so many letters, cards, packages to family and friends. The postal workers eventually started recognizing me and knowing me by first name! It was great.

  146. I use to love Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives but Guy Fieri became such an unbelievable huge douche bag, I had to stop watching. I did get a few good ideas for recipes from that show though.

  147. I love silence. I volunteered as a peer counselor for 3 years. There were many moments during sessions where my clients would move uncomfortably in their seat while I absorbed in the silence. Silence is good for the soul, especially in this very noisy world which we live in.

    And I love being alone! I relish the moments when I can just be by myself. I really don’t understand those who constantly have to surround themselves with people, but I’m just not one of them.

  148. These seven things are really good ways to get close to life and feel it with body and mind. Excellent artilce!


  149. I don’t mind eating at a restaurant alone, but prefer to have a book or I get bored. I also like going to the movies by myself. It’s a solitary activity anyway.

    Electric blankets will always remind me of my grandma because she was the only person I knew that had one 🙂

  150. Loved this post. Haha, I love Diners Drive-ins and Dive’s. I don’t think anybody can watch just what episode of it (especially if there is a marathon on). I love comfortable silences. Me and my boyfriend do that a lot. Where we can just be next to each other without saying (or needing to) say a word.

    Now where on earth do I get an electric blanket???

  151. comfortable silences …. you rocked it there! I am also a huge fan of the cliched ‘getting lost’ and not-cliched ‘eating alone’ … you nailed it all there. this is the first thing on my morning here and your post has reminded me good things I cherish. great reminder! kudos!

  152. Am actually going to crawl in bed all warm and cozy under my electric blanket and tomorrow morning have my coffee and read my novel all by myself…b/c coffee and reading go hand in hand. Great post !

  153. I agree with you on most of it; especially, the part about everything happening for a reason.
    If you feel like it, stop by my blog and read a few. I am certain that, at least one you pick, will deal with or mention the subject. It is my firm belief:
    “Everything works out in the end; if it hasn’t worked out, it isn’t the end.”

  154. i’m with you on number 1 to 5 (just b/c i never had whats in #6 and #7 😀 )… and for comfortable silences and eating alone , finally someone said it out loud 🙂 i thought i’m an odd just for love to eat alone in a public area, or just being comfort in a silences..
    i’d like to ask permission to you to translate this post of yours into my language and post it in my blog, so i could reminding and appreciate more for what i have and share it with my friends 🙂

  155. I agree with every item on your list, especially the eating alone and electric blanket. My friends joke with me about my electric blanket since I live in Texas, but I just love it. Glad to have found your blog!

  156. Diners, Drive in and Dives is my favourite show at the moment…my mom looked at me funny when I told her about it…needless to say she is hooked! I LOVE your post…….a perfect compilation! Well done on being freshly pressed…this post certainly deserves it!!!

  157. Totally agree with the firm handshake! Limp hands make me cringe. Handwritten letters are like rainbows… they make me smile inside to know that someone actually took the time to grab some paper and actually write on it, lick the envelope & slap some postage on it. That’s alot of work in today’s perspective. Oh, and taking yourself out to eat. Or to the movies. Or another country. It’s the best way to celebrate your self worth and stall whatever’s stirring inside you. Excellent post! 🙂

  158. I agree with most of what you’ve said. Only thing I don’t know about is an electric blanket – have never needed to use one in Nairobi!

    I especially appreciate handwritten letters. My friends and I started the habit of writing each other letters a few years ago. These are part of my most prized possessions.

  159. This is fab! All of these things are indeed highly underrated (or should that be lowly? hmmm…) I really enjoyed this, not the first time I’ve read you from Freshly Pressed, why am I not subscribed already…:)

  160. Wonderful post!!! Love all of it especially getting lost I have to laugh at how irritated I used to get when things did not go as I expected versus now where I kind of look forward to what unfolds. I blogged about this in a piece called Curiosity. Great job, I really enjoyed your piece.

