Five Odd Things That Regularly Cross My Mind.

1.) What to eat…what to eat…


Usually the first thing that crosses my mind when I wake up is something like, “What time is it?  8.  Okay, time to get up.  What am I going to eat?!??!!”  Yes, the first thing I think about when I wake up is FOOD!  In fact, I’m usually already thinking about it while I brush my teeth for bed the night before.  I’ll be brushing my teeth going, “Coffee? Yes, definitely coffee.  Cereal, maybe?  Oatmeal with bananas or oatmeal with apples and cinnamon?  Egg, perhaps?  Yeah, definitely eggs.  Eggs and coffee for sure tomorrow.”  I know it’s weird, but I’m not alone.  Recently, while turning down the covers before I bed I asked Matt, “Is it strange that right now I’m excited about what I’m going to eat tomorrow morning?”  He looked at me and said, “No, not all.  I always think about what I’m going to eat before I go to bed.”  So I asked, “Well, do you get excited about it, though?”  He considered it for a moment and then simply said, “Yeah.  I do.” C’mon, are we a match made in heaven or what?

2.)  Wait, how old am I again?

Just yesterday I was in a group of people who I thought were around my age, until the subject of age came up, and they all said they were between the ages of twenty-two and twenty-six.  I was like, “Yeah, I’m twenty-four…” and then a big mental whoop-lash came back around smacking into reality, letting me know that I am in fact twenty-nine not twenty-four.  My theory on age is that everyone has their own magic number that they never age passed.  Mine just happens to be twenty-four, but it can technically be anything depending on the person.  Does anyone else ever forget how old they are?

3.)  What will we name our first-born?

Yeah baby, don't worry, you'll get used to it...

So many options, so many options.  Usually this thought is sprung when the latest celebrity has a baby, and gives their child a completely ridiculous name…Apple anyone?  Blue?  <–Sorry Beyonce I heart you, but I don’t heart your first born’s name.  Anyway, it usually prompts me to start coming up with my own random/different names that in my fantasy world I would name our first born…you know the kinds of names that your husband would never go for?  Yeah, those kind.  The daydream always ends the same, with me settling on the names that Matt and I have already discussed fully (which I can’t disclose now), and me usually moving on to pet names instead…

4.)  WWJD (What Would Joan Rivers Do)?

Ever since I watched the Fashion Police episode when Joan blasted Christina Aguilera for wearing that completely wretched shirt she tried to pass off as a dress (awkward), and Joan said, “Looks like Lady Marmalade got into the peanut butter again,” her voice has been haunting me.

No comment.

I hear ya Joan. I hear ya.























I zip up my skinny jeans and I hear Joan in that thick New York accent say, “Oh Sarah, did you get into the peanut butta again?”  And I want to say, “Yes, Joan.  Yes, I did,” because the truth is, I have been getting into the peanut butter lately.  Guilty as charged!  But I listen to my inner Joan and sometimes change my outfit accordingly.

For those of you who have read my blog for some time, you know that I also often ask myself WWDD (What would Dolly Parton Do) for the angel on my right shoulder, and also WWLD (What Would Larry David Do) for the devil on my left shoulder.

5.)  Should I get bangs?  Like, real bangs?  Like bang, bangs?!?!

Kel, it's totally all your fault.














Not to pass the buck here, but I fully blame Kelly Clarkson, and how cute her bangs looked at the Superbowl, for my latest hair mishap.  Yes, I am a hair stylist, yes, I said I was done cutting my own hair, but I lied.  Yes, I lied to each and every one of you and you believed me, but it wasn’t over.  I cut my hair again, giving myself Kelly Clarkson bangs, which were cute in theory, but after a day I hated them (naturally), and decided they didn’t flatter my face…which technically I already knew…because I’ve had bangs numerous times.  Okay, I’m done with that painfully long run-on sentence.  Let’s just say the voice in my head telling me to do it has now been silenced, and I’m resting easy…with bangs.  Oh well.

Enough about me, and more about you…What are the odd things that cross your mind?

~The End.

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34 thoughts on “Five Odd Things That Regularly Cross My Mind.

  1. I love your blog!! So funny!!

    You’re not alone, but you know how to blog better! DH and I discuss what we are going to eat the next day before going to bed. I hate thinking about food lately thoug, I’m so bored with it.
    I forget how old I am occasionally (jeez, 40 this year) 😦

  2. I ALWAYS forget my age. It doesn’t help that I can easily pass for 15, but I’m actually 25 – so people tend to believe me more often when I say I’m 21. Only my parents seem to believe that I’m 25.

