Freshly Pressed!

Just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who commented on my Freshly Pressed blog, Six Things I Might Never Understand.

I was so honored that so many people loved it and would take the time to write out messages in response to it!

So, thank you to those who commented, and please know that I read each one!  I’m sorry if I couldn’t respond to everyone, but also know that I really wanted to!

I appreciate all the feedback, and hope to see my new readers around soon.



10 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed!

  1. So that’s how I found your blog! I wish I was as eloquent as you are- you are a great writer, I’ll be a regular reader from now on! Louise*

  2. I’m a little bit embarrassed to admit that I also discovered your blog thanks to the freshly pressed thingy, but hey, I’m here now and as long as you keep entertaining me (or us, your readers) I (or us, your readers) will not go anywhere. So, keep up the good work!

  3. Yeah, I agree with what the other guys said ! I’ve been a long time lurker of WordPress, but reading your blog made me realize that we all had something to say ! It pushed me to register my own 🙂 Thanks !

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