Good Ol’ Bev…

Hooray!  I joined Twitter!

Yeah, I know I’m about 2-3 years late to jump on the bandwagon, but as displayed in my post a few months ago, Today I Realized I’m Not That Cool, that is totally my style anyway.

I have to admit, I never really “got” Twitter before, even when multiple people tried to explain it to me.  Sometimes when people would have their Twitter tweets posted to Facebook, I would be like, “What the H does that mean?” I think it was all the “@’s” that threw me off.  By the way, is anyone else confused by that?!

So, basically I’m like a kid in a candy store on Twitter now, and a total junky.  I love finding all of my favorite celebs, and I now can see why people are obsessed with it, because it can feel like you are really their friends.  Wow, I sound like a total loser, but I think that’s what’s so fascinating about it.  Plus, it’s just another platform for me to rant about random stuff.  So, there’s that.

I think the coolest person I’ve followed so far is Beverly Cleary.  Does anyone remember her?  She was one of my favorite authors growing up.  She wrote the “Beezus and Ramona” books, among lots of others.

Does this jog anyones memory?

Anyway, I am obsessed with reading her tweets, because she is exactly what you would imagine her to be like…kind of a mix between your favorite great-aunt, a G-ma, and a really awesome old lady who is still very much with it, but a bit technologically challenged.  Who isn’t though?!

Good Ol' Bev

I’ve started to refer to her as “Good Ol’ Bev.”  For instance, Matt will ask me, “Hey, what are you doing over there?”  And I’ll answer, “Oh nothing, just reading Good Ol’ Bev’s tweets.”  He usually just shakes his head and laughs at this.

Seriously though, her Tweets are hysterical.

Here are some of her highlights…

“I haven’t logged on in a while. Haven’t found the time! 😦 I’m trying to follow everyone, but it is getting difficult!”

5 minutes later…

“If I don’t follow you immediately, for those of you who are newer followers, I’ll try to do it soon, but I have 124 people to follow…”

6 minutes later…

“…and it can take quite awhile, but please know that even if I’m not able to follow you, that I really wanted to get to know you!” <–See what I mean?!  Good Ol’ Bev!

Here is exactly what I’d imagine her to be like, and Good Ol’ Bev delivers…

“Had a relaxing day, now am re-reading “Little Woman” for what seems to be the hundredth time! I may even know a couple chapters by heart! :)”


“I am sipping some chamomile tea, curled up with my great-granddaughter, reading her a story.”

My personal favorite… 

“I just received a strange email declaring that I have won a UK E-Lottery. What do you guys think? Spam? Or is it for real?”

Oh Bev…

I think we can all collectively agree that Good Ol’ Bev is kind of the bomb.  I’m also following Judy Blume and she’s pretty funny, too.  For example, her description of herself reads, “Are you there Twitter, it’s me Judy Blume.”  How awesome is that?  It’s an ode to her classic (and one of my faves) “Are You There God, it’s me, Margaret.”

If anyone wants to follow me, I’m @SarahBPalma

And feel free to poke fun at my tweets, too, if you’d like…

~The End

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26 thoughts on “Good Ol’ Bev…

    • Yes! I’m so glad you got this post! I was worried people would be like, “Who the hell are you talking about?!” So, yay!

  1. Welcome to Twitter land:) I will be following you here and in Twitter now. I am still trying to understand Twitter speak and hashtags. I am so cool/lame I am checking a book out from the Library on Twitter – so not cool at all!

  2. I had an account, deleted it, made a new one eventually, stopped using it, and now I guess I’ll try again. I think all the @# stuff is really annoying and hard to read!

      • Well here’s what I think it is…kind of like a category. So if you tweet something about Christmas presents, maybe you’d do #Christmas or #christmaspresents after your text. I don’t know for sure, but that’s what it seems like to me. It also seems #stupid.

  3. I suddenly feel the need to join Twitter now just because of this. I keep resisting but I might not be able to for much longer!

  4. Fantastic! I loved Ramona and Beezus, I used to get dropped off at school really early and would spend the time before class in the library reading and those books were among my favourites. My cousin was given ‘Are you there God it’s me Margaret’ and I think I must have read it a hundred times, such wonderful memories. The other books I loved reading as a child were the Finn Family Moomintroll series, I have even bought copies as an adult so I could re-read them. Great post and no, I really don’t get Twitter, I tried and failed miserably but that was a year ago so maybe I should try again 🙂

    • I know, don’t you just love these books?! I think I might have to re-read them at some point, and bask in the wondrous world of all things Judy and Bev!

      P.S. You should try Twitter again.

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