Six Things I Might Never Understand.

1.)  How some people can go days and days or sometimes weeks without washing their hair. 

I just don’t get it.  As a hairstylist, this has been one of the most elusive things for me to try and understand about people.  I’ve come across many perfectly put together people, who just don’t like/or want to have clean hair.  Maybe the natural oils give them more body or control over their hair, or maybe they just like the organic smell of dirty hair.

Okay, so I love Edward too, but Robert Pattinson is said to go weeks without washing his hair. Even though I'm Team Edward, I've got to say EEEW.

I once overheard a boss telling a client, “You only need to wash your hair once a month.”  The client said, “Wow, really?!”  To which he replied, “Oh yes, I haven’t washed my hair in over two months.  I just rinse it out, and layer more conditioner on it.”  Uhhhh…Say what?!  I may never understand this concept.  I think I’ll stick with my fresh, shiny, and clean hair any day of the week.  Thankyouverymuch….but to each their own, I guess.

2.)  Grown-up Cartoons

I’m sorry to say this, but I just don’t get it…any of them…South Park, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Beavis and Butthead, etc.

I know you guys might hate me for this, but what is funny about this again?

To be honest with you, if I’m going to sit down and watch a cartoon, I’d rather watch good ol’ Scooby-Doo.  I’ve tried to watch a variety of adult cartoons many times, but each time, I can’t get through more than five minutes.  Maybe it’s just not my sense of humor…Whatever the reason, grown up cartoons don’t float my boat.

3.)  Debates on Facebook

Seriously, what is up with getting into back and forth disputes on Facebook.  You guys know what I’m talking about…someone writes something that someone else doesn’t agree with, someone comments back refuting what the original person said, original person defends their stance, other people get involved, situation gets out of control, and so on and so forth.

Exactly what I'm talking about. P.S. I stole this from

Here’s a concept:  If you don’t like what someone says, how about just not saying anything at all?  I kind of thought we all learned that in Kindergarten.  I read plenty of things that I think are completely ludicrous, but every time I want to write something in response, I just think to myself, “Why bother???”  Chances are you’re not going to change their mind anyway.  So, why not just leave well enough alone?  If someone thinks Marvin the Martian would be a great President, who really cares?

4.)  Juice Diets

For those of you who’ve done it, please tell me how, because I never could.  I gotta to eat.


I’ve never detoxed, gone on a juice diet, raw food only diet, or anything else of the sort.  I suspect that I wouldn’t make it more than a day if I tried.  Juice diets are so perplexing to me.  Yes, you can probably drop a lot of weight quickly, but I assume that the second you start eating solid foods again, the weight probably just piles back on.  So, what’s the point?  For those of you who regularly “juice” to lose weight, please enlighten me about the benefits and why you do it.  I’m genuinely interested.

5.)  Phone games.

You don’t have to tell me, I already know I am completely alone in this.  Everyone seems to love phone games, whether it’s Words With Friends, Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, etc.  Even my three-year nephew when asked what he wanted to be for Halloween declared, “An Angry Bird!”

However, I don’t get what’s so transfixing about them.  Alec Baldwin almost got kicked off a plane because he couldn’t put down his game of Words With Friends for godsakes!  So, what gives?  Why is everyone so obsessed?  I’ve never been very competitive, so maybe that has something to do with it…Or maybe I just haven’t found the right game yet…

6.)  Football

Yes, I fully admit this.  I really don’t get it.

At all.

Okay, why would I want to sit outside in this weather to watch this game again?

I don’t get what the game is all about, and I don’t get why people love it so much, or why they’re willing to sit outside in sleet or rain to cheer on their favorite team.

One time, I went to a college football game in the dead of winter, and decided it was a good idea to wear a flimsy jacket and heeled boots.  I just couldn’t bring myself to layer up like the rest of the normal people.  Plus, I thought I looked cute.  Well, it started raining, my pants got wet up to my knees, and I swear I’ve never been more cold or miserable in my life!

I really don’t think there is any hope for me when it comes to football.  I’ve had many chances to embrace the game.  I was a cheerleader for a total of 6 years between middle school and high school, and I still don’t get it.  Many people have tried to explain it to me, but every time they get about half-way through, I usually end up looking at my nails and deciding I need a manicure.  Let’s be real, I’m just not that interested.

So, tell me…

What are some things you might never understand?

~The End.

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592 thoughts on “Six Things I Might Never Understand.

  1. I’m on a reduced calorie diet, have been for over six months (I think…) and have reached the point where I’m constantly hungry and struggling to lose weight only to discover my scales are inaccurate, giving weights between 114.3 Kilos and 115.8 Kilos on repeated weighings less than a minute apart.

    all i can do is watch how my underwear becomes increasingly hard to keep up as my belly diminishes… 🙂

    I tried the juice diet – heartburn – the protein only diet – diarrhoea – and now I’m living on frozen weight watchers mini meals which leave you feeling like you didn’t eat…

    Love and hugs!


    • I’ve been eating the smart ones, too. I agree that alone they’re not terribly filling, but I’ve been pairing mine with a good sized salad daily, and drinking a full glass of water about 30 minutes before I eat (I know it’s not too good to drink right before/while/right after eating because it impairs digestion, but 30 minutes seems to be okay for me.)
      If you’re not a salad person, you could pair it with some fruit or a veggie that you do like!

      • Hey Ashlee2012,

        Where did you hear that “water during meals it’s not too good to drink right before/while/right after eating because it impairs digestion” Actually the opposite is true water during meals aids digestion… ,but don’t take my word for it Here is answer to that subject from Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist (so glad for spell check) Dr. Michael F. Picco, M.D.

      • I think your right about the water, my nutritionist told me to drink a glass 30 mins before a meal also, something about drinking during that dilutes your stomach acids and in turn impairs digestion.

    • Nice writing! I totally agree with you about football, it’s mind-numbing! But, how can you not like arguing with people?? If someone disagrees with you, isn’t that the trigger for a great conversation? (oops, now I know what I’ve been doing wrong socially speaking..)

    • As a cook, I’m totally against buying pre-made “diet” foods. They are just wrong.
      Instead of buying pre-packaged foods and someones idea of how much you should eat in a day…try buying whole fresh fruits and veggies and making your own meals…make them in large batches and freeze them for later dates. Use lots of herbs and spices for a greater taste instead of loading on the salt 🙂

      Buying fresh produce is not only better for you but can help you shed weight faster!!
      All you have to do is follow your daily calorie intake and stick to healthy foods and you’ll see a different.

    • First of all, diets are a sham. You go on the diet for however-long, then you lose the weight, then start eating the way you were before the diet and it’ll all come smashing back on. If you’re going to lose weight, do it the HEALTHY way.
      Lots of fat (to keep you full, which mean you’ll eat less), protein and moderate carbs in the form of veggies. This isn’t a ‘protein only’ diet, it’s called paleo/primal. It’s incredible for blood sugars (I’m a type 1 diabetic), it helps you lose weight but doesn’t leave you feeling hungry.
      Google Mark Sisson and Robb Wolf. If you do it properly, you’ll shed the pounds while eating lots of delicious food. My husband lost 25 lbs over last summer, and I’ve lost almost 20 since I started. It makes me cringe to read about people doing all these crazy diets and having so many uncomfortable side effects.
      It shouldn’t be this hard to lose weight!

      • Ha! I was reading the above comments and was excited to share my Paleo experience. I recommend Mark and Rob’s books / blogs to everyone! They’re great and losing weight is a definite result, but the increased energy, positive mood, and improved happiness are my favorite parts!

      • Umm…ACTUALLY you lose weight faster if you make sure you eat regularly every day and don’t skip meals. Your body stores food (making fat) when you don’t eat often enough or on at a regular time every day (NO skipping meals) because it doesn’t know when it’s going to get more protein (so it stores protein, making fat, to be used for later when you don’t eat). I guess dieting works but I’ve never tried it.

      • I’ve never been a dieter but I was baffled by why I couldn’t lose the few pounds I gained when I was unemployed. My husband learned about the Primal Blueprint and it made sense to me. I was eating lots of bread and pasta, and when I cut them out of my daily routine and ate more unprocessed foods, I lost about 15 pounds. He lost more like 60. Bet part was it didn’t feel like a ‘diet’, I had plenty to eat and good stuff, too.

    • One easy way to make most frozen “diet” meals more filling – add 1-2 cups of cooked green beans to the meal. The green beans are mild in flavor, so they don’t compete with most of the meals. They are low-calorie and high in fiber, so they will help to promote satiety without adding too many calories.

  2. I am so with you Mrs. Palma! I downloaded Angry Birds thinking it would be the awesomest, and I just don’t get it. I can’t watch those cartoons you mentioned either. I tried to fast once but panicked around 11am and HAD to eat. However as a frizz-headed curly girl I can say that not washing my hair does help me control that frizz sometimes. FWIW!

  3. I will never understand people who over back comb their hair! It tends to look ridiculous and also causes maaaajor damage- which both seem like obvious reasons to avoid so much back combing but so many people still do it! Everyday!

  4. Alex thinks I am super gross that I don’t wash my hair everyday.. When my extensions are in I can go maybe 3-4 days tops (but I use loads of dry shampoo). he he… but months? Gross I have never heard of that shiv. 2- Cartoons for grown ups.. I need to save whatever few brain cells I have left.. but one of my clients is one of the voices on family guy so I do like to chime in once in a while.. guilty. 3- Juice diets, eff no I need my food too. 4- Angry Birds is my 3 year olds favorite game.. He has passed all of the levels on my phone and i-pad…. wtf I got stuck like on level 5.
    Oh and facebook and other media outlets. I swear some people only comment when it is to be critical or correct something that they think needs to be said super annoying, like I have time to proofread when I can hardly even wash my hair! ha PS did you try Chick-fil-A?

    • Lac! So, listen to this…I was all gung-ho to try Chick-fil-A last Sunday, when I went to this mall. So, I get to the food court, gearing all up for my chicken sammy, and I realized it was closed! So, I was like, WTH? I asked someone why it was closed, and they were like, “Chick-fil-A is closed every Sunday!” I guess the owner is a Christian and honors the Sabbath Day and not working. Interesting…Unfortunately, I doubt I will get to try it now, because I don’t have a car here, and there is only a shuttle who takes us to the mall on Sundays:(

      • What?!! Boo Hoo!! Maybe next Vacay or next trip to Michigan you might just have to run on over to Ohio!! 😉 ps why would OH have one and not us? LAME! and ps I think you need to have kids asap for the sole fact that you can take them to Disney!! 😉

  5. I will never understand ppl who don’t wash their hair like EVER. Yes, they exist! Layers and layers of residual conditioner…Gross!

  6. 1. Disgusting. I absolutely want to vomit when I smell dirty sweaty scalp. 2 days at most is how long I can go.
    2. Amen. Though recently I discovered this old show, Dr.Katz, which features comedians in every episode as patients in therapy. It’s funny but not something I die to see.
    3. People are stupid.
    4. People are really stupid.
    5. Eh it comes and goes for me. Lately I could care less.
    6. Bahaha Pinterest. But yes, seriously depressing, heart-wrenching, day ruining.

  7. Mine’s a facebook one too. I will never understand why people feel the need to divulge all of their romantic feelings towards their significant other in their status or on the other person’s wall. A simple “I ❤ you" is one thing. But its all the mushy, gushy, detailed stuff I just don't get. I mean, I love my boyfriend very much, but if I want to tell him how much he means to me I'm going to go home and tell it to him to his face.

  8. Totally agree… and #6 got me. SO true!! You know what I don’t understand? Why ugly shoes are even available to purchase. If no ugly shoes were made, people wouldn’t buy them. Epidemic solved!

  9. I also don’t get adult cartoons. so weird. as for juice fasting, I’ve done two three-day “cleanses” and while you do lose a few pounds, for me, that is a tangential benefit. The main reason I do it is after a period of time where I have not been kind to my body (like the holidays). It’s a good “reset” for the regular sugar cravings I have grown accustomed to and is a quick way to flush out the bloated and icky feeling you have after consuming too much crap food and not enough good food. It also clears up my skin in a jiffy and I get the best sleep of my life. And all I have to do is drink (very tasty) juice for three short days.

  10. I also do not understand how people can go days without washing their hair or grooming in general! I have to say I love Stewie from Family Guy:) I need substance in my life so no juice diet for this girl – YIKES! I can say I do not really understand Football either. Thanks for sharing – loving the post:)

    • Yes…grooming in general. I once read an article where Reese Witherspoon said she doesn’t shower every day. Ummm what? I hope she showers when she’s filming up close and personal scenes…

      • haha that is hilarious and gross. and i also don’t understand not washing your hair for days. after one day of not washing, my hair starts getting oily and my scalp itches so bad. it is not a cute look.

  11. I don’t get televised sports in general. Thank god I married a guy who doesn’t give a shit either. Hopefully we’re together forever so I don’t have to be put in a position of ever attending a football game again. And that our son(s) someday don’t do it either. And don’t worry, you’re not alone in phone games either. You know more about them than I do! 🙂

  12. Can I comment on yours first? Ok, thanks!!
    1. I have fine, but not thin hair so sometimes it looks better not washed for a couple days but 4 is my limit.
    2. I am not much of a cartoon fan at all. I like live people.
    3. I have only engaged in one Facebook battle, it was over the show Big Brother, it was my post and it was kinda fun lol. I have, however, taken such a strong offense to something someone else wrote once and just HAD to have my say in the matter. I did not get a response.
    4. Juice cleanses sound really appealing to me until I realize what the bathroom results will be. No thanks.
    5. I immediately became addicted to Angry Birds. I am a bit tired of it now and have moved on to Word Search. I will not play Words With Friends because of Alec Baldwin. What a jerk. I LOVED Brick Breaker on my Blackberry.
    6. I would not sit in the freezing cold to watch football, but it is exciting when the local teams or your favorite are in championship games 🙂

    I will never understand why people feel the need to crank up the bass on their stereos. I will never understand why people like bagpipes. And I will never understand why people like to drive Hummers (well, I have my theories about that, but they are not very nice lol)

  13. I’m with you on most of these. Hate grown up cartoons. My bf in college loved Family Guy and just hearing the voices makes me cringe.
    In the past I’ve gotten caught up in fb occasionally (more so defending something someone is putting down) but find myself so worked up over it I’ve learned to just let it go.
    I don’t get juice diets either. I guess I do get it when someone is specifically trying to drop a few pounds for a weekend. Wedding, big event, or something. But just to lose weight here and there makes no sense to me. You have to gain it back when you start eating again!
    I had a bad addiction to Brick Breaker when I had a blackberry, but for the most part am not into phone games either. I tried Angry Birds and was like……..what’s all the hype about? I had zero desire to play.
    Football. Blah. But I realize it doesn’t make a ton of sense bc I LOVE baseball, which is apparently the boring sport. So I hear. 🙂 I think I could get into football if I had a team I was dedicated to, and I do understand it, but it just seems like there’s two seconds of play, and then so much time in between anything happening. Yes, I know people say this about baseball too.
    Something that drives me nuts is girls who have been single (I’m not talking about getting married at 21 or 22, but have really had single years through their mid twenties at least) and then once they get married suddenly can’t do anything alone. It actually drives me crazy how needy and dependent girls can become.

    • What you said about not being able to watch Family Guy because of it reminding you of an ex roommate, is almost identical to my sitch with The Simpson’s. I had an ex boyfriend who would watch it and he’d act act so annoying, that even if I hear the song I have to immediately turn it off, because I seriously shudder. Ugh!

  14. I was walking behind a guy with dreadlocks once, and it was impossible to get within 4 feet of him without feeling the strong compulsion to vomit.

    I love cartoons aimed at an adult audience; I’m pretty sure it’s got something to do with the fact that I never really grew up.

    Thank you for an amusing piece!

  15. Having a hairdresser for a Mum I’ve heard many ‘rants’ about dirty, unwashed hair and I agree, it is gross and I really don’t get it. Debates on facebook don’t interest me and I still prefer Bugs and Daffy over adult cartoons, Angry birds got me for a little while but then I lost interest and living on liquid would be boring, nothing to sink your teeth into.

    I’m not sure how many followers you have but I’ve given you the Liebster Blog award anyway because your posts always make me smile or laugh out loud in agreement. Congratulations and here is the link:

    • Oh she really deserves it, Sarah alwasy makes me laugh!!!
      I am agreeing with everything other thatn, I can get football if need be, I understand what is happeing when I watch. Although, I could never watch again and be okay.
      Hair stinks when it is dirty and adult cartoons are for imbiciles!
      I just picked up words with friends, b/c I have a firnd that plays. It is scrabble on the phone which is good for the brain and a nice distraction, but again, I could leave it and never go back.
      I do not understand ugly square vehicles. the Cube, etc…stupid looking, cannot be gas efficent, no good colors What?
      The “gages” or spacers in people’s ears instead of earrings. Really a big hole in your earlobe at age 75 is what you want to look at everyday? And I am sorry but it is not cool at all, to me.
      Fantastic post Sarah!!! Enjoy FP!

  16. I agree about the football. I’m not too big on that myself. Phone games like Angry Birds aren’t fun to me, but games like Mega Jump and Ragdoll Blaster are completely fun because you always fear for your character dying.

    • I agree with the Rocket Dogs implied statement, it really is the type of game. The phone is just another console like the computer, an XBOX, Playstation, Nintendo 64 ect. Just because you dont like playing Angry Birds on the phone, doesn’t mean you might not enjoy playing tetris on the phone.

  17. I don’t understand most of the stuff you don’t understand. I don’t get football’s first downs, whatever that is; I don’t understand how people can sit for hours wasting their lives with those silly on-line games either. I’m not a game player, some people are, I’m not a cartoon watcher. Some people are. They probably don’t understand me. Thanks for sharing. Connie

  18. LOL!! Loved this. I actually get most of what you don’t get. I’m right there with you on phone games. I received a new phone for christmas and have no desire to play a game on it. Fantastic post!

  19. It’s odd that you would say you’re completely alone on opposition to phone games. As it happens, I’ve written a post explaining my inability to understand Angry Birds, which you can read here:

    In a sense I go one step farther than you. I not only fail to understand phone games, I also don’t understand phones–in the modern sense, that is. My ordinary phone that does nothing beyond send and receive calls works fine for me. I have no desire for a smart phone.

