My Funny Valentine.

I know Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday, but it’s still one of my favorites.  It always has been, even when I was just a single girl in the city.  Why?  Everywhere you go you are surrounded by pink and red, hearts, flowers, and love, love, love.  What could be better than that?

Oh, and I love these.

On this Valentine’s Day, it’s a little different from the last five I’ve spent with Matt.  Usually we go out to dinner, and it’s a tradition for me to bake him a heart-shaped cake.

Except this year we’re still in Texas while Matt studies at the Kaplan retreat for his Step 1 exam he’ll be taking in March.  Since we’ve been staying in a hotel, and there’s no way for me to bake this year,  I thought I’d send Matt a different kind of Valentine.

Here we go…

Dear Matt,

–>(You can listen to “Loving You” here if you want…)<–

And I just wanted to let you know that…

In my heart.

And I just have to tell you that…


–>(You can listen to “Teenage Dream” here if you want…)<–

You’ll always be my funny valentine…

My sweet, comic valentine…

You make me smile with my heart…

Your looks are laughable…



Now you probably already know this, but…


Like, forever?


All photos by pinterest.

17 thoughts on “My Funny Valentine.

  1. Hi sarah,
    You did it again – you made me smile and tear up!!!!! I love how you love my son!! I can’t imagine anything more romantic than having you say it publicly to people all over the world!!!! A whole blog dedicated to moomoo. You two have a wonderful love. Treasure every moment. Love, Mom P

  2. So fun! May I make a suggestion? I always change the appearance for my blog on holidays (Flashy heart backgrounds during the V-Day week, snow on my blog during the winter…)
    ~* 😀 *~

  3. sweet!!! I’m in med school as well and I always feel for my poor significant other on holidays (and regular days) when I just don’t have the time to do everything I want to with him. I’m sure your Matt appreciates you being there with him SO much. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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  5. Brilliant & I liked the way you have added the sound tracks too, with note to listen if you want. Now, I don’t think I can resist not playing them right now, as I read through. Overall – a sweet post and sure will be copied by a few for next valentine’s day.

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