  161. about the comfortable silence: that whole diner scene was perhaps the best scene in a movie ever – apart from the diner scene in When Harry Met Sally. I could have done without all the cocaine overdosing scene and all the violence in Pulp Fiction and just kept the dialogue scenes. Thanks for this list and congrats on becoming freshly pressed.

  162. Great list! All the away around, “Pulp Fiction” is a killer movie – I saw it with 3 wild and crazy friends and it just made the movie better. Getting lost is one of the better ways of finding something really good – but it does require one listening to the Universe telling you your expectations are too narrow. Thanks for posting.

  163. Fantastic list. Electric blankets make it impossible to get out of bed. I also love that you mentioned women with a firm handshake; I have a great deal of respect for Angela Merkel for being a woman in a hugely man-dominated profession.

  164. I knew my husband was the one when we took a road-trip to Oregon and about halfway through the drive we both stopped talking and I didn’t worry about what it meant. I remember thinking of that scene in Pulp Fiction and thinking, “this is good.”

  165. wrote a whole post on snal mail last month as I do think it’s orely missed most days and I love spending tim on my own …a nd yes omfortable silence is the sign of a true relationship

  166. I love getting hand-written letters, and mail in general.

    And… Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives is awesome! I find it being on late at night makes me hungry at inappropriate times though. Ha ha.

  167. Could it be that I’ve found another broad who embraces the term broad, and celebrates a firm handshake?!..I’m in Bloginfatuation, for sure!

    Take it easy!

  168. Love this post. I just wrote about hand-written letters. I hate wimpy handshakes- worse is a MAN with one! Great list- thanks for writing! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.
    Check me out at sometime!

  169. I agree with you that eating alone can be a good thing. I do enjoy handwritten letters and Guy Fieri also. But your number 6, electric blankets, are overrated to me. I like to sleep with a chill in the air. Fun to read post.

  170. The only thing worse than a woman with a weak handshake is a man with a weak handshake. Ugh.
    Eating dinner alone is like going to a movie alone….wonderful.
    I love snail mail. I frequently send cards to friends and family in the mail because it’s so fun. Sending letters is a lost art.
    My colleague went to Texas a couple weeks ago for her bachelorette weekend and they went to a bunch of the places they’d seen on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives. Sounded so fun. They loved it!

  171. I love your list. Triple D is my father in law’s favorite show. He’s a huge fan. We live in MN and he has a mental list of every restaurant Guy’s been to. If we say “we’re in Stillwater today”…his response “go to such and such, Guy liked it.” I met the producer of the show by chance last November in CO. She was kind enough to mail me an autographed picture and I framed it for my father in law for Christmas.

  172. I totally agree with you on the things on your list, espically the one about letters. I was actually just talking with my husband today about how sad it is that no one writes letter anymore. Personally I also think that because we don’t take the time to write letters etc. anymore, that our literacy level is getting worse. Not to mention that your day always gets better when you open your mailbox and someone has taken the time to write you 🙂
    I agree with the suggestion about going to the movies by yourself and will also add going to concerts by yourself. I have met amazing people at concerts when I have gone by myself and got to enjoy the show in a different way.

  173. We stayed with friends at the weekend. The electric blanket they had on the bed that my wife and I stayed in was superb. Though it was only warm on my wives side…

    Good post.

  174. I’m with you on all but the last two–I prefer flannel sheets to keep warm without electricity and I’m familiar with the show and I’ve enjoyed it I just don’t go out of my way to watch it. But letters — I really miss the days when the exciting thing about the mail was that it just might have a letter from someone I love.

  175. Except number 6, Electric blankets, I do appreciate the rest. Perhaps, more people do but they just don’t talk about it that much thus underrated. Having you talk about it and people responding may alleviate that “underratedness”(sp?), right?

    My favorite is eating dinner alone and the hand written letters!