    And I also loathe Family Guy. I like the Simpsons, though–to each their own.

    • I have the same sort of phone, I don’t get why people feel they ‘need’ to take a photo anywhere, play a game for hours and the million other bits that can be done on phones, life is busy enough without packing it up with unnecessary crud and then using Facebook to communicate with people you see everyday because of it.
      Funny though because I’m studying IT, maybe I see what is in the future for them more than others or something

  20. I thought I was the only person who doesn’t get phone games!

    I have to admit though, I’m into this really cool new technology where I use my phone to talk to people who are too far away to hear me shouting…

    (I’m in my early 30’s, so don’t think it’s an age thing).

    As for the hair thing – weeks or multiple days don’t make any sense, but people who have really dry skin might skip a day because their bodies don’t produce a lot of oil and soaps can aggravate dry skin (even on the scalp).

  21. Thank you! I have never been able to get football either and thought it was just me! and I will never get these people who go freeze watching the game from distant seats when you can sit comfortably on your coach sans pants with a better view.

  22. This may sound weird, but I do get the hair thing. Not me – I’m like you – have to have clean, shiny hair all the time. But I have a son with autism, and for him, hair-washing is a HUGE, panic-inducing sensory trauma. Many autistics have this problem. I do wash my son’s hair regularly, but it’s always an event fraught with heartbreaking screaming and crying – we don’t do it as frequently as we “should”. Some day, yes – we’re going through the long process of desensitizing him. But for now, we just have to balance the hairwashing needs with what he’s capable of handling.
    Doesn’t necessarily make it less “gross”, I know – but I just wanted to make the point that for some people there is a valid reason for this.
    Great post, by the way!

  23. Get out of my damn head! lol. Seriously? Everything you’ve mentioned I have mentioned to other people. ESPECIALLY the dirty hair thing. Oh goodness. I can’t tolerate when someone doesn’t wash their hair. I can understand if your scalp is dry and you don’t wash it for a week, maybe ten days, but after that, ewwwww. And don’t even get me started on Family Guy…

    Love this blog


  24. I will nvr understand the need for facebook et al – they r just creepy and make me feel sad in every sense of the word. How about taking a look around at who and what is actually around u face to face? Now there’s a thought 😉

  25. The only one in which I disagree with you is the cartoons thing, although I’m with you that most of them suck. It’s some kind of extreme taste. I love The Simpsons and Futurama. I hate the rest.

  26. LOVE this post! I was born and raised in SEC country, I was always embarrassed to admit that I didn’t get football. Tailgating was fun as long as the weather was nice. I soon figured out that if I cheered when everybody else did, I’d be ok. LOL Also, Angry Birds – what??? How about we disconnect for a minute and actually talk to someone? I was so glad when the Farmville craze died down. Oh yeah, and doesn’t Edward’s head itch like crazy? Yuck.

  27. What I don’t understand is I tell the hair stylists at my work I wash my hair almost every day, if not every day, and they freaked out and told me not to do that and I wish wait to wash it much longer. I really, really like clean hair and dirty hair just makes me feel gross.
    I don’t understand Facebook, I don’t own a Facebook, I don’t want to own one and have noticed it gives people more grief than I’d like to deal with. The weird debates on Facebook is one of them, also I don’t want to be updated if you brushed your teeth or just took a picture of yourself with your camera phone … I know what you look like, really.

  28. I don’t get Angry Birds either! I haven’t taken the time to even pretend to want to look up the rules, much less download an app or anything to play it incessantly on a plane! Pishaw! You are not alone. Although the two of us might be alone together…. 😉 Great post!

  29. I love this post. I just stumbled across it and it made my day. I’m obsessed with Words with Friends I must admit. I used to watch Family Guy, but it just got so annoying so I no longer watch shows like that. I love this post!

  30. It took me a little while to get into Family Guy but now it’s one of the few shows I watch; It’s definitely an acquired taste though. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

  31. Loved the post! I def agree with all of these. Although, number five i’m… on the fence. LOL. Mind checking out my blog? Thanks!

  32. hahaa this is briliant! i agree, if you dont like what someone says dont say anything at all. i’ll never understand people that think everyone has to agree with them. also, i thought i was the only one who didnt understand football.

  33. Thanks for writing this, I really enjoyed reading it. 🙂
    1 – Totally agree! I can only stand 1 day without washing my hair… then my head gets itchy -_- I don’t know how anyone would stand over a week of not washing, it’s just disgusting!!
    2 – Ugh! They are terrible! I’m a teen (not yet considered an adult in today’s world)… but seriously… why watch those shows?? I’d rather watch football… (look below at 6)
    3 – Mmmm… *guilty look*… thanks for the reminder, sometimes I get carried away on an issue and discuss it as a FB comment… Next time I’m tempted to do so, I’ll remember your blog and avoid it. 🙂
    4 – I did not know Juice Diets existed, it sounds terrible! I love my food… and I certainly wouldn’t last more than a meal or two without some real food.
    5 – I don’t have a phone… however I have tried some of the plethora of games found on FB (similar to phone games). I’ve found that games similar to Angry Birds are boring after the first few days of “excitement/fun”.
    6 – If someone explains this “game” to you, please pass the info on… I don’t understand what attracts people to watch or even to play it.

  34. Well would like to thank you for this at first 🙂 Secondly I support you about all of that, really 😀 except the phone games thing! 😀 It’s really interesting indeed, and as u mentioned you just need to pick the right one ^^

    Gonna share this on my FB if u don’t mind 🙂

  35. Funny! Enjoyed reading the post as well as the comments. I have to say I agree with you on all except #6.
    #1 SO GROSS! I can barely stand to go 3-4 days without washing my hair!
    #2 Agree. I do love kids’ cartoons though — watch them with my family a LOT.
    #3 Grrrr! Drives me crazy!
    #4 I do know some people who have tried juice diets… didn’t last very long. Don’t think I’ll even try it. I too need food.
    #5 Can definitely live without those!
    #6 I LOVE football! However, I am not one of those crazy people who is willing to get drenched, freeze my butt off, etc. just to go to a game. I’m content with watching it on TV or listening to it on the radio.

  36. Aha i tried growing dreadlocks at one stage, but I couldn’t go more than a few months. Not washing your hair often is grossss. totally agree on that one!
    Now southpark and family guy.. come on? 😉 x

  37. I agree with everything you said, although it is sometimes very relaxing to watch the mindless humor of adult cartoons. Family Guy and Simpsons are great, but Adventure Time is a extremely hilarious and stupid yet witty kids cartoon I enjoy a lot.
    But the football one was the biggest one I agree with, and I’m a guy. 😉

  38. Too funny. I have to admit I buy into most of these things. I totally agree with you about “adult” cartoons though. More like “people pretending to be adults” cartoons.

  39. Where have you been all my life? This post is the bees knees. We have many similar rant-y problems…
    I feel the same way about nasty filth hair. When I read about once a month wash I wanted to die a little. Also I will never understand Family guy and not eating food!
    Why would you want to live life watching that and eating juice?!?

  40. Sometimes I go one day without shampooing – and i usually really regret it by the end of the day. “Adult” cartoons are usually not so adult; Daria and Futurama were two funny exceptions. Futurama was often gross but still funny and thought provoking. Games on phones – nah – the screens are WAY too small. NOT a football fan, not a fan of professional sports. And what really bothers me – although I can’t say I don’t understand it – is when games/videos/TV/movies are labeled ‘for a MATURE audience’ when it is all too clear that if one is truly mature one would NEVER want to play/watch/hear something so disgusting and immature. And that FaceBook DISCUSSION mockup is hilarious!

  41. American football… Me neither. I can’t even pretend to begin to understand it. But then I am British.

    Seriously, you tried Sonic the Hedgehog on iPad? I am addicted all over again…

  42. Totally with you on phone games. Although he doesn’t have a suped-up phone, my husband does have an iPad which he plays games on all day. Like, really stupid, juvenile games that make Angry Birds look like chess with Bobby Fisher. I don’t get it. Never will.

    Awesome post!

  43. You are not alone. I have a Droid and I can’t for the life of me, understand why people actually want a phone with so many apps – Especially “Angry Birds” – I mean why are the birds so angry anyway? And Football – A bunch of guys willing to smash each other to the ground over a ball – while wearing what looks like spandex??? But there are other things I don’t understand.- Whats up with those super thin red straws always found near coffee? And why do the people working Espresso stands look so irritated when you ask for a normal straw? Why do I have to press a button for English when the automated operator for whatever company I am calling is already speaking it? Why is it that when I do press the button, I get some guy in another country who barely speaks the language, but if I press 2 for Spanish, I can reach a customer service rep in my own country who is bilingual but speaks perfect english? I don’t get it. lol

  44. I mean… all of this is just a matter of taste, so it seems stupid to argue for some of these things if you’re just not into them. I couldn’t make a five year old like Brussels Sprouts no matter how hard I tried.

    That being said, I find the phone games/adult cartoons things really broad categories to strike them all. For the games, well. You do have to find the right now that interests you. Words With Friends is a quick, conveniently electronic way to play Scrabble on the go. Angry Birds is a great physics/puzzle-solving game. You might still find a game you like, unless, of course, you don’t like games of any sort, period.

    Not understanding adult cartoons is similar to the above. It’s like any other genre of TV – you just have to find the right one. As an animator, I get frustrated when people get into the mindset that cartoons are a children’s medium. They’re not. If you’ve ever seen a Miyazaki film, for instance – Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, etc. – you’d know that that’s not entirely true. Animation is just a medium to tell a story, and it serves comedy well, whether it’s children’s humor or adult humor. There IS a trend that adult animation tends to be acid trippy or crude – or both – but there’s so much more than that. If you like television with substance, I’d suggest something like Futurama, where they examine all kinds of hardcore astronomy or cosmology theories, or Archer, an espionage action comedy.

  45. I will never understand how people wish for snow and then when they get hit with a snow storm they complain. I think the reason people like phone games is so they can just kill time or “look busy” on their phones when they’re bored.

    And I don’t understand football either. 😛

  46. I love this post!!! It’s smart and thoroughly enterataining:) I really enjoyed reading this and I totally agree with you on all six things:)

  47. I love this post!!! It’s smart, funny and thoroughly entertaining:) I really enjoyed reading this and I totally agree with you on all six things:)

  48. I basically agree with all your points especially the phone games point. I just don’t get it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  49. This is great!! Although I am on the other side for a lot of these points – like phone games and clean hair, but I definitely do NOT understands football. The only thing I like about it is going to see a game in the early autumn and watching the man that holds the radio feedback thinger run around the edges of the field like a maniac. I think he looks like a hamster. Grown up cartoons are for boys. I’ve never enjoyed them.

  50. 1) The hair thing depends on what type of hair you have. White-people hair means daily washing is pretty much required. Anything ethnic though, and you’ll kill it by doing that. Once a week at most unless you want a head full of brilllo.

    2) Juice diets are nothing but eating disorders with a coat of health-nut colored paint.

    3) Football — I hear ya. Stupidest game on Earth.

  51. I totally agree with you about #1. I wash my hair every other day because otherwise my hair is too dry. I actually like my Day #2 hair better. Any thing after Day 3 though is just unbearable. It get so itchy and oily. Why do people like it?

  52. I’m with you on the football obsession. It’s like three seconds of action for every 15 minutes of sitting around. I really don’t get it.

  53. I wash my hair only once a week. I used to wash it every day and it would be greasy and gross by day 2.

    I had to work my way up… go a month washing every 2 days, then another month washing every 3 days, etc etc etc. (The less you wash it, the less oil your scalp produces… so the more you wash it, the more you HAVE to wash it.) Now I wash it Saturday afternoons so it’s at its best on weekends 🙂

    My hair’s never looked better, and it feels a lot healthier.

  54. I agree with everything you said. My husband adores Family Guy and I just don’t find it funny. It makes jokes about things that are horrific but the jokes aren’t funny enough for it to be ironic…does that make sense? Of course, my husband is like 12 in a 31 year old body so…
    I am part Italian and my hair is greasy proto-dreadlocks about 12 hours after washing. I definitely cannot go days without washing it. Years ago my daughter got lice and shared them with me. The doctor said lice like clean hair and recommend we not wash for a few days. Perhaps the lice slipped in the grease a little, I don’t know, but it was the worst few days!
    Oh, and Facebook arguments are only cool when I win them. (*^_^*)

  55. I will never understand why vegetarians preach to us. It’s not like us carnivores trying to convert them.
    I will never understand why a group of friends will always, always occupy the breadth of a corridor and walk slowly
    I will never understand why we are more inclined to look at our digital screens than in real life
    I will never understand the existence of pedophiles
    I will never understand the six-month life span of any digital doodad

    • when people find out i’m vegan, they literally shove meat in my face and tell me how good it is and how wrong and weird i am. people are defensive about food, it permeates every part of our lives and it’s very personal. it works on both sides, so stop thinking we’re out to annoy you or something!

      the entire world is on the internet, working with just one person in front of you at a time is inefficient. (though, i don’t do this, haha, just a possible explanation.)

      items you buy give out after six months so companies can take more money from you.

      and to the one below, i didn’t get an iphone to “be like everyone else” – i got it because android, blackberry, and generic phones didn’t work for me – they were really garbage in comparison for what i need. (i run my own business so i need email/internet and specific apps.)

      • When I was vegetarian people would shove meat in my face too. I have celiac disease (which means eating wheat etc… can make me terribly ill) and people will be like “Ummm, doesn’t this cake look yummy??” (Not really…looks like poison to me!)

        I don’t hold out my gluten free food and try to torment people with it (cuz no one else wants it!)

  56. hahaha!! your post is funny, personally ( like most women i believe) i also do not really understand american football at all, or even soccer, its a concept i havent yet understood, as for the grown up cartoons, i think they are for people who like watching cartoons with a bit of grown up humour and cursing, but with out the immaturity of kids cartoons( i have to confess that i love family guy and american dad, south park not so much).. lets see, as for phone games, i love them because they keep me busy in my university lectures, i mean the ones which are like really boring..:-D.. but i dont understand juice diets as well, i think they are ridiculous!! great post!! 😀

  57. You and I think the same. My mother’s a hairstylist and I make sure to take special care of my hair. My secret though is to go one day a week without washing it. This is usually the day I stay at home and do nothing but clean. The natural oils are good for your hair. I’m also aware of a small movement of people who never wash their hair and claim after so many months the hair starts to clean itself. They don’t use conditioner or anything, just rinse it well.

    I discovered adult cartoons in middle school, loved them until I graduated high school. In the past 3 years I’ve grown to dislike most television shows altogether. And even though I loved Family and Futuroma so much back then, I don’t even know why now nor can I stand them.

  58. I agree on most of these. Adult cartoons is like watching a TV sitcom about real life – how can I laugh at what I see every day in real life. Or in case of these adult cartoons – stupidity.. Angry birds… I got hooked on it until level 20 then I just stopped playing- it’s entertaining but for only so long. Football – I agree I wouldn’t be in a snow storm watching it – but on tv, wide screen, hot coffee and a bag of chips, hearing the loud crunch of a hard sac…. oh yeah, thats fun…

  59. First of all, I did not know that about Robert and the hair-washing – DISGUSTING!
    Football I love, Facebook debates I could rant about for hours, but you actually mentioned my current pet-peeve so I thought I would comment on it.

    Juice diets are the absolute worst thing. People do not understand just how bad they are for your body, and how going on one can actually end up causing you to gain weight. First of all, have you ever actually looked at the protein content of juice? Practically nil. You cannot maintain muscle on a juice diet, which means that your metabolism slows, and then when you go back to normal eating at some point – guess who is going to be gaining some weight and be worse off? Second, not eating is just bad for digestive system. Not eating food has all kinds of terrible effects. In addition, the weight you lose on a juice diet is all water, and such a diet will cause you to have all kinds of cravings for the nutrients that your body is missing, so expect a huge appetite at the buffet when you are finished.

    Like magic pills, juice diets are just quick-fix for a one-time step on the scale – they do more harm than good, for all of the reasons I listed and beyond. Like you, I don’t understand them, and wish they would just go away.

  60. Almost 100% agree with you, except for the “Grown-up Cartoons” part … 😛
    – I think some of those are lovely, especially Family Guy – I’m a big fan.

    Good to … read you !

  61. Unwashed hair does style better to a certain point. Problem is, some people don’t know where that point is.
    I admit, I have juiced and I loved it. Try Green Lemonade recipe at the Whole Foods juice bar (you’ll have to give them the recipe):
    Kale, Spinach, apple, ginger, lemon. Trust me.
    I quit Facebook because I think it is the cyber Devil.
    Phone games are dumb… with the exception of Plants versus Zombies 😉
    I’m living in the Capital of Anime, and I gotta say, I still don’t get it.

    Good blog! Glad to see we aren’t alone.

  62. Actually some people can go about a week without washing their hair. If you wash your hair too often it can become super dry. But this depends on the person.
    As for phone games, I don’t get those either. Angry Birds is actually pretty fun if you play on a computer. Phones are too small for enjoyable game play in my opinion.
    As for juice diets, that sounds boring. I love juice but I have to have something solid in my stomach. Maybe they could modify it to a “eat only fruit” diet? Sounds like a better idea.
    And I just don’t understand Facebook period. It’s dumb. Same goes for Twitter.

  63. I jumped on the band wagon at hair and bailed when the wheels fell off at football. But I bailed with a big grin. Nice work.

  64. I’m totally with you on the juice thing, all though this is the first I heard off a “juice diet” lol As for the phone games, my boyfriend is never off his phone, annoying ! However if I had a “smart phone” I would probably be hooked on them as well :/

  65. My hairdresser is forever trying to get me to stop washing so often. I’ve tried. I’ve even tried just doing a baking soda rinse and using the apple cider as conditioner… but then i just feel like i’m wearing a salad on my head. And i do hate football… but i love irreverent cartoons, Facebook debates, and i am planning to name my firstborn Red Bird.

  66. Well-written post. I agree about Facebook debates – you should just keep quiet. I have to disagree about football though. I’m a huge college football fan. Most fall Saturdays during my college years, you’d find me on the couch from noon to midnight watching the games. Can’t do that now that I’m married w/full time job…lol!