  3. Great post…Again! I’m on Weight Watchers and planning food is a way of life and yes, I get excited about the next days food. Not because I’m hungry, but because it’ll be really good.
    Christina has a wonderful voice but very poor fashion sense. Joan Rivers is hysterical. And I am considering bangs as well, but Kelly Clarkson has nothing to do with it…And you definately deserve both blogger awards. Congrats.

  4. I get excited while we are still sitting down to one of my wife’s home-cooked meals, that I will be able to have some of that as leftovers for lunch at work the next day. Genuinely excited, because, hey – it beats PBJ and chips or standing in line and waiting for a burger.

    I also find myself thinking about whats going on in the woods we pass while driving down the highway. I am constantly thinking about how there are birds flying around in those trees, or rabbits, deer, and raccoons that no human eye will probably ever see, but how the lives of those animals goes on from day to day. I know, how very Disney of me.

      • Now, I didn’t say I think they are TALKING to each other, lol. But, isn’t it funny how our generation has grown up with Disney, and we have emotional relationships with inanimate objects as a result. We root for Cheerio sitting on the edge of the bowl because he’s trying to escape being eaten… or scold the falling Q-tip because he isn’t doing what he is supposed to be doing? OK, am I the only one who has fun with these thoughts? Maybe it’s a writer-thing. 😛

  5. My magic number is also 24 and I’m 34… I think. Wait… (mental math…) yep! I’m 34!

    But now I have to do mental math (and, if I’m having a particularly off day, finger math) when I’m asked what should be a relatively simple question. Happily, I have yet to whip out the paper and pen…cil or calculator so that’s a small victory. Is it weird that rather than subtracting my birth year from the current year that I just add 5 years onto my sister’s age because it’s quicker and easier for me to figure out my own age that way?

    Be forewarned, the older you get, the longer the pause gets while you recalculate the age equation after you get asked the age question. Partly because you have to plug in new numbers and partly because… well… you’re older. This usually elicits “a look” (sometimes coupled with uncomfortable fidgeting) from the person who asked the offending question as the awkward silence stretches on longer than socially acceptable…

    • We’re magic number twins! Hooray! I actually hope I continue to forget how old I am as I get older…it might make it easier!

  6. As I am 51 I keep thinking about my age.

    I feel 41, back when i was fit and healthy, but now I’m struggling with my life in general and health in particular it seems kind of strange to have a missing decade! 🙂

    Food is always on my mind now I’m on a diet, but as i make sure I eat before bed it doesn’t disturb my sleep.

    I have learned not to obsess over what I’m having for breakfast as it keeps me awake! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


    • Oh yeah, Prenin, they say to eat your biggest meal at breakfast, so eat to your hearts content! I hope you continue to make strides with your diet and health in general:)!!

  7. Um, I think you should amend this to “no one believes you” when you swear you will never cut your own hair again! 😉 The temptation is just always too much!! Great post!

    • Yeah, I just have to stop making promises I can’t keep…As long as I have scissors, I will be cutting my own hair…correction, as long as I’m breathing I will be cutting my own hair. Ha!

      P.S. You need to make your blog public, friend!

  8. I love your writing style! It’s fun and conversational, not to mention I completely relate to what you’re writing about. I sit at work and ponder dinner possibilities and baby names. Although I pause and have to remember how old I am from time to time, lately it has been trying to remember my last name. (I got married in November and am still getting used to the name change.) As for the bangs..I say go for it!

    • Thank you so much, that’s the goal!! And I’m also still getting used to my name change! I know exactly what you’re talking about!

  9. I forget how old I am all the time, which doesn’t work out for me in the times I might be buying an adult beverage and the cashier says “and how old are you miss” and I stare blankly and go “um…twenty-five?” Than of course I have to hand over my ID which looks nothing like me cause I’ve gained weight, lost weight, and changed my hair color 10x since I was 16. So you’re not alone sista.

  10. You are like stand-up comedy via blog. I giggle, and giggle, until my belly hurts. You are like, HILARIOUS!

    Okay, enough flattery.

    Bangs. Check.

    Food. Totally! I like daydream about food ideas. It must be a New Yorker thing, just like it’s a Toronto thing, being a total foodie. Sushi! Sigh. Sadly, there is no cheap sushi in Calgary. Wahhh…

    Baby names. For me. I just dream about what my baby would look like. I saw the cutest little girl who totally looked like what I imagined my little girl to be! So far, I have given her a Hello Kitty Nite Lite and the mom doesn’t notice my overly doting behavior yet. Yet.

    Age. I keep having to remind myself my age when an 18 year old is checking me out. I look 23, but I’m really 32! I guess it’s easy to get those two numbers mixed up. And yes, it’s an Asian gene thing. Apparently it all goes to hell and I’ll look wrinkly overnight by the time I’m 55.

    Thank you for sharing!

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