  176. lol. Totally with you on the handshake thing, male or female. I’ve had way more than my share of wimpy male shakes. It does say something about character, doesn’t it? I am a big fan of handwritten letters, as well. I like to do them up in calligraphy, because I figure even the letter carriers will appreciate a little found beauty in their day.

  177. I totally agree with you about number one. Women (or men) with limp handshakes makes me feel incomplete. haha, also women who give fake hugs. it’s like “oh come here you!” I don’t mind eating alone or watching a movie alone, silence is golden.

  178. Absolutely agree with everything you’ve listed… except… WHO THE HELL DOESN’T KNOW D/D/D?! I thought EVERYONE watches that show, tates notes on local establishments, patrons the restaurant, and runs home to write their own Yelp review?!

  179. Unbelievable idea for a post, it’s ace! Eating alone is a favourite *loser* – especially while surfing the internet for fun. Firm handshake? Absolutely! Except it seems to be a really (poor) chat-up line for guys whenever I greet them with my immense handshake. Tut tut. High five for hitting FP, congratulations!

  180. I completely agree with the hand written letters, there is no better form of long distance communication! I hate e-cards and such as well, they’re so impersonal.
    Good post.
    God Bless,

  181. Great post! I can honestly say that I agree with all of these, comfortable silence might be my favorite. I know when I am in good company if we can share silence together.

  182. Gasp! Who doesn’t know about/ watch Diners, Drive- Ins, and Dives? Sometimes when I watch that show, I want to reach into the TV and take a bite of whatever they’re cooking. I love the show!

  183. Haha, I’m working on appreciating my alone time. I tried to go bicycling alone today and I bike broke down. I think I need to start slow. 🙂
    Agree on the handshaking 100%. It seems worse at church. There seems to be a protocol among women to simply touch fingertips and sort of move them up and down in unison. Fluffy nonsense. I like a meaty shake.

  184. Women are bad with a whimpy hand shake but I have had men that have them too….I think that is even worse…..and I would love to get a hand written letter….in fact that is one thing i miss so dearly with our new technology. great post

  185. I’ve always been a big fan of the firm handshake. And now my nephew has a band called The Firm Handshake.
    Handwritten letters are the bomb. Love sending them. Love receiving them.
    Diners, Drive In and Dives – love that show! Totally makes me hungry. And then I totally feel like I should be eating a big green salad.

  186. With the possible exception of “getting lost” I couldn’t agree more with your list. Excellent post (and yes, I say that in large part because the opinions expressed mirror my own. But at least I’m honest about it.) I will now wax nostalgic over hand written letters…

  187. Couldn’t agree with you more – on all seven. There’s nothing worse than the Dead Fish handsake. It is better to be alone than in bad company, and it’s true, as we get older, we catch on to that but also just become more comfortable in our skin. The uncomfortable moment of silence is when I know I can be completely comfortable with that person. And God – a handwritten letter! I’ve got boxes of them that I will never throw away. A person takes time to send an actual letter, and it feels personal. I don’t know that you could ever get that from email or text.

  188. ” If you refuse to let yourself be lost, than you never allow yourself to truly be found.”

    Loved that! This was a really fun read. Glad you were Freshly Pressed!

    P.S. My daughter loves the same food network show you do. I’ve seen it a couple of times and it is very entertaining. I also love electric blankets. And letters. I really miss getting real mail.

  189. Worse than people with a “wimpy handshake” are those people who think they have to crush your hand for some reason.
    Great post and congratulations on being “freshly pressed” in a good way (neither wimpily or crushingly).

  190. Was going through freshly pressed posts and came across yours. Loved it all and completely agree with you on Firm handshake, comfortable silence and eating alone……. 🙂 and hand written letters …. yes love them too.