  67. Total ewh to the weeks without shampooing and I’m with you on the adult cartoons. Wt??? I don’t get them nor care to. Juicing is a great way to bolster health and it’s news to me that people do so to drop pounds. The most beloved sport of is hockey. Now get off the Internet and go watch a game immediately 🙂

  68. Even though I totally play phone games, watch grown up cartoons and like football, your post is hilarious and I gotta say I most certainly agree with the other three things. Might just have to follow your blog now!

  69. so nice to get a simple straightforward question when I’m too tired to be clever…I don’t get anything…not one blessed thing…not even one unholy thing…nada…stumped….

  70. If I washed my hair everyday (and I used to!) my hair would be so dried out and my scalp would be so greasy my blonde hair would be brown. That’s WAY more gross to me than shampooing every day. I use the coconut solid shampoo from Lush about every four-five days, and it leaves my hair looking super healthy! Everyone’s body is different, so don’t assume that everyone needs to scrub to the bone daily :p

    Juicing and raw foods aren’t meant to be full-on diets, they’re more of an in-between sort of food. Many raw foodies eat as much raw as they can, especially in the summer, but do eat cooked foods as well. I’ve seen a lot of people juice after big binging periods, like Christmas/New Year’s, but it’s not like people do it all year long. Again, it’s not “gross” – it’s juice and carrots – DELISH!

    As for cartoons, I’ll take Adventure Time, The Venture Bros., Space Ghost, Futurama, Shin Chan, and many more (not to mention any Miyazaki movie!) over ANY boring-ass sitcom or cable drama or American Idol that are just commercial opportunities for Pepsi or Neutrogena. They’re not for kids, because they have adult themes and humor, but what’s life without childish humor! 🙂

  71. I agree about the football thing. The phone games thing (see, you’re not completely alone), and .. actually, I agree with all of them. I just don’t get any of them either!

    Awesome post. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! 🙂 Can’t wait for my turn 😉

  72. The weeks without washing hair is totally understandable, but as quite a few people have mentioned it really depends on the type of her you have.
    I have to be in the mood to watch adult cartoons and can never watch too many in a row.
    I think a lot of people go on juice diets to detox as well, not just to lose weight, but I’m like you, I just couldn’t do it. I love to cook and I love to eat and there are ways to detox while eating normal food as well.
    I’ve had my FB since the days when it was only college students and it’s true that there are some people who just take it way too seriously. It also gets on my nerves when people try to get into arguments and say things you know they would never say in person; they’re just hiding behind the “anonymity” of the internet.
    Since I don’t have an iPhone, I don’t really play games on my phone, but I do play words with friends and angry birds on my Kindle.
    As for the last point, can’t really agree with you there. I love football. I wouldn’t necessarily want to go to a game during the coldest months unless I had a box suite though.

  73. Re: Phone games, you’re not alone! I have one really simple word search game on my phone in case I every get really, REALLY, excruciatingly bored, but I don’t get the hype over Angry Birds, Words with Friends and the like.

  74. I agree with all but the hair! My hair is so thick that I always have much better 2nd and 3rd day hair. I work out most days of the week so I usually wash it everyday, but I prefer 3rd day hair!

  75. Regarding those who don’t wash their hair…

    Your thoughts are mine and my mother’s exactly! Haha, I laughed out loud just reading it. :)) and ew, simply imagining what Robert’s hair had gone through in that photo… *shudders*

  76. I agree with the person way up on these comments – people posting about their love life on Facebook, or vaguely posting.
    For example ‘Soooo happy! You mean so much to me and my life is complete because you looked in my direction yesterday!’ from someone who is single! Seriously, if you can’t say it to someone’s face, put it in a text message or email TO them, not on a public forum! I hide people from my newsfeed for this kind of behaviour!
    Hair washing – a good weekend for me is when I don’t leave a 2km radius from my house and I don’t wash my hair between Thursday night and Sunday night. Having said that, I only indulge in this behaviour when I’m not seeing anyone or going anywhere!
    Good work on getting Freshly Pressed, this was a great read!

  77. LOL! Funny post..made me smile. I think it’s just we never get to understand things which does not belong to our interest.
    1. I think it’s a bit of culture thing or how we’re trained/ informed when we are young. If a person grew up with people who can go days and days or sometimes weeks without washing their hair, chances are he/she’ll be like them. Culture thing coz in our country, people wash hair (&take a bath) at least once a day. The weather is too hot you’ll always want to wash to feel refreshed. (but of course there are some Asian countries where it’s hot but people seem to not care much on their hygiene!)
    2. Grown-up cartoons I don’t understand it either. I prefer children’s cartoons.
    3. Debates on facebook —I guess they just want to show the world how closed-minded they are….(at least through their posts you get to know the kind of people they are.)
    4. We can’t live with just juices alone…but I believe it’s a good way of cleansing our body once in a while. (Look for a good juice recipe of proper combination of fruit & vegetable you can try…so you don’t end up making yuck tasting juice!)
    5. I don’t like Angry Birds. Oh but phone games are cool if you really like the game…though sometimes it gets boring after a while you’ve mastered a game. Many people love it because of the sort of adrenalin rush one feels when he/she gets so excited levelling up or achieving something. Another good thing about it is it can help stimulate brain activity.
    6. Oh I totally agree with this, I don’t understand football much. I’m not that excited watching it, makes my mind wander.
    Oh well, congrats for being freshly pressed! 🙂

  78. Really enjoyed the post. I agree with everything except #6, Football. I don’t want to call it a “girl thing” because I know quite a few hard core female fans. But then again if we got into any lengthy discussion about hair products outside of which ones are on sale, you would quickly find me losing interest as well.

    Hope to read more.


  79. Uh! I hate football too! And only because it ruins our weekends! My husbands feels that he is justified in sitting in his recliner all day watching the 256 damn games that are on in one day! Do you know how much we could be getting down on a Sunday? And it’s a game! It’s not even something important or that leaves you smarter for watching.

  80. Great post. I agree with all of it!! especially the juice diet! I like chewing!! and the cartoons. omg the cartoons. my partner is addicted to them, it is a real bone of contention in our relationship!! congrats on fresh pressed!

  81. I’ve never really gone on a straight juice fast before but as someone who juices regularly and consistently (i.e once or twice a day) I can safely tell you, the difference you will feel won’t so much be from watching your weight drastically drop off but the increase of energy. Try juicing fresh organic carrots with some green apples (carrots are the mildest, safest veggie to start out with I reckon as it’s sweet and lack the strong, earthy taste green veggies might give you) first thing in the morning, and skip a meal of cooked food for breakfast. You will feel ‘lighter’ and generally a little bit more energetic than your usual self. Might even forget to reach out for the coffee by 11am if you’re the kind that usually does that 🙂 Try it and let me know how it goes!

  82. i dont get juice diets, football or facebook debates either 😛 oh! and cellphone games 😛 your not completely alone on that 😛 😀

  83. I’m unsure if this was said before, but there’s one adult show that’s pretty good : King of the Hill. Unlike Family Guy and all the other shows where they just show violence and randomness King of the Hill actually makes sense (well, at least it does to me) it’s too bad it got canceled during there 12th (or was is 11th? I’m not sure) season…

  84. I agree with you about not getting football. I’ll never get it, nor do I want to. I also agree with the adult cartoons. My husband and his friends quote them all the time, and I could care less.
    However, I’m inclined to disagree with you on all the rest. I gave up shampoo almost a year ago and my hair is shiny and pretty. Shampoo contains a lot of toxic junk both for your hair/skin and the environment. Juice fasting is great to cleanse the body, but not to be maintained as an actual diet.
    Words with friends is an amazing phone game because it’s a strategic word game that you can play with any friend.
    Debates on facebook can be fun, as long as you have smart people to debate with. When it’s just assholes feeding the trolls, then it sucks.

    I enjoyed reading this post though!
    Congratulations on making freshly pressed!

  85. You and me both. Except football. I enjoy it from the warmth of my couch.
    I don’t understand the rings in people’s earlobes that make them stretched out. What happens when their super floppy down by your shoulders?

  86. Haha, #5 and #6! Semi-disagree with #2 (depending on the show) but no point in arguing (similar to #3), to each his/her own, and no doubt I can find things I don’t get from you and many others!

  87. My boyfriend does the hair thing—I learned about this AFTER we started going out. According to him, it doesn’t work for anyone at first (you have to give it a few weeks before seeing results). I have naturally oily and fine hair and would never put up with it for that long, but it works well for him. His hair looks and feels great and thick, and it doesn’t feel too oily or smell particularly bad (it just doesn’t smell nice, like shampoo). I still think it’s kind of gross, but I’d rather have my boyfriend with great hair, thanks! Apparently it forces your hair to stop producing so many oils—people who shampoo every day need to maintain that because removing the oils ironically causes your body to produce more. Allegedly, a lot of models do this.

  88. As my mother told me – Football is not for us to understand – just to look at men’s cute butts! Seems only fair since most men aren’t watching the game – they’re watching the cheerleaders!

  89. YES! I knew I couldn’t be the only one who didn’t like adult cartoons! And you’re not alone in not liking phone games. I don’t like them either, especially because they just kill my battery.

    I know someone who only washes their hair every three months. I couldn’t believe it! I wash my hair three times a week and it STILL doesn’t feel like enough. I couldn’t even go ONE month without washing my hair, let alone three!

  90. I dont understand Weight Watchers…I am a reasonably smart chick…after 4 kids sans 4 C-sections, 1 Hysterectomy, 1 gall bladder removal and gaining nearly 100 lbs after Hysterectomy….ugh! I still dont get it…..I went, I weighed…ugh again, followed like a good student…wrote it all down dissecting each food choice….figuring, keeping track, weighing again, lost 1.8lbs…ugh, 3rd time, went 3 more weeks…..silly women! taking over meeting and never learned anything, blabbing to give all of us girls a bad name, thanks for that, zips us back 40 years…..only to get up the courage to ask a “leader” chief blabber…..and she states..”you may not be eating enough!” ,,,”you need to eat some of the EXTRA points each week to really lose!” WHAT IN THE WORLD DO YOU MEAN????? GRRRRRRRR!!! apparently that’s how I got in this shape. I got skinny arms, legs and a ginormous….stomach! APPLE shape I think is what it is called……explain the WW guru’s whats a girl to do????

  91. Absolutely loved this, congrats on being freshly pressed. Here is my gross hair story. I chaperoned a group of exchange students who had come to the USA in August and we were on a trip to New York in April. This girl from Europe had long curly hair and wore beads in it.
    I was sitting behind her when the girl sharing her seat commented on the beads and how pretty she thought they were…, and asked how she got them to stay in. The girl replied I glued them in before I left home. I’m sitting there thinking OMG this girl hasn’t combed her hair for at least 8 months.

    I had a girl who lived with me who only brushed the top…, I didn’t realize it until she asked me to curl her hair for some event, when I started to unsnarl it she told me…”ya, I never comb underneath, just the top”.

    My head itches just thinking about it.

  92. I wash my hair twice a day. I am a Filipino and one of the biggest culture shock for many Filipinos living abroad is meeting people who take a shower or bath without wetting their hair. I shampoo and wash my hair while I shower and that’s twice a day (before going to work and before going to sleep).

  93. Love this post! Football? Yep totally with you on that one!

    What don’t I get? Our fascination with weight loss and going on stupid diets, holding back on what we want only to end up binging on it when we have a moment of weakness!

    Life is too bloody short to be counting calories, and beating ourselves up if we gained half a kilo in 1 day! Please!!! Let’s focus on what what we love about ourselves rather than what we constantly dislike!

    Seriously, what have you loved today?? 🙂

  94. You totally ruined Robert Pattinson for me.

    I’m mostly with you on the cartoons, except it’s because I mostly don’t watch TV at all.

    I can’t pass up a chance to jab at WordPress for the few times they have deliberately started Facebook debates in Freshly Pressed comments.

    Juice? I was wondering where the wicks were in your candles.

    Phone games are great when you have to sit around waiting for 20 minutes for a smog inspection. I know, I know, take a book, but I read all day long.

    I go to 4 or 5 football games a year with my friends. I admit the tailgates are more fun than the games, but still, good times!

  95. hahaha, phone games are fun! gives you something to do when you’re stuck somewhere. but what i don’t get is why a lot of people went gaga over angry birds. it’s a stupid game. but i’ll take it anytime over nyan cat. that rainbow cat is pointless.

  96. (jaw drop) Agree on that, it’s ewwww Robert Pattinson ” I DATE YOU”
    GRRRRRkk…. thinking that I can’t wash my hair for a day will probably make me sick,,,it’s irritating!! it’s the same with, not brushing your teeth….

  97. I totally agree with you on the mobile gaming thing, I mean, I play games all the time, but on a phone…no thanks.

    Personally, the thing I never got was reality TV, even more so when they aren’t celebrities, I couldn’t care less about how well a bunch of people I’ve net known/heard of before get on in a house, doing nothing for weeks on end. :/

  98. Juice fasts are kind of like going out every night: when you’re doing it, you’re DOING it, and it fuels itself. When you’re not, the thought is exhausting.
    When juicing, you are starving, grouchy, and headachy for a day or two. Then the oxygen high kicks in, because all you’re getting is concentrated greens and nutrients, and you’re flying high. Every juice fast I’ve done, it’s been a challenge to STOP. And I love, love, love food. You just get so used to juice, and the oxygen high, so quickly, that switching back becomes hard work.
    Also, I have JewFro hair (which I tame drastically) and couldn’t possibly wash it more than every 4-5 days. It’d be gross and brittle, plus the washing/drying/straightening process is a good 1-2 hour commitment.

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  100. very interesting read. good job, mrs. palma! keep up the great work! and yeah… i hate not washing my hair. it’ most disgusting feeling ever. haha

  101. Great post Sarah….I’ll never understand people who don’t wash their hair either…it’s just gross! The other thing I’ll never understand is the compulsion people have to run a marathon at some point in their life. Running for hours on end….just because you feel like it….yep don’t get it!

  102. I agree with you on almost everything, especially the adult cartoons. I’ve never understood them and actually hate them. But I am addicted to ipod games. All kinds of games. I am especially inlove with my mahjong game. I’m lame like that.

  103. 1. I shave my head into a shiny dome (and have done so for ten years now). But still, when I had hair I didn’t get the not-washing thing. It feels weird, it smells like luke warm underwear and looks like….well, like the pic of that Edward guy!

    2. I kind of like The Simpsons (but DO feel like it’s done it’s thing and would kind of benefit from saying buhbye right about now). But Family Guy – I don’t know man, I don’t think I’ll ever get it.

    3. The Facebook-debate thing IS irritating, sure. And half the time it would be better if people just NOT said anything. But to just keep quiet about EVERYTHING you don’t agree with…? Wouldn’t that just lead to the loudest (and probably most obnoxious) person being the one setting the tone for everything?

    4. I’ve given up ANY form of “organized” diet, and right now I’m just trying to eat reasonably healthy, exercise a little bit and not deny myself things when I really want them…. And believe it or not, but it’s working! 🙂
    Juice-diets would NEVER work for me, I like eating way to much!

    5. The only game I have in my phone is Tetris, and it’s hard to deny the addictiveness of that simple little game… 🙂

    6. I’m Swedish, so I’ve never – EVER – gotten football. …then again I’m not a sports person at all, and in all honestly I don’t get most of it.

  104. Great post! I too sometimes don’t get some things.. and dieting consuming only juices??? I’d rather carry the extra weight I’ve gained with me!

  105. I will never understand how people can choose to post on Facebook(on their phone) while in the presence of other people. I mean hello! There are ‘friends’ sitting right in front of you and you’re checking out what someone else is up to, come on that’s just plain rude. I totally agree with all of your comments, I will never understand all 6 of those things and so many more.
    Great post, congrats on being freshly pressed.

  106. hi, this is Dominique representing the company I work for in Brazil… just so you know…

    about the post, I’m right there with you on everything.. yep, all of it… especially the hair and cartoon thing…

    If I made list about whjat I don’t understand, it would problably be much bigger, but those thins would deftly be on it…

    great writing by the way…really enjoy the post. =D
    see ya

  107. I never personally understood how so many people can become emotionally invested in something. I am a member of a video-game website and the way people treat each other just because someone finds enjoyment in a video-game that others don’t like, is sickening. I am talking about pages’ worth of arguements, belittlement, and cussing out just because someone likes a game the majority doesn’t.

  108. Adult cartoons are just good for an easy laugh. As animation, it’s very elementary stuff for the medium. Unfortunately, with animation being stuck in such an age ghetto, it’s going to be some time before it’s treated properly as a medium rather than a genre.

  109. I do like some adult cartoons, like The Simpsons. But i agree with you on the the other five items of your list… Specially #1.
    I totally don’t get it! It looks bad, it smells bad and gives the impression that the person doesn’t even shower… I think that, if you didn’t wash your hair, you didn’t shower or bath or got any close to water, and don’t try to convince me you did it! hahaha

  110. Haha very entertaining blog and I agree with you on all counts. A few more I would like to add …
    I can never understand
    – how people can roam around naked, in locker rooms!! as though they were fully clothed…
    – how people living under the same roof, wish each other Happy Birthday, Anniversary etc.on Facebook!!!.
    good blog yours !!

  111. Ha ha ha…Too good. This is a great post, really. I can’t agree with you more on juice diets and FB arguments. I’m not from the U.S. so football is bananas anyway. Keep writing!

  112. I don’t get the phone app obsession either. I have a game or two, but I rarely play them. I use my phone more for reading and (gasp!) talking than anything else.

    Things that I do not understand the appeal of: Chic-Fil-A, reality TV, extreme couponing, NASCAR, spinning classes, Chai, energy drinks (Red Bull, Monster, et al), and—wait for it—Twitter.

    Alright, America. Come and get me.

  113. Nice post!! I don’t get the juice diets and the debates too…well, here we don’t have football but we have soccer and I really love it! And I can go two or three days without washin’ my hair…and I loooooooooove these cartoons!! Sorry…but I can understand you, I have a lot of things I don’t get and people love!!

  114. I totally agree with number one. My hair is my pride and joy, and I can’t imagine even going two days without washing it!


