You Say It’s Your Birthday…

Well, it’s not my birthday too, because….

Today is Matt’s 29th Birthday!!  Hooray!

Happy Birthday to Matt (aka Jib, Jiberoni, Jiblock, Jib-Jab Jaberwocky, Moo-Moo, Le-Le, Leland, the cheese to my macaroni, the peanut butter to my jelly, the captain to my crunch, the butter to my toast, the milk to my cookies, the sun to my shine, the pop to my tart, Frankie-boy, and my turtle-dove love.)

Since we’re in Grenada and Matt is super busy with all things pathophys, pharm, clinical medicine, and BSFCR, I’m trying to make it as special of a day as I can.

So, that means…

We gotta have some birthday decorations up in this piece…

And there’s gotta be some birthday cake…

Yellow cake with chocolate frosting, per Matt's request...

Because you have to…

Nothing says I love you or Happy Birthday quite like some really unhealthy I right, or am I right?

A Birthday just wouldn’t be complete without some party plates, right?

And he’s gotta have some rad presents…

Oh, you know a practical gift...

And there’s gotta be an impractical gift, too, right?

Imported bags of Kona coffee for my coffee connessieur...So, I know it's tacky to talk about how much gifts cost and stuff, but who has ever heard of a $50 bag of coffee? Proof's right here.

It’s funny to think that we’re actually married now.  We dated for a pretty long time before actually taking the plunge (about 4 years to be exact), but my mom can even vouch for me when I say, that after our first date I called her at 1am and exclaimed, “I think I’m going to marry him!”  To which she replied (half asleep), “Oh Lordy, okay.”  I’m sure she thought I was crazy to say such a thing after only one date, and she also probably thought I was just being funny, but the truth remains, that I did know.

Something told me that I should document our first date, which I did…

Glad I was having a good hair day...Just sayin'...

The night I kind of think we fell in love…

This was our second date. Matt took me to a G Love concert, and this is me among all the duuurty hippies. Yay.

And the rest is kind of just history, ya know?!

Happy Birthday to you, Mr. Palma!

Love Always,

Mrs. Palma

~The End

26 thoughts on “You Say It’s Your Birthday…

    • Merissa! Hooray at seeing you on here!! I miss you too! I know, isn’t it crazy about the first date thing? Ask my mom about it!

  1. um, ok, that just made me cry! I’m sitting here at my desk at work with etars in my eyes! love you both – and happy birthday brother!! And Beaz, i LOVE your blog. like LOVE.

    • You do?! Hooray! Ummm…so it was the last part, right?! Like, that made you cry?! When I was writing it, I was thinking, “If Stef reads this, she is totally gonna burst!” Ha!!

  2. Happy B-Day Matt. Enjoy that coffee. For that price it should have come with a person to brew is and serve it to you. Enjoy the cake. Eat it like a 2 year old, with your hands and be sure to get frosting in your hair. Sounds crazy and it is but it’s tons of fun. ( will help if you have much beer before hand )

  3. I did used to think maybe we were separated at birth and then you mentioned Matt’s b-day cake request and well damn its the same as mine. So now I’m questioning who I was separated from. Happy Birthday Matt!

    • Yes, AB! We walked up to each other at Penn station and he said he knew! It’s kind of crazy, right?!

      You’ll have that moment too. I prom!

  4. I read the title of this post and got really excited. I was like “she knows it’s my almost my birthday and I’ve only read her blog once before! So glad I came back for another peek!” Then I read it and found it extremely sweet and also very worrisome… my husband’s birthday is tomorrow and I have planned exactly nothing. Maybe that means I’ve been married too long? Although my birthday is Tuesday and I can 100% guarantee you he hasn’t planned anything either, so I don’t feel too bad. I’ll figure something out tonight. Thank goodness for 24 hour stores! Anyway, I will have to start following this blog, I love it!

    • This was so funny, it made me LOL! Haha! You can always just get a few balloons and bake him a cake? Good luck, and Happy Early Birthday to you, too! P.S. Thanks for reading:)

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