Hello Procrastination My Old Friend, I’ve Come To Talk With You Again.

AHHHHHH procrastination, we have such a toxic relationship, so why do we keep coming back to each other?  WHY???!!!

Procrastination and I are kind of like Sid and Nancy, but without all the hairspray.

Oh, Sid and Nanc, the epitome of a dysfunctional relationship. P.S. If you haven't seen "Sid and Nancy" I highly recommend it.

The thing is, when I put things off it never turns out well.  I’m not really sure why I don’t learn my lesson.  I absolutely hate the feeling of scrambling at the last-minute to get things done, and each time I find myself in that position, I vow to never drag my feet ever again.  It’s always the same, though, even when I tell myself that I’ll do things differently the next time.

And yet…

There I am once again saying hello to my old friend, Procrastination.


I’ve noticed a trend with my procrastination, though.  It goes in spurts.  I will have weeks and weeks of getting all of my school work done in a timely fashion, exercising regularly, cooking very involved meals, and in general just getting lots of stuff done.  Then it’s inevitable, I hit a wall, and that is exactly what happened to me this week.  The past two weeks Matt and I both have had midterms, and I also had a ten page research paper for an Abnormal Psychology class due that just about killed me!  On top of that, I had to submit fifteen pages for a novels class I’m in.  Even though I didn’t wait until the last-minute to prepare for any of those projects, by the time it was all over, I crashed big time.  This week so far has been a total bust, and I can’t really afford for it to be.  I have plenty to get done by tomorrow, and I really haven’t done anything substantial yet.


I’m procrastinating even further by writing this post.

Because as you can see…

This is honestly a pretty good depiction of me today (minus the awesome blue phone.)

So far today…

  • I’ve broken one of my pre-New Years Resolutions and already updated on Facebook twice.
  • I’ve eaten an entire bag of POP chips even though I wasn’t hungry.
  • I’ve talked on Skype for an average of 2 hours so far.
  • I’ve researched recipes for din-din for at least an hour.

And lastly…

  • I spent entirely way too long reading up on the latest Kim Kardashian drama.

What ever is a girl to do?!

To answer my own question…

Get it together, Palma!

Does anyone else have the same problem with procrastination?  We can always form a club and make awesome excuses for each other…tomorrow.  Thoughts?

Perhaps this can be our logo…

Who is with me? Anybody with me?

Let me know if you’re interested.

Until then, back to work.

~The End.

23 thoughts on “Hello Procrastination My Old Friend, I’ve Come To Talk With You Again.

  1. I’ll totally be in your club. I tend to procrastinate on everything, cooking, cleaning, laundry. I seriously will wait till I have worn every pair of socks i own before I wear laundry, and I dont even wear socks that often…so that tells you I never get my Mount Everst of Laundry done!

  2. Free Wine Tomorrow – just kidding. When I have an overly full plate I tend to procrastinate and sometimes big! Oh course you have to catch up on the latest celebrity drama:) I usually take a 15 minute mindless break and then try to get back at it – sometimes I procrastinate to procrastinate by making lists of what I need to get back too – gotta love it! Hang in There:)

  3. The KK drama is hilarious….even on Forbes it came up…can you believe that?!! How can you not procrastinate even when CNN is headlining this stuff?

    Thanks for the read!

    • Seriously it’s everywhere! Plus I watched the whole two day event of their wedding, so I had to know why they were breaking up!

  4. My Mum calls me the great procrastinator, apparently I’ve always had a knack for putting things off and by spending time reading/commenting on your blog I’m actually delaying several conversations with my team and writing a report. When I am studying I have to turn off the computer otherwise I find myself uploading holiday photos, writing posts for my blog, emailing friends and shopping online, all of it seems so much more important than reading a chapter of my text.

    Like you I leave it all to the last minute, get little sleep trying to get everything done and then crash with exhaustion (and a glass or two or red wine). I only have myself to blame and always promise myself that I won’t do it again, but I am a repeat offender and possibly beyond rehabilitation 🙂

    • I do that too, Lacy. I start tons of projects and them I’m like, “RHONJ is on, I’ll finish this later.” P.S. I never finish it!

  5. I wanna join!!! Me, me, me!!! Btdubs I was so going to call you out on your FB rule breaking business, but you beat me to it, Lol!

  6. I totally procrastinate too! But when you’ve been working as hard as you have, I think sometimes your mind does just need a rest from it, to just chill out and not do things ‘properly’ for a while (read: “i’m going to be a bit of a kid for a while and do what I want to do, not what I ‘ought’ to do” haha)! And then you’ll be ready to start again 🙂 that’s how my procrastination works, anyway!

  7. I’m with you on this one! 🙂

    I had a rotten night including a heart episode, so I had a lie-in until 10.57am and now I’m catching up!!!

    Love and squishyh ugs!


  8. OMG…I’ve had a week of “avoiding” doing things. I even made lists of stuff to get done…when I’m done procrastinating. I want in the club too…just as long as I don’t have to do anything to be in the club. LOL.
    Great post!

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