  115. 2. Grown up Cartoons – I am not a fan of these shows; but then I do watch them now and then for the humour part of it; Also for the creativity of developing them. It is just fun (but not for a long time…)

    5. Phone games – hmm.. Never been in to these phone and computer games. Always tried to understand why people go crazy about these games and spend so much money on it!!!!! But then, I got used to playing little word games these days when in trains standing or waiting in lobbies and no books around to pass time…. But still, can not get addicted though, it feels either boring or eyes feel stressed after a while…

    And I am totally with you for the rest of the post…specially on number 1….

    Very good post and congrats for being on FP… 🙂

  116. I must say I’m not a fan of most “American” cartoons as a whole. If I’m gonna watch any kind of animation I’ll watch either Pixar, or classic disney (lion king, little mermaid etc) in regards to American Cartoons. Any other “adult” animations… I’d rather watch is Anime because they can have adult themes without having to make it rude, racial or distasteful unlike American Adult Animation.

  117. awesome post ! I Having a healthy argument on FB is okay but sometimes it gets silly… Another irritating aspect of having facebook debates (read fights) on your post is the notifications.. So my policy is if you want to spam do it in your own wall not mine…

    and Adult cartoons .. I don’t get it either.. May be they are quite cool but I never liked them much ..

  118. This is fantastic! They had a commercial with the angry birds for some phone company on not too long ago, and I just sat there dumbfounded. Slingshotting birds at buildings? Why?

    Thank you for making me feel better about all the other “normal people things” I just don’t get 🙂


  119. I agree with every point you made, except for the Grown-up cartoons bit!! :O How dare you talk trash about The Simpsons! :O:O (Just kidding//:P) I know a lot of people who don’t like it, but I really dont understand whats not to like..

  120. I agree with you about the football. If people want to play and watch it, that’s cool, but I don’t understand why people are PAID to play a game they enjoy. I don’t get paid to play Scrabble, or cards, or computer games. Also it’s not just that they’re paid, but that they’re paid huge sums of money, way more than real professions that are useful and/or difficult.

    Also I don’t get diets full stop. If you eat healthily and take some exercise, you should be a healthy weight…

    And an addition… I don’t understand what’s so great about Twitter. It seems like it’s just the ‘status’ function of Facebook in it’s own website with no other features. How boring.


  121. What got me was the unwashed hair. I thought this was just a myth, but really now? HUH!? I agree with everything that you pointed out except for Phone Games. I’m a self confessed addict. Have you ever tried playing on your phone? See how it goes…. =)

  122. Oh wow, reading this list had me laughing and nodding my head accordingly! Adult cartoons – so dumb. I really think they are not funny and that to many adults use these cartoons as a way to keep their youth!
    Not washing your hair…ewwww. I have to wash my hair every two days. By the third day you could fry an egg on my scalp there is so much grease.
    Football – I use Sunday football to take naps.

    Great post!

  123. 1) I don’t get this, either. It’s disgusting. I shampoo every day (I live in the tropics). Even when I was abroad, I washed my hair every other day. I almost feel the heaviness of my hair when it’s been unwashed. I mean, I can feel tge weight on my head. Maybe it’s my imagination, but that’s how it works for me.

    2) Animation is not a genre. It’s a medium. Thus, some cartoons are bad, some are good. It really depends on the topic. Anime stories tend to be better than Western cartoons, though.

    3) Not just on Facebook. Arguing on the Internet is pointless.

    4) I always have to stop myself from laughing whenever someone says juice diets work. Of course they work because you’re not allowed to eat anything. Might as well call it starvation, really.

    5) I don’t play phone games not because I don’t like them, but because it’s so easy to get addicting to them. Yeah, maybe you haven’t found the right game yet. I’m not a fan of Angry Birds.

    6) I don’t understand a thing about football.

  124. I don’t get the phone games either so you’re not alone. I guess people need mindless things to do to take their minds off the monotony of their jobs and daily life. It’s the same as why World of Warcraft is so popular along with other video games and pc games. Something to break from reality. Those games make you feel like you’ve accomplished something. I can’t agree with you on the football as I’ve been to college games and though I hated it at the time, I look back at it fondly.. it’s a bonding thing I think. As for the facebook debates.. I’ve been there and done that and frankly I have to say it’s a bit childish. It was all consuming at the time but looking back on it.. it was completely and utterly childish waste of time.. it’s like arguing over a box of crayons as a kid. *sigh* somethings never change. One thing I don’t understand is the obsession with “reality” tv shows. Or shows like American Idol.. I just don’t get what’s so interesting about watching other people’s failures or watching staged shows like The Hills or the Housewives or whatever it’s called.. I don’t get it. Maybe I’m alone in that.

  125. Wow! I’m with you on most of these – especially football. Don’t like or understand adult cartoons either. Judging from all the comments, you are not alone.

  126. You think you’ll never understand football? Give rugby or cricket a try! When we were living in Singapore the local flavor of ESPN had many more highlights of those two sports than they ever did of “American” football. I’ll never understand either one (or their appeal).

  127. I have to say I can agree with you on all but the football… gotta have football in my life, it gives me and the hubby something to enjoy together on Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. We use football also as an excuse to kick our kids off the TV and give mom and dad time to spend together 🙂
    The phone games, while I do enjoy them when I’m sitting at the Dr’s office, Im just not a big gamer anyways.
    Great blog!

  128. I think that adult cartoons have the ability to portray events without additional actors, and acts of violence (some of which are beyond imaginiation) without it seeming too ‘real’ or actually violent. A step up from Looney Tunes, or Tom&Jerry, which had ‘funny’ violence – the natural progression is Peter Griffin having an extended fistfight with a human-sized chicken.

    With phone technology, games pretty much come naturally. Smaller than a game boy, games are cheaper, ready for access at any time. We humans need our ‘escapes’.

    My reply doesn’t actually explain them though; I agree that some phenomena will never really be understood completely 😉

  129. Good post. I don’t get the unwashed hair, the facebook debates or the juice diets, but I am totally on board with the cartoons, the games, and the football. But really good post.

  130. I love everything on this list. I was hooked on Angry Birds for a while, but when I couldn’t beat a certain level, I got discouraged and lost interest.

  131. hey, awesome writing, i really enjoyed reading that. very much agree with your views like
    1. o man really dats true, cant get out with oily & dirty hair. wonder how people stand that for weeks.
    2. Fact – cartoons are for kids, but sometime adults watch cartoons like tom n jerry but a big NO to the family drama.
    3. Yes, WHY BOTHER??? who’s doing what…….huh.
    4. Please dont serve me juice, they r good occasionally but not for diet. Eat food yaar.
    5. Phone games are boring.
    6. See football is a power game, yes its good in TV but i think watching it live will b awesome but pls, not in rain. 😛
    Also I dont understand why in-laws keep on grumbling on every aspect of our life. 😦

  132. This post is hilarious! I agree with everything you listed–especially the hair and facebook debates. I also hate when people give a play-by-play of their life in constant facebook status updates. If they truly had lives, they wouldn’t be on facebook telling people about it 24/7… but that’s just my opinion 🙂

    Great post–I’m excited to read more!

  133. I can agree with you except the games and “adult” cartoons. I love Family Guy, sometimes you wonder what they were smoking (crack) when they (Seth) write this stuff. It’s hilarious.

  134. Great post! Hmm.. maybe I can giving my opinion about Fruit Juice. Fruit Juice is really good for our health, right? (correct me if I wrong). I have never tried to drink the fruit juice for diet program. But my mom always said to me to eat the fruits or drink the fruit juice. Now, it’s depend on you, you want a good health or not. Because it’s so important. So it better if you prevent your health from sickness than healing the sickness…

    This is only my opinion.. hehe… 😀

  135. there’s no such thing as “detoxing” your body. it’s a gimmick. it doesn’t happen in a week. it would require some severe fiber and diuretics, maybe some sandpaper too.

    i’m guilty of the facebook arguement thing. is there an “e” in the middle of argue/argument? i always mess that up. i’m regularly “un” friended or “de” friended. whichever.

    • rmv:
      Poor spellers _especially_ should excuse themselves from Facebook bitch-slaps, inane and meaningless as they are. If you are intent on making yourself the cause of mass migraine “FACEaches” (HaH- good one, no?), the least you could do iz spell gud!
      PS: it’s “argument”

  136. I also despise all the adult swim ‘cartoons’. Eh, no. My favorites are The Pink Panther, and Bugs Bunny- especially the one where he ends up in Dracula’s castle. Classic. Also, Marvin the Martian ROCKS. Football. Bleh. I get excited for my husband’s team because I love HIM, and not because I love football. Dirty hair. I can’t go that third shower without washing it. The first and second, maybe. I have that curly hair that needs a day between washes sometimes, but it’s hard for me to not give in and wash it anyway. Then there’s “Wen”. It didn’t do a thing for me. Juice is a great part of a well-rounded diet, but not enough to keep me from fainting from lack of nutrients, I’m afraid. Phone games. I dabble in Words with Friends, but I just like Scrabble. I think we have a lot in common, Sarah. The Facebook drama…well, I avoid all politico-religio debates and discussions. That’s really not what FB is supposed to be for. It’s for “Hey, my life is amazing, look at my amazing family, my amazing house, and my amazing spouse carving this amazing pumpkin/turkey/wooden duck decoy! Facebook is that place where there are no problems of any real consequence. (Fakebook) Nobody really posts things like “Yeah, hey everyone. I think I have a drug problem. Also I stole some shoes from the big box store today. I cheated on my spouse last week, and I am thinking about doing that again. Think I need help?” No, it’s always, “Wow, just back from Cancun, what a BLAST! Check out my 87 pics!” Personally, I think it would be more ‘real’ to start a ‘trashbook’, or ‘Whinebook”, but it just wouldn’t be a hit with the normal, genteel crowd.

    Check me out at leekirstensblog.
    Been a pleasure reading!

  137. Couldn’t agree … more with all whole post here – thought it was me getting too old *smile.
    About mobile phones, not only games … what happen to the phones that we could only make calls and send text on ????!!! Have my first Nokia (8 years old) still and use daily – people look funny on me when I use it. *smile I think we should demand our life’s back!

  138. Dear Sarah,
    I totally agree with your “Six” list, especially the dirty hair bit and those STOOPID adult cartoons. It makes me believe in the de-evolution of our species.

    Here is my list of Things I Don’t Understand:

    (1) Never mind football – I don’t get ALL ball/puck-chasing spectator sports. Hockey drives me up the wall . I can NEVER see the freakin’ puck. (And I’m a Canadian. A _bad_ Canadian, apparently!). What is the great thrill or skill in grown men or women chasing around a tiny puck or a ball? It’s retarded. And then there are the crazed, hooting and hollering, foaming at the mouth fans. What’s with them, anyway? Don’t they have something constructive or intelligent to do in their lives?

    (2)The Eco movement. “Re-use, Re-cycle and, Re -…whatz the other one of this Holy Trinity?” Read any book by Prof. James Lovelock to learn how silly, delusional and simply hopeless the Green movement is. Lovelock is arguably the world’s top expert on Global Climate Change and an independent British climate scientist. He is the man who first came up with the concept of planet Earth as a living, self-regulating organism, which he termed “Gaia,” in the 1960’s He researched and workied right alongside author Rachel Carson, who wrote the seminal anti-DDT environmentalist book, “Silent Spring.” Lovelock says that climate change is well beyond the “tipping point,” and there’s not a damn thing humankind can do about it now. Too little. Too late. Because of this irremediable predicament humankind finds itself in now, we’re in for a pretty nasty ride on this planet in the next 100 years, with apocalyptic climate change effects about to beset us as early as 25 years from the present. ERGO: recycling is simply to no point. Recycle all you want, but you’re not achieving anything except to give yourself a warm fuzzy. (I’m reading Lovelock’s book, “The Revenge of Gaia” at this time. Scary stuff.) So I laugh at people who religiously recycle. They’ve practically made a religion out of it. It’s a bit of a weird, combative, cult, because if you criticize them – LOOK OUT! They let you have it in the neck! Just watch the fanatical angry replies that my comment attracts!

    (3)Why can’t women navigate supermarket aisles with a shopping buggy without totally inconveniencing other shoppers around them? A woman will always park her buggy sideways across an aisle while she blithely browses. Meanwhile other shoppers silently fume because they can’t get past m’lady. Or a woman will park her buggy lengthwise, right up tight against a shelf, effectively blocking access to products on the shelf behind her buggy, while she strays away to distant points, totally unaware. Or, in a very busy, crowded supermarket where shoppers have to move along in a sort of conga line of moving buggys, there will always be one woman will slooowww everybody right dooowwwn. She creeps along at a snail’s pace, blissfully unaware of dozens of shoppers piled up behind her who would like to keep-it-moving! (This annoyance carries over to driving, too. Sorry, gals, but I have to say it: “GET OFF THE ROAD!”)

    (4)Why do so many men feel compelled to experiment with their facial hair? Bad moustaches and beards are just juvenile. Let’s “face” it, guys, most of you should just shave it off. Think: Brad Pitt’s hideous string beard. Join the civilized world, stop looking like a dork with your stupid facial hair experiments. I’m embarrassed by you, brothers.


  139. I love my grown-up cartoons (but South Park tends to occasionally enrage me or gross me out). The Facebook debate once took place after I quoted something from the Bible and made it my status (it once happened with my most frequent blog commentator, I suspect that’s why he stopped commenting my stuff). Virtual high five: I still don’t get football (but I like Oliver Stone’s Any Given Sunday and other football-themed movies), then again: I’m from Guatemala and soccer is king here.

  140. Reblogged this on Duffboy and commented:
    I also don’t get dudes who don’t wash their hair (I understand how girls get away with it), unless water access is an issue. I’m an Angry Birds semi-junkie, I’ll say that!

  141. I LOVE JUICING! But I just like to incorporate them in my typical day instead of ONLY drinking juice for weeks! I find that i have much more energy when I’m drinking several of these in a day it’s just a quick and easy way to get that nutritional boost that most of our bodies are dying for! Check out my blog on natural health/wellness! Cheers!

  142. Okay, the whole not washing hair is disgusting…Once my hair gets oily (that is about every 4 days) i have to go and wash it, or else i just feel dirty! Second I love south park, its veryyyy funnnny! lol Juice diets not my thing. I’m pro eating healthy (even though I don’t do it all the time) but I’m always cautious of what I am eating. Lastly Football- ………………Clueless!

  143. Awesome list! I’m so glad there’s someone else out there that doesn’t get adult cartoons or football either. Although I will fully own up to being an Angry Birds addict. 🙂

  144. I think the “not understanding football” thing is much more socially unacceptable when you’re a guy. It’s seems to be some kind of given that if you a normal, re-blooded male, then you like sports. That’s always made me feel like some kind of alien struggling to blend in with human society. Every conversation about sports I get roped into, pretty much becomes a test of “How well can you pretend that you’re not a pod-person?”. I usually do just well enough to get by. Just barely though. lol

    Sports Fan: Man, can you believe that game last night?!! It was amazing!
    Me: Uh……yeah. hehe It was really something alright. crazy.

  145. I’m half and half about the adult cartoons. I love Family Guy but can’t stand South Park. I guess it depends on the kind of sense of humor you can tolerate.

    Now for the phone games. I am probably one of the few who doesn’t like Angry Birds. I really just don’t like it. The only other phone game I can play for hours on end is Bubble Buster (Android), but even then that’s only when I’m desperately bored. My boyfriend mentioned what I thought was a good point about phone games: they just go on and on, giving you nothing but empty “enjoyment” unlike handheld/console video games.

    And football. I really don’t get it. I watch it every once in a while (when I’m pressed at a corner by someone demanding me to watch it). I even went to an actual game but I really don’t understand it. Bunch of guys chasing each other for a ball. My cousin said once that she only watches football to stare at the players’ hindquarters.

  146. 1 – I can maybe go one day without washing my hair, but after that I really need to wash it. When my hair gets oily it makes my scalp itch and drives me nuts. But at the same time I hate how dry my hair is ’cause I always washing it.. hahah
    2 – The BF makes fun of me ’cause I will sit and watch Disney channel cartoons with the kids, AND will even buy DVDs to add to “the kids’ collection” I don’t even let my kids watch nick cartoons. Spongebob, really?? Those cartoons just go from stupid to idiocracy. And all the cussing, no thanks.
    3 – Sometimes I like keeping an eye on them to see how stupid some people can get. But most times the people posting it just needs attention.
    4 – I can never do a liquid diet.. I’d STARVE. I like my good solid foods thankyouverymuch. I’d rather eat foods I like and pair it with a good workout. Oh wait, I already do that. Insanity! you’ve got to try it. Its so fun.
    5 – I admit, I’ve gone through stages where I’m addicted to one game or the other. But after a while it gets old. Its just good for keeping boredom at bay when you’re in line waiting. But I do love them puzzle games and hidden object games.
    6 – football season just DRIVES ME CRAZY! Every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday thats all thats on at my house. And I hate that the BF is always checking his phone for scores. Hello!! I’m still right here.. geeez -.-;

  147. I agree with you totally about adult cartoons. i never got them either, and honestly, there is nothing funny in the one you posted. i also am one other person who doesn’t get phone games. and i really don’t get the arguments of facebook. good post…

  148. I’ve been trying to change my over all eating habits for awhile. I have finally been able to do away with diet drinks. I now “try” to drink only tea or water. The juice diet or any diet for that matter becomes too restricting for me. I’ll stick with trying to eat healthier.

    As for the not washing your hair. I don’t get that either. Washing it every day may be too much, but going days,weeks, or months is just plain gross.

    I love blogs with lists!! Loved this one with a list and then the reasoning!

  149. Funny list. I agree with most of it! I also don’t get Twitter. Why should I “follow” someone’s every move or activity? Or Viagra/Cialis commercials. I mean, if you really need it, don’t you already know? I don’t want to see it on TV. Plus, the couples in the commercials are sitting in separate bathtubs side by side. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

  150. You are not completely alone on the phone games! I really don’t get it either. It wasn’t until we started making Angry Birds cookie cakes at work that I even got enough nerve up to ask what it was. I don’t like playing games on my phone! I also don’t like adult cartoons. My favorite cartoons are Scooby-Doo and things like that. Now that I’m typing this I can’t think of all my favorite cartoons, but they are just like the 1960s Scooby-Doo (the new one just sucks!).