  191. Reblogged this on bluebutlight and commented:
    I spend a lot of time eating alone lately. And just when I thought it’s getting lonely living this way, alas, I came across this blog and said, ” Not at all, baby, not at all.” 🙂

  192. Wow that is a great list… I love almost all of those things… except dinner alone because I eat too much and awkward silence because they do indeed make me feel awkward… But the rest completely underrated… especially electric blankets… I wouldn’t survive without mine! Oh and hand written letters… so much better than any other type and always a surprise!

  193. I totally agree that snail mails are underrated. I received a mail 2 years ago and I missed that. I kept the letters and when I am bored, I think of reading them and they do not fail me. It will always keep you happy. It will always put a smile on your face. 🙂

  194. Limp handshake = no backbone. Although, a misguided friend told me years ago that it was considered unfeminine to have a meaty handshake. Like it was also unfeminine to drink pints of beer (even though ‘ladette’ culture was in full flow at that point). I thought both were bull.

  195. Absolutely agree about handwritten letters, I live abroad atm and as much as I love skype and email, a letter through the post from my mum makes my week! 🙂

  196. I agree with all the above. In Maine Winters, an electric blanket is your best friend… and enjoyable silence on a summer’s evening, sitting on the porch… perfection if you ask me!

  197. I find this post funny in someways I can’t describe. By the way, what do you mean by underrated? I’m so curious. I don’t want to search the dictionary, because I want to hear your meaning, so I can understand your post 🙂

  198. I especially love #2 – #4. Definitely seem like underrated things you appreciate as you get a little older!

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  200. I agree on all accounts, although I’ve never had or used an electric blanket and most all of my friends who receive my snail mail are also a fan of Triple D!

  201. You are definitely right on the whole firm women hand shakes deal. I always unsure when shaking a women’s hand, but I always end up going on the lighter side.

  202. Great post!

    A firm handshake (from man or woman) is crazy important to me. I can’t stand a wiener handshake. To me if you can’t put forth the effort in a great handshake then I don’t want to be bothered by you!

    My husband and I are obsessed with Triple D! Since moving to Chicago it has been my husband’s goal to go to every single restaurant in the Chicago area that’s been featured on DDD. So far we’ve had amazing luck and have loved every place!

  203. I agree with this post! Society and its perception of being alone (not lonely).. MEH. Doing things on your own is a strength, ladies! Also, I want that electric blanket.

  204. Hand written letters! You’re so right about that!! I’m going to send a snail mail card to me bff this year for his birthday and he’s all the way in Liverpool! 😀

  205. I don’t like boneless handshakes either. I so agree with you. Put a little power in the hand and let the world know you’re a confident woman (or man… some of them don’t even shake well these days)! I agree with everything else on your list two, especially the part about comfortable silence and handwritten letters. It’s so refreshing to have a friend with whom you can be completely silent and completely comfortable. And what better surprise than to get a real, tangible letter from a friend. Oh, I’d kiss Facebook goodbye … =)

  206. Definitely agree with the handwritten letters! There are a few friends I have who I keep in touch with through the regular Facebook and Skypes, but we also write letters to each other every month or so, and there really is NOTHING better than getting letters in the mail! If we didn’t write to each other all I’d ever get would be bills.

  207. I am right there with you on eating alone. I spent many nights in Italy searching for restaurants to sit and eat a pizza by myself with a glass of wine. These were some of my most favorite times over there. It really makes you recognize the moment.

    Additionally, handwritten letters are the best. A woman named Hannah runs which is all about handwritten letters. Worth checking out if you want to put a spark in someone’s day.

    And as for handshakes–if you don’t give a firm handshake, I think it’s almost disrespectful—and a bit lazy-so agreed as well. Very underrated.

    Nice post

  208. I’m totally with you on everyone of these EXCEPT the electric blankets. Me and my girlfriiend bump heads all the time because she wants me to share the electric blanket with her and I always tell her I’m going to get hot but then I end up doing it anyway because…. that’s how relationships work right??? Great blog but BOOO ELECTRIC BLANKETS 🙂

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