  151. This is amazing! I agree with most of them, except for #5 phone games. Though I have to say, I was once like you – never understood the big deal about Angry Birds. But one day I got a new phone and decided to try it out, just to see what the hype was about. Gotta say, I now find it really addictive!

    I especially agree with #2 Grown-up cartoons… I have no interest in these whatsoever. For me, a cartoon should be childish and kind of cute.

    I will never understand why a friend of mine chooses to buy everything that everyone else has. Sure, if you genuinely like it then of course, go ahead and buy it. But there are things she buys that I look at and think “I don’t see anything special” or I might not even find it that nice. Having said that, our tastes do differ enormously and I suppose I’ve never been one for following trends 🙂

  152. Well, I do agree with on most of your peeves. However, (of course), you should know that washing hair dries it out, which is why people need conditioner in the first place. Bathing has never been standardized, so I know people who used to bathe once a week, and washed their hair then.We are much too finicky about other people’s odors now. Simple sweat is not a bad smell. One can easily wash their hair every other dayor twice a week to avoid over-drying it. Soap removes all oils, including essential hair oils. People can rinse the dust out of their hair every day and still have clean hair. You can smell people’s scalps? Amazing. I have a keen sense of smell, and have never, ever noticed a bad smell from someone’s head! Breath yeah, but scalp, no. However, if I were going to someone to have my hair cut or such, I would wash it first.
    As to “adult” cartoons, well, they are irresistibly funny. They are satire. Just like the court jester of old, comedians and comedy told through cartoons lampoon our mores and conventional wisdom, and let young people know what is NOT acceptable behavior. It is somewhat subtle, but often funny. Not all adult cartoons are well done. But the ones you mentioned are immensely more interesting than the humor in a Scooby Doo, which is aimed solely at the very young and immature. Adult humor is generally a bit more sophisticated and subtle, so, yeah I like what you call adult cartoons. They not only make me laugh out loud, but openly bring up stereotyping, racism, sexism, politics and religion in a way that it is not often presented in other types of media.

  153. I completely agree with the whole adult-cartoon thing. But a juice diet looks intriguing, I must admit, even though it would be fully hard to reduce my food intake to liquid celery.

  154. Funny post! I agree with everything you’ve said. I especially don’t understand why people go crazy over Robert Pattinson’s hair. =/ I absolutely hate Family Guy, and I’ve really tried to understand Football. I really did. But it’s so confusing!

  155. I never wash my hair, someone does that for me and I fu#!ing hate it. But I concur with the facebook thing its all about validation. Good stuffs


  156. also family guy has its moments but also its day in the sun looks to be getting colder. They should do a spin off with just Stewie and the marvelous Brian fellow.


  157. I never understood football, either. I thought it was a complete waste of time, and not worth learning about; but then I married a man who is quite possibly the biggest football fan in the world. And, since I wanted to share some interests with him, I decided I was going to learn about football… and the more I learn about it, the more I understand the appeal. It’s all about the competition; if you have any competitiveness, it’s hard to not care once you start. It’s like buying into a cause you are really passionate about.
    PS, I just wrote a blog on this topic!

  158. hi,
    i am a newbie in blogging. i liked your clear style of writing.nice post. I favor most of your points like grown up cartoons and juice diet. I really dislike the family guy :s even their title song is contradicting to what they show.

  159. i completely agree; Angry Birds is a game that must have been invented for imbeciles, adult cartoons are mind numbing entertainment catered to neanderthals, football is like watching overweight meatheads trying deperately to camouflage their latent homosexuality through the disguise of macho masculinity.

  160. Awesome post!!! Gotta say I pretty much am on the same page with you with all six things mentioned…especially #1, 2 and 5. Ugh how can anyone go soooo long without washing their hair? I’d probably go into a paranoid delusional state thinking an entirely new ecosystem started thriving up there. As far as the cartoons are concerned, please some old school Tom & Jerry, Pink Panther, Looney Tunes & Scooby would do just fine…they don’t make cartoons like they used to anymore :(. Don’t worry you aren’t the only one who hasn’t gotten into this ‘Angry Birds’ craze phase. I still can’t get my head around it, I find it quite boring if not annoying, but my mother begs to differ haha.

  161. What a delight to prepare to write my OWN blog, and find YOURS! I may be about to turn 52, but I’m SOOO right here WITH YOU! A delight…I can’t wait to read more and more!

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  163. I wear braid extensions and do not wash my hair every day…sometimes, a week may go by…Even when the extensions are removed and I sport my afro, a week can go by, maybe two, and water does not touch my scalp..I may use a scalp cleanser/stimulator of rosemary water, peppermint oil, aloe vera gel and lemon.. That concoction is better than any fabricated chemical laden hair shampoo….Of course, when I am more active and perspire a lot, then washing my hair and scalp becomes more urgent….but the shampoo is a mild one….with natural ingredients which rinse well…Different cultures have different rules, different etiquette, and different approaches…..It is so nice to honor that fact.

  164. I think it’s awesome that you KNOW if Fruit Ninja. Okay, okay it’s performed great on iTunes and around the world, but a friend of mine is on the development team, and I’m a game design student from Brisbane, Australia (where the studio who make it is from) so I just love that you can name it. And that you said it before Angry Birds hahaha… only game it couldn’t top!

    I think for the phone games etc it’s a patience thing. People don’t seem to want to waste/have time doing nothing and just appreciating walking down the street or staring out the window. Life is so busy that our brains just keep going and going when we stop, so people substitute that void with games. Mindless things or not, they get a little addictive sometimes. As much as I’m studying to create them, good on you for not getting into that loop.

    When I was 14, I never understood Family Guy. At all. It was then as I got older the people I surrounded myself with (not bad people, just different as I got older) always had different discourses in the way they would discuss things. Something eventually made it funny to me but I can’t tell you what it was, so I understand both sides there.

    As for the juice detox, it sounds entirely silly to do. But yet as a snack I’ll make fresh carrot, apple and whatever else juice, and there’s nothing quite as filling. Though I think my attitude towards it would change if I had nothing else but juice…

    I like your blog, just found it 🙂

  165. One thing I will never get is when did being nice to your neighbor, neighbor meaning everyone, go out the window. I can’t begin to tell you how many selfish people I run into that are always cutting me off, or ignoring me when I go into a store, or even just being a rude snob when you want to get to know them, like any good neighbor.
    Loved the post by the way. I love football but I won’t hold it against you. 😛

  166. Not washing their hair for two months?? OMG! I hae to wash it everyday otherwise I would feel so sticky and mess up. And I dont enjoy both cartoons and diet juices as much. Ppl gets hook on FB and sometimes things can get messy if you say something bad about other people or expose every other details about your own self to a site where is so expose to all your so-called friends.

    A good article, well said.

  167. It’s a good list and I agree with about half, especially debating on Facebook. Really? You’re (the debater) that much of a jerk (this works for both sexes) that you simply just can’t agree to disagree? You have to be a bully and force your opinion onto others and demand that they agree? Besides the debaters on Facebook, my only other thing I never really got was entitled people (OK, I’m sure there are more, but these are the top two). How can anyone believe that they are more important than another? We’re all equal.

    • To dovetail onto the latter portion of your reply dealing with “entitled people” and their superior pants attitudes. The Royal Family or Royals, as they are commonly referred to. I totally don’t get that whole head trip. But these folks actually believe, it’s like a religion or something, that they are of a superior breed. Blue Bloods smooh bloods.

    • I don’t know if it’s an issue to get or not to get, but more of a “why bother” sort of thing. As a parent of young children, from my point of view adult themed cartoons are dangerous, because most people automatically or subconsciously view them as harmless because they are couched within the cartoon format, and because of their perceived innocence will let their children watch them. Bad idea. The subject matter in South Park, The Simpsons, Family Guy, etc. are not what any kid should be allowed to watch. ” All Aboard‽” And so the dumbing down of society continues full speed ahead.

  168. What, Family Guy can be extremely insightful sometimes. It’s sublime humor sometimes.

    And as to Facebook debates, I have you beat! I’ve had a relationship with a parent deteriorate to the point where we no longer speak because of Facebook. I’ve been labeled, and I quote “A danger to women” because I know how to pull data from public databases.

    And the phone games, I love being able to play Mahjong on my phone.

  169. juice or juicing? juicing is chock full of vitamins, but there is a reason to eat fruit and veggies as they are: it exersizes the circular muscle of the esophagus. IE: if you get a lot of heartburn, raw fruit and veggies 5 times a day will cure it in a week.
    I did the juicing thing for a while. Its actually pretty tasty, and you can juice just about anything. It was fun making different concoctions, but it soon got old. Its easier to just take a vitamin lol. Also, the COST of juicing was unreal. Produce is not cheap, and it was also a hassle to wash and prep it all. But occasionally I find myself missing that glass of carrot juice …

    • Agreed. I bought a juicer last year thinking that it was going to be the greatest thing ever and it was going to save me a ton of money on juice for my kids. Then I realized that I had to buy 10x as much produce and that all the stuff I was throwing out was chock full of vitamins and fiber. And cleaning the machine was torture. So now they get juice from the grocery store, I save money, and I eat tons of fruits and veggies. Whole. 🙂

  170. Well, I see lots of other people have probably given you answers… but…

    Phone games are great time wasters and distractions. If you’re like me, you’ve got plenty of time to waste. And when you DON’T have plenty of time to waste, you sure want some distractions.

  171. Ohhh . . . I can relate to each one. I do understand some people juicing for health reasons – such as cancer to get the nutrition to their bodies immediately, but no, not for a diet. I don’t get cartoons – I don’t get football – I don’t get lack of washing hair (uggg!) but . . . I do like to play scrabble on my phone with friends. I don’t get Angry Birds!

    It was fun reading your post!

  172. I never get football either. Look on the bright side; most females don’t. (I’m a female.) Hmm… I really should log in so I won’t be posting as “Snorlax”.

  173. I actually like adult cartoons, but my partner is like you: can’t find the humor.
    Not washing your hair for WEEKS? If I go over a day I’m out of my mind. Ack.

  174. Well, I’m a man, and I wash my hair every morning! I’ve just know that there are peoples who likes to not wash their hair for weeks, even months, from THIS story on your blog. Hair rinsing is so energizing.

    I like grown up cartoons. I like facebook debates. I like juice. No, not that diet juice. Just juice. I love phone games. But if there’s computer around me, I love computer games more. 😀 I also don’t like football. And besides for scholarship, I don’t see any real reason why one should join football team. There are many other good sport choice that not also makes your body healthy, but also makes your mind calmer and more focused, like swimming, running, gymnastic, etc, instead of indulged in brutality.

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed. 🙂

  175. If I wash my hair daily, it becomes a super awful mess. It becomes super puffy and frizzy, and then I end up layering on products which makes it oily, which causes me to wash it everyday. Bad cycle. I do however, rinse my hair well everyday. I probably wash it three times a week. But a month?! That is nuts. After three days of not washing my hair, I am freaking out.

  176. I definitely agree with you regarding #3. There’s no way to have an intelligent conversation over Facebook. You’re basically restricted to maybe around 50-100 words and making long posts in Facebook is not exactly the purpose for Facebook, but it is for WordPress.

    On the other hand, #5 is the best way to past time when you’re waiting in line, walking to and from class (especially as a college student), and great to entertain someone for a few minutes to maybe break the ice. And they’re mostly all free.

  177. Thanks for such an interesting post! You write very well and are very engaging 😀

    I agree on the grooming thing for sure 😀 Getting my almost-12-year-old son to recognise the need for showers daily AND deodorant has been…gah!

    Adult cartoons – give me the oldies any day…although – apparently Bugs and DAffy and The Coyote are “too violent” for children….REALLY?

    Debates on facebook and VAGUEbooking (you know the ones…vague comments designed to draw out the bait-takers so the poster can feel valued etc…)

    Diets….stupid fad things that will never replace eating well and exercising daily….

    ‘Phone games…hmmmm. I like them. In my defence, they are hugely beneficial whilst at Drama classes and waiting for kids at school and suchlike 😉

    Football….Well, I live in a State of Australia where Australian Rules Football is adored. Meh. I follow Rugby Union but can’t watch a single game live due to it not being picked up by the normal TV networks….and I refuse to pay for Foxtel just to watch Rugby….


  178. Loved your post! And I could relate to most of what you have mentioned. I don’t understand the Facebook craze either!! And I don’t see any sense in football or cricket (which is ‘the’ sport out here). Whenever someone tries to explain it to me, I find myself drifting off. It’s just not my thing, I guess. I definitely do not understand the diets, too!!! 🙂

  179. I like the fresh feel of having my hair washed everyday. Sure, I’ll be bald, but at least it’ll feel clean and fresh.

    You may want to give Simpsons a try. The others are things I don’t get either.

    Some phone games run on tablets too – when you run it on a tablet, it feels much nicer.

  180. Hi, First time reading your blog. I like it. ^^

    I think, even if I tried, I wouldn’t be able to not wash my hair for a month. It’s alive. It would rebel, and drive me crazy.

    About juicing – the reason people gain weight is because they take in too many cal versus taking out. Which means, they eat a lot of calories before they feel full. Juicing is beneficial for those people who eat a lot before feeling full – it helps them feel full w/ less the calories, therefore helping them cut down. This, of course, depends on the fruits and how many cal their cutting on by juicing.

  181. #1 – I wash my hair once or twice a week. It really isn’t good to wash it every day. Strips the oils. But once a MONTH? Really? No, couldn’t do that.
    #2 – Family Guy, way to kill EVERY joke. The only one I ever really loved is Jesus playing basketball with the nerds, and crushing them. One of them says, “I thought you said we would inherit the earth,” and Jesus says, “yeah, when we’re done with it,” then beans him with the basketball.
    #3 – Debates on Facebook. OMG! You totally nailed it. And I have been completely guilty myself. Who’s going to change their mind? No one. What’s the point? NOTHING! Seriously, YOU NAILED IT!
    #4 – juice diets. I’m with you. Chewing is clearly one of the greatest pleasures known to man. I always thought that if I was ever so unfortunate as to have a colostomy or somehow be someone who could not digest food, I would totally be willing to just chew it up and spit it out. Seriously, if that’s what it takes.
    #5 – phone games. nope. not even a tiny bit interested. couldn’t really bring myself to do it on the most boring of days. When I was 12 and 13, I played Tempest and Ms. Pac Man obsessively. I was 12 and 13. I’m 42 now. I can drink. I can smoke pot. I can watch porn. I have no interest in Angry Birds. Are you kidding me?
    #6 – football. You lost me. You can’t dig it, no worries. Ever watch the immaculate reception? Check it out. If you still don’t get it, you never will. And that’s o.k.

  182. So here’s what I don’t understand:
    #1 People who don’t pick up their dog’s shit. You knew going in to it that this was a societal expectation.

    #2 People who bring their kids to fancy restaurants and then ignore them as they act like annoying little shits. Did it ever occur to you that my husband and I came here without our kids to get away from annoying little shits?

    #3 Kids who challenge my authority. “Why should I listen to you?” “Because I’m an ADULT and you’re a CHILD!”

    #4 Drunk driving laws. Just kidding.

    #5 U.S. foreign policy.

  183. On grown-up cartoons: I see this as a redefining of cartoons. Like “Hey, we can do them (cartoons) to suit not just the kids but adults too. And kids can watch and they don’t see anything they expected, like children dancing happily and sharing toys and forgiving and obeying your parents but the “harder stuff,” as if welcoming them much earlier to the downsides of life

  184. I just started “juicing” myself. Though i’m not on a juice diet. My wife and I purchased a juicer to supplement more vegetables in our diet (which was sorely lacking before). I now use juices as one of my snack meals or occasionally (like this am) it’ll be my breakfast along side a cup-o-joe.

    I too don’t see how people can sustain an active life just juicing, but to each their own. Great blog!

  185. Such a genius idea for a post! It’s fantastic. I know people say that if you don’t wash your hair too often, you can ‘train’ it into surviving an extra day or two. But weeks and months? No no no…
    Thank you for sharing!

  186. This is without a doubt one of, or thee funniest things I’ve read in a very long time. You should be writing for the Colbert Report or David Letterman. You have a straight-forward and wry sort of wit, which I cotton to ‘muchly’ . Yeah, I know it’s not really a word, but somehow it sounds so apt. I especially like your Facebook example. I think everyone can relate to the insanity of the FB feud. Thank you for this…I’ve shared it on Facebook in hopes it’ll start an internet war of sorts (I’m bad I know). Peace.

  187. Great post! Although I have to say I “get” football and really love it…but only because a guy I had a crush on took the time to explain it to me. At first I faked enthusiasm so we could keep hanging out, but after a while I truly started to enjoy it on my own!

    Things that I can’t understand:
    1. Artsy films. When I see a movie, my primary motivation is to be entertained and/or drool over Jason Statham. Not to think. I do my thinking in books.
    2. Chinese. I lived in China for a year and it NEVER got easier to speak, read, understand, or use, even on a daily basis. I know I will never, ever understand it.
    3. People who hate on Twilight/Harry Potter/anime/etc. Ok, so you don’t really care for it. Fine, everyone’s entitled to an opinion. But why go out of your way to diss something other people enjoy just to “be cool”?
    4. Sudoku. I swear to God it’s Satan’s game.
    5. My father. >_<
    6.Why people would want to live in the frozen northern lands like Canada, Michigan, Wisconsin, but to be fair I'm sure they wonder why I'd prefer to be in Texas, too.

  188. LOL. This is so true! I only do one phone game, and it’s a puzzle. The others tend to bore me. I don’t really get football but I do support certain people if their character stands out as exmplary (like Tony Dungy and Tim Tebow). I must admit that I do sometimes get involved with the FB debates, but I try to curb my initial reaction and only throw myself in there depending on the person who made the comment, because some people are worth arguing with and some really aren’t. But I’m with ya on the adult cartoons and not washing your hair. WHAT kind of nasty person does THAT??? If I go more than about 30 hours, my scalp starts to itch and at 24 hours my hair is already greasy. I can’t stand having dirty hair. That guy who went two months makes my skin crawl. *shudder*

  189. Nice post!,..I enjoyed reading it.

    I’m new to blogging and so reading your post inspired me a lot.

    -when it comes to phone games, I’m not so fond of playing them, like the “angry birds” which almost everyone knows this game..

  190. Ironically, as a child growing up my father worked so much that our only bonding time was watching the Simpsons. In a way, it was a way for me to begin to understand what happen when he was my age. If it weren’t for him (and the internet) I would have never watched the Simpsons and my life would be void of pop culture. It’s not for everyone, I will agree with you on that.

    I wash my hair every other day, some days it’s fine the way it is and I don’t need to wash unless I get sweaty. Everyone is different. I can’t stress that enough.

    I hate diets in general. And I’m slooooowly trying to understand Football just for the sake of Family Time. As for the phone games, I LOVE FRUIT NINJA. However, both my parents have never played it. I believe it’s an age thing. Not say that you’re old…


  191. I never understand people who expend so much energy trying to understand difference? Honest, ethical people living differently make our world a interesting and exciting place to live.

    Be yourself, do what you enjoy, think outside the box and act responsibly!

  192. I don’t get football or fad diets either. As for phone games…sometimes. I love Plants versus Zombies and Civilizations. But I usually don’t have much time for them. I’m not all that big on grown up cartoons either.

  193. a very nice piece, you said exactly what i wanted to say, but may be i didnt had the appropriate words like you.
    hats off!!

  194. LOVE #3 and that image is great! Shared on Facebook because it was too priceless! Great article and congrats on getting FRESHLY PRESSED!

  195. Thank you! I am SO with you on the hairwashing question — how in the world do people go so long without washing! My scalp feels like it is crawling off my head if I skip even a day! It must be only people with exceptionally dry scalps or incredibly thick hair that is only worn up.

  196. Refreshing and thought-raising post! I did agree with you on most parts, but I have to tell you that I totally disagree, when it comes to phone games, especially Angry Birds. I’m Finnish, and Angry Birds is a true success story of my nation. I’m deeply proud of it. Besides, I think they are a nice way to spend time, when it gets boring. But, that’s just my opinion. Keep up the good posts! 🙂

  197. Very insightful. Especially in your take on adult cartoons. Cartoons in western culture, as a genre, are associated with immaturity, and most “adult” cartoons are simply cartoons that take grown-up jokes and culture and present them in a juvenile manner (which is why I, and maybe even you can’t stand them). As a fan of Japanese animation, however, I’ve seen a number of very well-executed animated stories covering mature themes in a mature manner, which is certainly of a higher caliber than the stuff we’re used to on our own airwaves.

    At any rate, congratulations on being Freshly-Pressed. 😀

  198. Sarah, great post. I totally agree on 1, 3, 4, and 5. Here are some things I don’t understand:

    People who wear shortsleeve shirts in below freezing weather.

    Peopl who comment on or criticize stuff they haven’t seen (movies, CDs, TV shows, political debates)

    Texting while driving.

    Constantly expressing your love/hate for someone on your Facebook wall.

  199. You are hilarious! Like, I’m too lazy to watch TV sitcoms, so this is faster to get my kick in the funny bone for the day.

    I totally agree with everything you said! Okay, except I LOVE Futurama (much better than Simpsons or Family Guy or any of that stuff).

    And I totally agree with people who don’t have nice things to say.

    My latest beef is YouTube trolls. What is UP with them? Like, really? Nothing better to do but to rain on my YouTubeMakingParade. But thankfully, there are good people too. I had a YouTube commenter tell me that my haphazard videos changed his life! Okay, fine, it only encouraged him to buy a Cuisinart Hand Blender, and made six soups. But six soups! Wow! That’s gotta be life changing stuff.

    Thank you for being a warm soup to our souls. 😀

  200. Regarding Football:

    Think of ancient Rome and the gladiatorial contests. Men fighting animals (lions, tigers etc) or men fighting other men often to the death.

    Now compare it to football, basically the same thing toned down a notch or two. The main difference here is that while you can be injured, there is a very low probability of being killed.

    Since the law forbids a “Tooth for a Tooth” response to perceived affronts the closest thing to gladiators in the modern world is football. Twenty-two men vying to move an oval full of air from one point to another point in order to accumulate points and thus defeat the opposing team or to prevent them from moving it.

    The only legal way for 70 to 100 thousand individuals in the stadium to yell, scream, wave towels, hold up signs, make gestures (yes even obscene ones) generally without fear of consequences. A way for individuals to vent their frustrations, release pent up emotions that in what is generally considered a relatively harmless way. In addition to the individuals at the stadium there are 100s of thousands and probably millions of others in more private venues (bars, clubs, etc.) and in their homes who are also afforded the same opportunity for release of pent up emotions.

    It provides a catharsis for people which otherwise would have no outlet to violently and vehemently vent and spew and otherwise legally give expression to their bottled up feelings.

  201. I am so onboard with each and every one of these. Especially the adult cartoons! I can’t stand them! And because they’re cartoons, my son thinks he should be able to watch them….NO WAY! They are the most inappropriate things for children to watch!!!! Thanks for a down to earth post!

  202. Nope, hardly ever wash my hair. And no, it’s not smelly or particularly oily. When I do wash it I really notice how dry and unmanageable it is the day after. Shampoo is a sham product, created by an industry that lives off of ridiculous, self-perpetuating myths. Conditioner? Whoever heard of such a stupid unnecessary thing. The only reason anyone thinks they need conditioner is because they’ve just stripped all the oils from their hair by washing it. Another example… Got dandruff? Forget the medicated shampoos. Try switching off the central heating / air conditioning!
    Rant over. (I should really be posting this on Facebook (if I had an account)).

  203. Sarah, I totally agree with you about point number one, the unwashed hair. My housemate from the last two years would wash his hair once every month at best, and sometime it could be even longer! Once he left his beanie hat lying about, and I dared myself to take a sniff. Well, I needn’t go into details about how I lost my appetite for the next two days.

    As for facebook debates, how can you not enjoy them?! It’s like an argument that you can keep coming back to every now and then between doing other things (something you can’t do in real life!)

  204. The only phone game that I ever found to be addicting is Verbal… it’s like Bookworm, and I think that’s probably why. Other than that I don’t get it.

    I don’t understand the fascination with the Twilight series. I really do not.

  205. Okay I really like this and can sort of relate to it because I used to not get football but now it is easy to understand. THANK YOU PE!!
    PS check out my two blogs
    -Desperate But Not

  206. I agree with you on football, well actual that’s not real football cause you barley use your feet on that sport and too be honest that gear protection is just ridiculous, there is another sport much better than that which call rugby.

    As for grow up cartoon, if you watch carefully those show talk about serious matter (except family guy). I have a soft spot for south park. As ever series you some bad but most of the episodes are really good and dare to touch about divers subjects and that show is not US centric only.

  207. Nice post. I love football and then I tell myself that it’s just a bunch of guys in tight pants trying to take a ball from other guys in tight pants. Tons of homoerotic “things” going on. Apparently, most men haven’t realized this yet.

  208. hehheehe…i like d bit on phone games n Alec Baldwin almost kicked off d plane n bla bla bla…tis reallie somethin funnie. good post. meLike!!!

  209. What I REALLY don’t get is when guys decide to grow out their hair long, and THEN decide never to wash it. That just grosses me out. If you don’t want to wash your hair, please keep it short so I don’t have to notice.

  210. Hi Sarah,
    I especially might never understand why some people are so fixated on celeb gossips 😀
    I guess that’s what makes life interesting – diversity

  211. I agree with everything you mention….Greasy hair head starts scratching if I go over 3 days much less months!!!! The adult theme cartoons are way too gross for me. Can’t stand them or a lot of other TV shows or movies.
    I’m not into childish games like Angry Birds or that junk I’ve seen on FaceBook, but can spend hours playing Scabble. At least there you have to think and it keeps the brain busy.
    How can you be a cheer leader for 6 years and not understand football? EASY! I was in my highschool band and marched at every game for 4 years and hated every minute of it. I sat there and froze my caboose off for something I didn’t like or understand.
    I’ve tried the juicing more than once. It didn’t hurt me any, but can’t say it helped me either.
    A pet peeve of mine….people who won’t talk. I don’t expect everyone to be a chatterbug, but a least a person can do is make a comment and make a two-way conversation.

  212. I banned Family Guy from my TV long ago. I hate those cartoons and the chins on that show seriously bother me! (Don’t know why, I mean, it’s a chin, but it really really digs at me.) Lost 80 pounds last year, looking to lose 50 more this year, and I don’t juice or eat frozen dinners. Instead I eat tons of fresh fruits and veggies, really watch the sugar/carbs, and my secret weapon? Weekends I just eat whatever I’m craving (within reason). I have found my strict M-F approach has brought me great results! Then on the weekends I relax… but what I don’t understand is glittery vampires.

  213. Why I have to fill out so many forms for my disabled son, and whenever someone new shows up they never know anything.

    Are all those forms, with the one sock that goes missing?

    I will never understand where the one sock from the wash goes? I have truly looked everywhere, and I am frightened when I get to heaven that it is full of my 4 boys single missing socks.

  214. Well for one thing I am a bald person so washing hair is lirmited. I do like Family Guy, Beavis and Butthead, and other adult cartoons. They co match my sense of humor. I do not like juice diets. I would rather eat real food. I like the challenge of the phone games. At least I can give myself a break from either work or writing and come bach refreshed. Sarah you wrote a very nice article here so I decided not only to like it, but I also am following you as well. Have a n ice day.

  215. Ha..ha…nice post. I’m going to chime in on the football piece. How could you not like football? If you’re like my wife, why watch UFC either, right? I guess it’s because of the brutality of it. I love seeing a guy getting his head ripped off, popping back up, and gearing up for more. I guess, it’s the man in me.

  216. Great post. I like some of the things you wrote down, but I think I agree wth that Facebook point. I hate Facebook (though I use it u_u).

    P. S. I hope you don’t dislike poetry xD

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  218. Not sure if anybody else has mentioned this but check out Fat Sick and Nearly dead on netflix. I wrote about it on my blog because I did a 3 week juice fast. Not necessarily to lose weight but to detox and retrain my mind and body on how to eat correctly. I’ve lost 60+ pounds on a nutritarian diet.

  219. I no longer wash my hair with shampoo & haven’t for about three years. I do condition it regularly, although not every day. When it gets a little greasy, as it does after serious activity in the summer (although oddly, not so much in the winter), I mix up a little apple cider vinegar & water in a cup and pour that through my hair just before a final rinse in the shower. It’s possible I might feel different if my hair was longer but at collar bone length, it’s shinier, healthier than it’s ever been. My scalp doesn’t smell or itch, and I don’t leave lingering wafts reminiscent of salad dressing behind me. PLUS, I save a lot of money not buying any shampoo and maybe one bottle of conditioner a year.

  220. lol loved this post and I agree with all although I do play solitare, majhong and Words on my phone. The sports thing especially…. I think one of my aversions to it is I dont understand how someone can get paid millions of dollars for throwing a stupid ball around but our educators get a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of that.

    I also dont get stilletos… I am a woman and can appreciate a pretty shoe just like anyone else but comeon now…. 6 in heels… and most women look so uncomfortable in them… you just cant tell me there is a comfortable high heel that you have your foot in at almost a 90 degree angle… lol

  221. Really a LOL blog this one.. I watched the simpsons and family once each and then didn’t find enough space in my head to watch them. I’m bald. 😛 So no hair.. No shampoo even.. Normal soap does the trick for me.. And when someone in my profile does argue I simply go and comment really bitchy stuff about everyone. JUST FOR FUN!! I mean why not!!
    I’ll keep coming back to ur blog.. 🙂

  222. Okay, you’re not alone on the phone games. I don’t get it either! What’s so important about a game on your phone? The point of a cell phone is for calls (and texting for those who do it – I’m still in the dark ages, but I’m okay with this) NOT games. I love that phones are now capable of doing so many things, but it’s a nuissance to have things such as “Words with Friends” or “Angry Birds.” I think what bothers me is the addiction to playing those games. I’ve never been one to jump on the “everybody’s doing it” bandwagon, so maybe that’s why I’m not a big fan.

  223. Cool blog!

    I’m a guy (but I have long hair)..I will shampoo it every 2-3 days, but otherwise just condition. I used to wash it everyday…but since reducing that I have found it feels thicker and has more body – but that could be just the grime that collects over the hours (that is disgusting I know – sorry)

    The Simpsons are ACE!

    Football (or American Football as we call it here in the UK)…kinda crap. REAL football (or Soccer) is where it’s at.

    Phone Games..hmmm…I’ll very rarely play them..Angry Birds is one I will play.

    The Facebook one is true. Comments like, ‘I need to go on a diet soooo bad’ followed by girls saying, ‘no you don’t”, or, ‘you look great babez xx’ – how annoying! The cryptic ones are actually pathetic though, ‘Had the most eye opening experience today – don’t ask’….errrrr….don’t post it then!

    Thinking about it has got me a little mad actually

  224. Far out – I agree with you on every single point.

    I loathe phone games, especially Bubble. It’s eating up my sister’s life right now.

    I detest adult cartoons. And don’t get me started on sitcoms.

    We have 3 versions of football here in Australia. Yawn.

    Unwashed hair is as big a turnoff as disgusting habits, like nose-picking. Or not brushing your teeth. Gross.

    I’d never even heard of juice diets before today. I have heard of swimming pools, though. Maybe people should try those once in a while.

    As for Facebook debates – well, I gave that little blue website the flick 8 months ago, and have had absolutely no inclination to re-establish contact with it. Debates are meant to be had in person. Not on a text feed.

    Awesome post!

  225. Ha this post is so true. Def made me smile.

    Although real football is played with a round ball and predominantly with your ‘foot’ (does that make me the wordpress equivalent of for facbook ‘bait-taker’?) haha.

    Nice post keep it up 🙂

  226. Great post. Two things I will never understand:

    1) Why people there are people on Facebook who only ever use it use it to boast what they are doing. Is it to make everyone else jealous?

    2) I will nvr understand the need 4 abbreviating words when u have a perfect keyboard & lots of space…. there r just no wrds 2 describe my endless frustration…. lol…

    I don’t know many abbreviations but I actually hate it when I get a text message from someone and I have to think what that person is saying. I can understand space is limited and it is faster but its a whole new language which I dislike.

  227. Things I don’t understand: 1) Men with long fingernails (I don’t understand nor do I wish to understand this concept, I even made a blog post about it. It’s just yucky and comes quite close to what you’re saying about unwashed hair: unnecessary and slightly nauseating display of lack of personal hygiene!), 2) Tom Cruise (Scientology, anyone?), 3) Indian-English accents (I literally don’t understand what they are saying. Generally happens when calling to complain about some IT-failure and reaching a call centre located somewhere in New Delhi. ‘I’m sorry, could you repeat that?’, ‘sorry, didn’t catch that last bit’, ‘just that last bit again about the IP address, please’…), 4) Vegemite. Or Marmite for that matter. At first glance you think it’s Nutella, but it’s not. It’s really not, 5) Soccer. I don’t see the need for it. It’s so incredibly dull to watch a ball travelling from one end of the field to the other (for the duration of 90 MINUTES!) without anyone ever getting close to scoring a goal, 6) And finally: Onion (fresh). I just don’t understand why you would want to add to any sandwich slices of something that tastes like bad breath. I bet I can think of other things I might never understand as I do that on a daily basis. Great post, btw!

  228. Nice post. I agree with the adult cartoons. Family guy, South Park.. American Dad.. they make me feel like I’v been left out of some private joke… And juice diets?!?!.. I need my solid food too!

  229. I totally agree! I never understood the Angry Birds phenomena. And I will never understand why people go for weeks without washing their hair-it’s quite disgusting! With you on the football and the fad diets all the way, they never work and they can leave you feeling worse than before!

  230. I would jus like to say I totally agree with u on #6. About football? I live in a family who’s totally obsessed with it! My brother played football for 8 yrs! Part of middle thru part of college! And my mom is the biggest football fan u culd evr imagine, I mean she dusnt paint her face and blow all our money on football tickets, but evry Sunday if thers a game on (especially her fav. the Titans) she’s sitting there screaming at the tv screen and jumping up and down. And I’ll jus be sitting there saying over and over to her “They can’t hear u & they still can’t hear u” I just really dont undrstand the concept of it, like why wuld someone want to throw a ball around and risk getting a major injury like a concussion jus for a stupid game???

  231. As a great hairstylist once said, “all hair is not created equal.” I’m a fan of doing whatever works for you. Depending on the season, it feels unnecessary to wash my hair more than a few times a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. It seems even more unnecessary to do things out of simple habit. I know my hair definitely feels thicker since I stopped washing it everyday!

  232. 1) If you’re black, or have a hair type that doesn’t have much natural oil to begin with (like mine), washing your hair everyday is like putting your hair follicles on death row. Washing strips the oil out of the hair, doing it everyday, it will break off, no matter how much conditioner you put in your hair. Just might as well just go bald. I want my natural fro to grow, so I wash try to wash mine once a week. And I introduce coconut oil into my scalp every week too. I need to make it an oily cove.
    2) Family Guy, Futurama, Simpsons has nothing on Princess Monoke!!! Though, adult swim is like Jerry Springer and the Muary Show, mindless entertainment.
    2) In general, starting stupid ish on facebook or any other internet board for that matter, is well…dumb. Especially when you don’t know the person(s) and it’s over nothing. Some people get a kick out of ish-starting, they just want to start fight because they are bored, they like doing it, and they know they can start ish because they are, after all, in the safety of their IP addresses. People respond on principle, some won’t care what it is, they will fight to prove the opponent wrong.
    3) Juice Diets? What?
    4) It’s not so much a break from reality, it’s used to sharpen up your fine motor skill (Angry Birds) and to sharpen your vocabulary as in Words with Friends.
    5) American Football. I LOVE IT!!! For me, it’s the brashness.

    What I don’t understand is why Curling is an Olympic sport?

  233. I too do not get Adult Cartoons. It’s much funnier when you’re a kid, listening to cartoon characters make inappropriate and off-color jokes, while struggling to keep the volume at a low but audible level so that your parents don’t know your listening to a program with content much too mature for an 11 year old. I have a hard time enjoying cartoons in general now, even those that I watched when I was a kid, but as for adult cartoons, I think they should be replaced by sitcoms with real-live humans. There’s a lack of many good ones nowadays.

  234. I haven’t washed my hair in over a year *gasps*, my hair doesn’t smell bad and it’s also very healthy (so my gay hairdresser keeps telling me). Shampoo is loaded with chemicals and it (apparently) works by stripping your hair of it’s naturally produced oils, which it then starts to build more of due to it’s shortage, so you get stuck in a cycle where you have to use shampoo every day or else your hair will turn super greasy. Not the case with me: I’ve gone so long without using shampoo that my hair has regulated a natural and healthy balance of its oils. Maybe girls need shampoo, I don’t know, girls are stupid, but I know I don’t need it as my hair is not shoulder length and I shower twice a day. Shampoo makes my hair poof as well, and conditioner makes me look like a bit of a pony.


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  236. Hi. Very interesting subject … Things I Don’t Understand. The subject and most of the replies remind me of one of my favorite quotes. It goes something like this.

    ” Uncertainty is problematic and troublesome. Certainty is just absurd.”

    In my life, I am uncertain about most things. They range from “Why do I think that dulce de leche ice cream is the best when others don’t even like it?” to “Why do we really care about the Higgs Boson?”



  237. haha lol so totally true!!! 😛
    You have added one more reason to my list of hating Robert Pattison!!! But you know what, most guys dont wash their hair mch and that is ewww!!!!
    But you dont like Simpsons!! CMON!!!
    Juice diets are sooo lame and even I dont get the obsession people have with phone games, I have never ever had such an obsession!
    I dont get football and cricket too!!

    Kitchen Mixer Reviews

  238. Okay, I knew some people might only wash their hair once a week, but once a month?! …or longer even?!! That’s not possible for me. How could you stand the smell of your own hair?

    I don’t get the adult cartoons either. I’d rather watch the cartoons from my own childhood — The Flinstones, Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote, Tom & Jerry, etc. Maybe it’s cheaper to make with no actual actors and just voices. Whatever the reason, I can do without them. Please, just make better T.V., someone!

    Something I can’t understand is how pants that sag down below your butt cheeks is still a “thing.” Really?! Haven’t people discovered yet how much of a hazard that is? Not to mention that I am sick to death of seeing all kinds of underwear. Underwear is there for a reason. Suppose you don’t do your “business” properly (as in taking care to remove all “traces” of what you just did) and it’s on your underwear. Gross! I don’t want to see that!!!

    Along those same lines are females who wear jeans so low-cut they can barely bend at the waist without showing their butt-cleavage! I am so sick or you “presenting” constantly when I am at the mall shopping or when you’re ringing me up at the counter and you turn to get something. My kids and I will announce loudly at the mall “BC Alert!” when we come across some girl showing the world her ass crack!


  239. Yeah I totally agree with EVERY one of those to be honest. You’re not the only one with the game thing because what the hell is ‘Words with Friends’?!! I’m 16 and i’ve never even heard of it!

  240. 1. Dirty hair perplexes me as well… so do people who reference how people “used” to live without showering, hygiene, or modern medicine as proof of why they are correct in not washing their hair. I always want to point out that those people also had a life expectancy of maybe 30 years…
    2. Grown up cartoons can be hilarious, but I can’t tell you why (See: Frisky Dingo & Archer)
    3. Debates on Facebook are good for correcting people’s grammar (I really hope someone corrects my grammar) and for a little laugh. Otherwise, I’m in the dark.
    4. I do juice diets to control my allergies… I have food allergy issues and juice diets help me keep them under control. However if you’re allergic to fruits/veggies… it’s less useful.
    5. I am obsessed with Angry Birds because I am secretly 5 years old and the idea of electronically launching one thing at another is fascinating. I can’t tell you why.
    6. Football. Men in shiny pants pouncing on each other. Whats not to love?

    Great post 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  241. I’m with you on the phone games thing. Heck, video games in general. I just don’t get them. They waste too much of my time and I would rather be living life than having my nose buried in a game. I do see the value of some of the physical games that wii has–I know of people who use them to work out. But overall, I just don’t get it.

    As for the washing the hair thing–I agree, clean hair is a good thing. However, from the not washing hair often camp, sometimes there is a reason. I have seborrhea dermatitis and I’m very sensitive to shampoos. I use shampoo (and I’ve tried dozens upon dozens–doesn’t matter what kind, they all end up making me get dandruff worse or at the very least I end up itching like hell. I find if I wash no more than twice a week, I can manage that okay-ish. Even the shampoos meant for seborrhea and dandruff do the same thing. Heck, even prescription shampoo does it. When I find a shampoo that doesn’t bother me, I am so happy! Then, within a few weeks to a few months, that shampoo starts the same thing the other ones do. It’s annoying.

    Washing hair twice a week would be okay if I didn’t have naturally oily hair. I find myself wearing headscarves or hats a lot. 😦

  242. I’m with you on #1, #2 (though the Simpsons = great writing), and #3 thru’ #6.

    Wow….6 for 6.

    This post looked like it was fun to write – I may have to do a top 10 list myself (I could easily make it a top 20 – maybe I’m getting grumpier now I’m 47 😉

  243. Yep agree, nice post, but don’t you think Marvin the Martian would make a great President and for vice his faithful companion K-9! I think that’s the new ticket. Shh I’m a guy and the football thing baffles me to. Just like I tell my wife, Men in tights running back and forth on a 50 X 100 yard field, hmm, na not for me. Now winter sports ooorah!

  244. Your list pretty much sums it up for me as well. I guess I would add “Why spend do people spend so much on clothes?” I own stuff from way back (it’s comfy and some things are so old now they are back in fashion); I shop thrift stores (thrift=frugal); I would be nervous about wearing a $200 anything out in public–life just happens and some stains don’t come out.

    Fun list and I like your style.

  245. I don’t get why a teen girl goes around with massive B.O. (unless she’s just been exercising it shouldn’t be!)
    I don’t understand why celebrities need purses the size of my luggage.
    I don’t get reality TV at all. Have friends, they’ll have drama and you’ll actually have a SAY in it. Reality TV is a time waster.

  246. I have to say I agree with all your points except phone games. No love for Words With Friends? Have you ever given it a shot? I have my phases with it where I’ll be super into it for a few weeks but then ignore it for a while. Love your banner photo with the cupcakes, btw.

  247. I’m as lost as you are with football. I don’t get how people get so obsessed and serious about it. And I don’t even know how it’s played either. The whole not shampooing your hair for weeks at a time boggles my mind too. I’m a hairstylist as well and I like to wash my hair everyday. I can’t help I just like feeling clean.

  248. Interesting idea for a post. I enjoy most of the things you don’t understand (except not washing hair, juice diets, and sometimes football (playoffs are when I watch, normally)).

    As for the Facebook one, I think the beauty of social media, like this blog, is that it opens up discussion on points. If you disagree with someone who’s posting it publicly, then you’re free to say your point – it’s just a healthy discussion. It’s when people argue based on non-researched, biased “facts” and don’t concede any point is where you find trouble.

  249. WOW never met someone with exactly the same thoughts; I wash my hair daily (two days max and I cant stand myself), I detest adult cartoons, would starve on a juice diet, I just quit Fakebook yesterday, I don’t play phones on games (cant see the darned small stuff but I was a former game addict), and football…have no clue.

  250. I agree with you on everything but the cartoons. I’ve loved Simpsons – strictly the old ones though – since junior high when I was home alone most days after school. But everything else I don’t get either. Fruit drink diets, those damn smart phone games, unwashed hair (I have to wash mine every three days or so), people arguing on facebook, etc.

  251. its gud to wash ur nhair no matter wht to keep dandruff away. As for football,is it american futball(rugby) or socccer? which ever it cool. Phone games can blow ur minds when u have nothing to do.

  252. Heck…methinks there is more than 6 things I will never understand! Kudos on narrowing it down. It looked like you had fun writing about them; and, I am with you on most…except…well….

    I am almost embarrassed to admit…my hubby got me hooked on those Angry Birds (but I initially did not understand what was fun about it…until the annoying laughing green pigs when my hubby didn’t get them all with the angry birds…that hooked me). And, we play it on his new Kindle Fire…
    I did not know it was a phone game. (like that makes a butt-load of difference). Cheers, Angi

  253. I’ve only ever gotten into a real debate maybe “Once” on facebook and the other time it was – more like a misunderstanding that the other party didn’t care to admit that it was because of sheer stubbornness. I think people should still say their peace regardless if it is Facebook, a person’s blog, Youtube, or whatever. Even if you realize you won’t change THAT one person’s mind – doesn’t mean you won’t open the eyes of another. We can impact others in many different ways – a great quote I know, taken from ‘Peaceful Warrior’ is this, “A Warrior Acts, only a Fool reacts”. In a nutshell, what that means to me is – it’s worse to simply do nothing, you should still do something regardless of the situation – but you shouldn’t react the way the other party “Wants” you to – to what they are saying. That’s when you lose and just “Feed the Trolls”. Just thought I’d toss in my two cents.

  254. – Agreed with the Juice diets. Juice has more calories than real fruit and vegetables you would normally eat. If you don’t have lockjaw.. then this is very counterproductive.
    -American “grown – up” Cartoons suck. I love cgi, noir and scifi animated dramas. The movies are more realistically animated and better funded than American animations. Most animated features by Don Bluth, “Watership Down”, the “Plague Dogs”, “The Hobbit”, “Rock n Rule” and “Last Unicorn” are the last adult/family, full-length animated movies from America I have watched. I work in Media Arts so I have a love for such things.

  255. I nodded at nearly everything. I skipped out the nodding on #2 because guilty as charged! Some adult cartoons actually entertain me. My favorite thing I could never understand was #1. “I think I’ll stick with my fresh, shiny, and clean hair any day of the week.” Agree! And doesn’t natural oil just weighs hair down? I know I look like someone fitted me with a cheap, poorly made wig that can pass as something you would sweep the floor with when natural oil took up space in my head. I enjoyed your post, just like the others. Yay for you! 🙂

    P.S. I don’t get Angry Birds, either. Also, I don’t get people who wear their mobile phones around their necks. Are they out to tempt thieves/muggers?

  256. I just want you to know that you’re not alone when it comes to these phone games. I do not see the point for either of them. My boyfriend does Words With Friends with people he has never even met before, it’s crazy. Then again, he thinks I’m crazy when I tell him that I’ve never played Angry Birds before, lol. But seriously, I don’t understand whats so addicting about them either. So, you’re not alone. 🙂

  257. For some reason the adult cartoons I find a lot edgier and truthful compared to some prior like the Simpsons. Sometimes the jokes are easy shots, but sometimes they make you say “oooh man I can’t believe they said that,” but then you think to yourself, well they’re right.

    When it comes to football I have to say I’m a hockey fan. After growing up playing baseball and following a variety of other sports I find hockey is the only one that keeps my attention. Football is too stop and go stop and go, and commercial breaks are too frequent. I also have a major issues with how much celebrating or showboating goes on for “doing your job.” A guy makes a tackle gets up celebrating and jumping up and down, great job you did what you’re supposed to, get back to the huddle.

    Those are just my own thoughts on a few topics though, good post to read though 🙂

  258. There are plenty of things i don’t understand in this world; but sometimes its better that way: It gives us something to ponder upon when bored.

    One thing i failed to understand is Monster Trucks. Sure, they’re huge, loud, cool and etc etc, but why? They don’t go any faster than a go-kart and they never race side by side. All they do is squish stuff and jump around. If i want to see things squished, i would watch a demolisher. If i want jumps, i would watch the WRC.

    I also fail to understand Nascars. Sure, its tradition, but what fun is going around a oval track over and over again? At least F1 and Touring Cars have a complex circuit to fly around, which needs skills, but a circular oval few hundred times? So what?

  259. Totally with you on the football, it is insane that people would be so engrossed in such a thing. I know people who will watch it at home even, all shouting at the TV and freaking out over some little game. OMG, get a life, the television can’t hear you!

  260. i LOVE angry birds, but i play on my XOOM and that makes a huge difference graphically…now for a confession….i have NEVER seen an Football game….and i don’t see one in my near or distant future either….i grew up in a household of dog loving sports fans and golfers….i am a cat loving, horse backriding, artist/writer…go figure…loved this page BTW

  261. I loved this 😀

    I don’t know how anyone can go without washing their hair either, but I don’t even get how people can skip showers! I read once that Brad Pitt only showers twice a week and I thought, “Ew… doesn’t he know where he’s been?!” I love me a good shower and that feeling right after where you feel so clean… mmmmm. I almost want to take another one right now.

    The other thing I wanted to say was thank you for not understanding football. Even though all my friends are avid fans with team allegiances, I barely understand the rules. I’m just that uninterested. It’s nice to know that someone else just doesn’t get it too, though my disinterest is for all sports. I joke that it’s because I’m a musician and musicians get beat up in school by the sports guys, but really, I just don’t really understand why anyone and everyone get so enthusiastic about it.

    Great article. I look forward to reading more from you! 🙂

  262. ha ha ha ha ha ha CLASSIC!!! I found myself cackling over as I could actually classify some of myt friends into the different categories. Brilliant read. Thanks

  263. Were we separated at birth? Seems we’re twins on the things we don’t understand. I’m glad I’m not alone, especially on the football thing.

    • I think theres nothing wrong with not getting it.
      People who make that effort to understand it do it because they are interested in knowing. If you are not interested in it (btw it is not compulsory to be) then its only normal that u dont get it.
      Just as you can have a student you doesnt get mathematics at all, butis a near to perfect hair stylist.

  264. I’m with you on debates on Facebook. It’s got to be something to do with attention-seeking, right? There is no need for it at all.

    Something else I don’t get,a nd probably never will, is poor hygiene in general. Someone I used to know didn’t ever shower, or brush his teeth. He’d jsut shove deodorant on whenever he thought he needed to smell fresher! How hard is it to pop in the shower for ten minutes and brush your teeth for two? Just to think of all the bacteria that must have been crawling and breeding all over his body makes me shudder.

  265. ._. … I don’t understand these things either. but I can explain the adult cartoon. (I’m with you on the stupid phone games, those things make no sense to me whatsoever.) the only one I watch is The Simpsons, and that’s because it’s a family of five who go through stupid things and sometimes get hurt, which my sadistic side finds funny. as for family guy and south park…. not a clue whatsoever.

    The “Juice Diet,” I can’t imaging going more than five minutes without something solid in my stomach, I just can’t do it. But I think they do, and when they star eating solids again, they’re careful about what they eat and when.

    as for the yucky hair. I wash my hair whenever I bathe, as I know many, if not all people do; sometimes I go for a week without showering because I think that I don’t smell. when, in actuality, I could smell worse than horse turds and not know about it. so I do it to avoid complaint. People who don’t wash their hair either have REALLY dry scalps, or they’re just plain lazy.

    I don’t get facebook, but I do get the debate. people do it all the time, and they keep it going until everyone else gives in so they feel like they won the argument. It’s really stupid, but a lot of people do it for the sake of doing it.

    Speaking of doing things because you want to, Football. I think everyone watches football because the sport, in itself, expresses our inner desire for violence. to put it simply, football is very rough, and the more they pummel each other, the louder the audience cheers. to be honest, I’d rather a world where football was still soccer. it makes more sense. (I’m not a sports person. I take that in from observation.)

  266. 1. Speaking as a straight guy with only a passing interest in his personal appearance, even I can understand that not washing hair for long enough periods doesn’t make it look anything. Not at the same time do I believe in going overboard (like daily showers in cold weather).

    2. The Simpsons can very occasionally be funny, but as with all animated eatures of its type, its brand of humour I often find very silly and over the top. For really grown-up animation, look East. (Not to suggest that there isn’t animation with a broad appeal from the West- I don’t mind, say, Wallace and Gromit, though that’s meant for the whole family really… and it isn’t American: being a Brit, I never could get American humour quite that much.)

    3. Debates are fine, as long as they stay healthy- when it descends into an argument or flamefest, which is what you describe, they aren’t. And such is not limited to Facebook by any stretch of the imagination, but is true of the rest of the big bad internet- discussion fora, newsgroups, Youtube comments pages- you name it..

    4. Those aren’t diets IMO- they’re partial fasting. Juice is fine, but not by itself- I want my meat!

    5. I use a quite old (6 years?) phone, hich has two games built in. I play one of those games, when I am very, very, *very* bored. Otherwise I don’t bother. Phones are meant for talking to people on, not playing games.

    Though the thing I really don’t care for in terms of mobile phone usage, is those people who think calling and texting constantly in social settings is at all appropriate. How do they even manage to think it is? If it’s playing games that’s annoying, I’ve sadly done plenty of that on my laptop, making me just as bad really…

    6. It basically seems like rugby with extra padding, more running into each other and more ironic terms (a touchdown dowsn’t mean you literally touch the ball down, but its equivalent in rugby, where you actually must touch the ball to the ground, is called a try.) Much like rugby, it seems to make little sense half the time (please, someone, tell me what is the difference between a scrum and a maul, and indeed what they are for?) And American football’s name doesn’t even make sense- ‘real’ football, i.e. soccer, has far more contact between foot and ball- hands are not allowed to touch it. I can’t even get that game either- to me it’s a boring game in which 22 men pass a ball up and down a field and half the time and only occasionally just look like they might score a goal. When they do, half the time its ‘offside’, and don’t ask me to explain that one.

  267. Haha I like your humour, I never get arguments on social networks either, just imagining people getting more and more frustrated and typing more aggresively until either their computer or they themselves crack is so ridiculous! Great post!

    I’m trying to raise awareness about my plight to save all eggs. I know this is in a bit of bad taste but I need to get as many likes as possible on my facebook page to save as many eggs as possible. if you could check out my wordpress and check out my story it would be a great help!

  268. Not to sound like a stick in the mud but its highly illegal to post images of facebook feeds without consent of both the users and more importantly facebook admins. If you do use it their names it needs to be blurred…just saying.

    • First of all, I credited the creator of the picture. You will notice that it is properly cited in the caption if you look closely, as well as at the bottom of the post. Every picture is cited correctly. Nothing illegal going on here. Second of all, the person who created it, used the people’s pictures. Not me. It’s not a real picture of a post. It’s a gag. Third of all, I’m sure you’ll notice if you look EVEN closer that those are also fake names. C’mon, did you really think “The Troublemaker” was someones real first and last name?!

      Lastly, I didn’t make this picture. Someone else did. I merely used it, and credited it properly.

      Please don’t come to my blog again and make such accusations. It’s an insult to me and the honest blogging I do. Thank you.

  269. Great post!

    I don’t understand why SLOW people drive in the FAST lane!!!! This has never failed to amaze me. Not that I am driving fast or anything, but I would at least like to be able to drive the speed limit or get around big trucks on a three lane highway. Even when they see you behind them, they refuse to get over. Why do they do that?

    And I don’t understand why people won’t move over if you have your flashers on. My mother-in-law fell recently and my daughter and I rushed to help her. Not one single person got over to let us by.

    I could possibly create a list of things I don’t understand, but I won’t since most of them deal with people not being nice. 🙂

    As far as the debate on Facebook…How about the love on Facebook? I have been discussing this with a friend for the past month. Why do people put their love life on Facebook? Get a room…

  270. Interesting, though there are some things I don’t agree with. The hair washing thing is a subjective thing, as you said “to each his own.” I think natural oils are far better than any industrial chemicals you want to style your hair with. Even pharmacy shampoos have all these chemicals and stuff you really don’t want to poison your hair with.
    I LOVE adult cartoons. South Park is sheer genius!
    Facebook debates are also ok. Facebook is a social network, it’s a forum for people to express their opinions, and I’m all for freedom of expression. If you don’t care about an issue, don’t comment on it. But if you have something to say, why keep it to yourself? Blogging and commenting on blogs is no different, in my opinion.
    Football is not a game that I watch, but I think if there is one sport I’ll never understand, it’s curling. If you ever catch me watching it, it’s because I like to laugh at the players and how they scream at the people with the brooms 🙂

  271. My hairdresser told me I only need to wash my hair once a week when I got it restyled and I couldn’t even manage that let alone go a whole month unwashed… I just feels so, disgusting!

  272. The Facebook one I do not understand either. I also love it when a couple is having a battle on Facebook, for EVERYONE to see. I do not understand why people do that, and do not realize how stupid they look.

  273. xD I love this! I used to like phone games, but I can’t see myself loving a phone game like some people do. It’s insane! And football…EW. I can’t go three days without washing my hair. I don’t mind if other people go longer, as long as it’s not gross and smelly. I seriously don’t want someone’s hair B.O. taking up my fresh air. All diets are dumb, actually. Just exercise and eat right. Screw the angus diets and juice diets. Once they’re done, you’re just going to go back to the way you ate before.

  274. Reblogged this on The Lost Years of Aileen and commented:
    I know it’s been a while since some original thoughts from me, but I saw this post and agreed with so much of what was said that I felt obligated to share. Hopefully, we’ll see a post out of me this week, but no promises. Until I do, take care.

  275. As for the adult cartoons, I believe a very popular saying applies; “It’s funny because it’s true”. Adult cartoons overrate everything that really happens in real life in one or another form. Sure, sometimes aliens might be just an added fiction, but overall and all it’s funny because it’s true. Scooby Doo however is pure fiction and hence more fit for children. Everything else I don’t understand either.

  276. It seems your point # 3 was lost on a lot of your commenters – LOL! I agree with a lot of these – but had no idea people ever went more than a day or 2 (i wash mine daily!) although I remember some girls in school who had really thick curly hair washed it once a week and I used to wonder what they might find in there if they looked! Like long, woolly beards on men… yuck- you’re not getting a kiss from me!

  277. I remember when my hair was longer (in the 90’s), if I didnt wash my hair every couple days
    my scalp would get so itchy and oily it would be unbearable. How do people go weeks, I think I would scalp myself lol. Cheers and congrats on being freshly pressed


    How To Be A DJ

  278. Bahaha! Love it. Although I do only wash my hair twice a week because it’s long and dry and it’s a PROCESS. Plus I don’t use a lot of product so it doesn’t get all yucky. If I DO use product I wash it more often because yuck. And I love The Simpsons:) But everything else I totally agree. Juice diet? BLECH. I need food food. Phone games are stupid. My husband loves them and it drives me nuts. Debates on FB are so pointless and you are right, why even bother? And don’t get me started on footba…zzzzzz. Great post! 🙂

  279. I completely agree with the first one! I will never understand how some people can handle dirty, smelly, greasy hair. I was blessed with an exceptionally thick mane, and could probably get by with only washing it once a week before anyone became the wiser – but I don’t because I can smell the “old hair” stank, I can feel the dead skin cells and other gunk accumulating…. I don’t care how shiny your hair looks…that is NASTY! If you’re worried about your shampoo/conditioner drying out your locks, perhaps it’s time to invest in some new product, amiright?

  280. I too am obsessed with a phone game in which you have to match these tiny little circles of varying colors and then knock them against each other to win (kind of like tetris but with circles) and I’m really embarassed I can’t put it down—maybe T-Mobile/ATT are beaming images into our brains that render us powerless to resist playing? 🙂

  281. I’m right there with you as far as Angry Birds!!!!!!!!
    And football…pretty much all of what you said. Except juicing.

    I’ve never gone on a juice diet and I don’t want to lose weight but I do try to juice for myself once a day because of the nutrition and energy I get. I think the key is juicing what you actually LIKE. I mean, who hates fruit juices, right? Do what works for you. Also, going on all raw foods all at once seems a bit crazy to me. I like adding on raw foods to my diet till it’s 80% raw, but I like doing it this way: In the summer when 1) you don’t want to be hot from eating heavy foods anyway and 2) the farmer’s markets are going on so you can get a lot of good, raw food for way cheaper than the grocery store.

    Oh, and a good tip to avoid colds or end them better and faster: Eat lots of fruit and drink lots of fruit juice (just not the kind with sugar and corn syrup) Now that I’ve probably told you more than you care to know….. I’ll shut up -_-

    Thanks for the post! It made me smile:)

  282. Hmm I feel like a rebel here but the only one I can totally agree with you on is the hair one. I find facebook debates highly entertaining, I know people who have done really well on juice diets, I love football and I am 100 percent an angry birds fiend!!

  283. I definitely agree with: phone games, facebook debates, and the unwashed hair thing. Something I don’t understand? Twi-hards. I admit, I was swept along with the craze and read the books… but I stand beside the fact that there were both good and bad points to the novels (don’t get me started on the films, though). But these fans who worship the book series and the film saga as an infallible holy canon deity… yeah, it’s a bit beyond me.

  284. It seems like every couple of months I find a new phone game to be obsessed about. My husband and I like to compare our scores…we are nerds! Football is my favorite sport and has been since my husband and I first got together and made me watch every college game.

    Your post is awesome though and I can relate to most of the things although I’m guilty of understanding some.

  285. I too will never understand the appeal of South Park or Family Guy. They are just not funny, unlike your post! I do, however, love playing tetris on my iPhone. I enjoyed bit of your post!

  286. Hi Sarah! I want to tell you a bit about these things.
    1. Our hair shows us our states of soul. If a human doesn’t wash his hair, it means, he has some problems. Of course, if the human is honest.
    2. Grown-up cartoons are not funny. They’re about our life and the most rough cartoons are very honest.
    3. I can’t understand it too, but that’s from people who wants to show everybody their coolness. Russian facebook’s called “VKontakte” and there’re no “out of controls”. People there just say, “You are really fool, and I’m cool” and nothing else. That’s worse.
    4. I don’t know something about it, but maybe juices give you vitamins and you waste your fat for living?:D I don’t love diets merely.
    5. Phone games are just waste of time and people play them when they don’t know what they should do in their life in current days.
    6. I don’t know too for what it is, but it’s so fun!:D You can take part in it only for lying under all these guys and laughing like a monkey. No, I’m serious, it really will be too fun.
    If you want to know about my thing I never understand, it’s envy. I absolutely can’t understand people who are envious by something. You can go and try it too! Especially I hate people who tries to do something bad for envied people. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve seen in my life.
    I’m sorry for my mistakes. I’m some nervous now.

  287. Ah, to each his own.
    1. I don’t get it either. I can’t last two days without washing my hair.
    6. Football – yeah, I’m with you on that. Never a fan. Never will be.
    5. Phone games – when you’re bored and can’t think of anything else to do, you’ll inevitably do something that’s beyond your reach, i.e. phone games. It’s addicting.

  288. Loved your post! I especially like the Facebook section. It irks me to no end that people will use Facebook to a) debate one another b) INSULT one another and c) air their personal relationship issues/tell eachother how amazing they think the other is and how their friendship means so much to them and that their lives wouldn’t be the same without them.

  289. Agree with everything on your list … especially phone games, do not get those.

    My list would also include:
    – reality shows involving storage units
    – keeping ferrets as pets
    – asking red carpet celebs “who” they’re wearing
    – bubble tea

    Thanks for making me smile and nod! lol

  290. Okay so 4 out of six isn’t bad I suppose, you could say it’s five out of six because I’m English and for all I have tried I really don’t understand American Football, but I do however like English Football and many other sports. The one in which I fail unfortunately is I am a fan of games, although they don’t have to be on phones but Angry Birds has got me. So maybe that could be 5 and half out of six. Nevertheless after my ramblings a great post.

  291. I’ve tried to do a raw food cleanse…You’re supposed to eat only raw fruits and veggies for 10 days. I didn’t last one day because no matter how much I ate I was still starving. I don’t know how anyone does it either. Give me food!

  292. If I straighten my hair I can go 6 days without washing it but I have insanely thick hair so it doesn’t look unwashed.
    I do not understand football for the life of me. I’ve genuinely tried to get it and just cannot, no matter what.
    I love adult cartoons. I’ve been watching The Simpsons since the beginning and it seriously just helps me veg out after a long week of crazy.

    Great post!

  293. EWW washing your hair hardly ever is gross, and it’s one f my biggest pet peeves. I’d thank my mother for that- being a hairstylist but I cannot go even longer than a day without washing my hair, or else I feel so gross and need to do it ASAP!

  294. 1. Everyone’s hair is different. My hair can go about 2-3 days without washing it, but anymore (even when I “rinse” it) and it becomes a greasy mess. That in mind, I don’t always condition it. I usually put conditioner in every other time I wash it, or I’ll go two times and then use a deep conditioner.
    2. I 100% agree with you. My boyfriend watched Family Guy like it is his job, and it is just so weird. I take offense to cartoons swearing. I guess the theory is that you are never too old for cartoons, so instead of an adult watching Spongebob, he watches a cartoon that has a more relevant plot.
    3. I recently deleted my facebook due to this. Facebook is like a way to hide and say things you wouldn’t say to the person’s face. I’ll accept a good debate any day, but do it in person, IF it is an educated debate. Don’t use Facebook as a way to cyber-bully or attack someone.
    4. Juice diets are not forever diets. It is just a way to clear out your body of junk and preservatives, as you are only consuming what comes straight from nature. It’s pointless to detox then go back to fast food. But it is a beneficial way to begin a healthy lifestyle.
    5. I do love Angry Birds…
    6. I understand the rules of football, but what makes it so enticing? Who knows?

  295. i am not totally with you on all situations like i like faimly guy have facebook debates well i like to read dem its FUN but totally understand the point on phonegame’s its stupid as for juice diet i cant tell you nything on dat i have never been on diet ta-da!

  296. hello we must have been separated at birth. i do not do phone/computer/electronic games, do not get football, hate all diets-though i eat a clean diet of natural foods, HATE adult cartoons (i blame Jessica Rabbit) and agree with every other topic on the list, with the exception of washing the hair every day. i have naturally curly hair & prefer to wash every other day to allow me to fit my hair into the doorway of most home (can you say frizz). thanks for the post, enjoyed it.

  297. One of the things I just don’t understand is why people try to be so skinny while they are more beautiful the way they already are. We just need to be healthy, not skinny. 🙂

  298. I’m with you on grown-up cartoons. I say they are for people who never grew up. Love Scooby Do and Sponge Bob, though.
    I don’t get Facebook (literally & figuratively). If you’re family or a friend and you want to know what I’m up to, pick up the phone, shoot me an e-mail or invite me to dinner. We can swap real photos, too. And why in the world do people “like” commercial products and services on Facebook? Who do they “follow” companies on Twitter? I just don’t get it. I don’t want anyone “following” me around.

  299. OK must be an age thing but one thing I don’t get (sorry not about diets as the rants above all seem to be about!) is the pants thing…. why do kids buy extra large pants and then belt them around the knees so they show off their underwear, can barely walk and look like they need to be wearing some depends because they look like they are carrying a load!
    Please explain to me what is cool about that?

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  301. This is quite interesting as it points out mainly the fact that everybody is an individual on his own. – About the hair, I am of african descent, maybe it because of my hair texture but I never used shampoo or anything of that sort. What you consider washing hair is porbably what consider as taking a shower. Maybe it is different when you have straight hair but after a shower and no use of gel or whatever kind of hair product, I dont have sticky or smelly hair. Except ofcourse u mean that water doesnt touch the hair for a month, i dont think there is a problem with it. It boils down to personal choice and how it makes you feel. Some people dont feel so clean without is whereas some people just see the difference.
    – About the adult cartoons, people find comedy mostly in what they relate to. There is no relationship between watching cartoons and growing up. It is just like watching jersey shore or some reality tv, I dont enjoy them. But a lot of people do mainly because it feels good to know that other people have the same problems as we do, even superstars. As time goes by what is funny changes. This is mainly because of rapid changes in soceity and technology. 20 years ago I wouldnt imagine watching a video in which some mis-fortune happening to someone will be funny. But nowadays a kid riding a skate-board and falling is funny or a model tripping on the runway is hilarious. The world is quickly moving from collectivism to indivdualism. As such there is less empathy towards others making it easier for someone to laugh when he/she is not involved.
    I watch family guy and southpark for example, The Idea behand these cartoons is sarcasm and critisism. Of course some episodes are just rubbish.
    – About facebook, It is social media which has grown so big to the extent that the original idea behind it which was to connect people looks so small nowadays. It is nownot just a place for friewnds to meet but also for advertising. Because of how comfortable people have become with it, the tendency is that they share their feelings and learn from others. For example in my school we have a facebook page for the international student and once u maybe are insearch of a room, u can post it and perhaps u get help almost immediately. But sometimes there are critisms of the help u get someone who knows the area my let u know of better options. I think the debates is a good thing. It has that freedom of expressin and it takes away the shyness. It is always good when people are learning continiously.

  302. I have to say, I completly agree with every single one of these! I love Scooby Doo, when did it suddenly become uncool to watch it? ;_; I am not ashmed to say when I feel ill or tired after being busy all day, I like to sit back and watch the Scooby Doo movie. In my opinion (not that you really wanted to hear), Family guy, South Park and the rest of those dumb assed cartoons tend to do my head in. I mean, really – what is up with producers these days?!

  303. So, soooooo many facebook donts. I particularly loath family guy btw. I saw the thread above about mushy facebook couples, but what about the passive-aggressive ones who share the sordid details of their fights (each and every tiny one)–I don’t what to know about that trial separation before your spouse does! Also hate the massive oversharing. I posted about stupid people today who posted on facebook about their homicidal tendencies and ended themselves in jail! Check it out if you have time! Great work and opinions too;).

  304. Love this post!!! It’s like you read my mind!
    Just like you I cannot understand how people can go on, even a day, without washing their hair. I personally was mine every day and if I feel like it stinks (cigarettes or anything) I might wash it twice! One of my friends used the excuse of ” her hair gets really dry” if she washes it everyday so she has to wash it once a week -.- I would rather have my hair as dry as the Sahara and not wash it once a week.. really!
    Grown up cartoons.. hm well! they are not the best thing out there.. the only one I can really watch is The Simpsons but I would rather watch Scooby-Doo as well.. just a lot funnier. Grown up cartoons are always dirty, violent or something and that’s not always very funny. and the thought of any kid stumbling upon it on TV and actually watching it is awful!
    Debates on facebook! Oh dear where do I start! I’m from the middle east but live abroad and really I don’t even need to read the news it’s all on my facebook in form of debates. I’m only a freshman so I have bunch of immature idiots who think they can rule the world and that whatever they say is right. Really sometimes I just want to block all of them. Of course I don’t bother replying, I don’t even bother reading anymore. Instead of actually sitting there on their computers and raging how about they get out there and try to make a difference?
    Juice diets? HAHAHAH! Anyone who believes in them must have been hit on the head. Other than the fact that I don’t believe in diets at all. I’ve never been close to fat in my life and I’ve never been on a diet. Just once a detox diet because I thought I had too much alcohol in my system :p and that was a diet full of yummy food! Anyway back to my point.. Anyone who can think rationally would know that juices would never get you all the nutrients you need in a day so you are depriving your body from something. That automatically means your harming your body somehow and it’s going to try to compensate for it, whether it’s in the form of pain or build up of other things than fat.. bad anyway! the weight people lose at first during these diets might be water and then they just get stuck and wonder why. Doesn’t work! Just eat whatever you want in normal amounts and exercise. I can’t believe how lazy people are, they prefer starving than going to the gym everyday!
    Football.. I’ve never watched a game and I never will. I don’t know what they do out there and I don’t want to know. I’m sure I won’t get it. Seems like the most boring thing out there. Soccer on the other hand is the love of my life. and yes I’m a girl :p
    One more thing I will never get? People sharing every single thing they do on facebook ” omg just got home, sooo tired going to bed” ” cooked some pasta.. ” blablablablabla! no one gives a shit! or the people who check in EVERYWHERE! including the bathroom and their bed -.- Enough said.
    Amazing post again!

  305. how do u not enjoy american dad n family guy n the simpsons and…i cud go on all day. bt u r entitled to ure opinion. i will never understand american football either. y cnt they jus call it rugby n move on??!! damn americans!

  306. I totally agree about the hair, grown-up cartoons (except the Simpsons- I have a soft corner for them!) and Facebook arguments. You’d never have an argument like that in person, so why would you start it on Facebook?

  307. Sarah! I love this post.You still make me laugh as much as you did 10 years ago in our joint voice lessons 🙂 Love the blog! And I agree with you om your points.Especially the juice diet thing.I had to do a liquid diet for 24 for pre-operation prep and I was starving.Absolutely starving.

  308. I love your writing! It is so captivating and truly a joy to read. And I’m completely with you on football — I’ve tried and tried to like it, but in the end dressing up in my school colors is still my favorite part of a football game.

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