It’s Just Me, Myself, and I…

Living in Grenada has made me realize some major realities about myself…

1.)  I’m high maintenance…Like, really high maintenance.  Like, even more high maintenance than even I was aware of prior to living here.  I’ve always liked to think of myself as somewhat adventurous, however it has become clear to me that I am anything but.  I see a lot of the other significant others (who are also living here as their hubby’s go through med school) going about their days hiking, snorkeling, and basically participating in all things outdoorsy, and I think to myself, “Wow, that sounds like tons of fun!”  However then I remember that I hate getting dirty, and I’m afraid of anything that could potentially include getting bruised or blemished in any way, shape, or form.  Thus, concluding my very high maintenance status.

Yes, I basically heart anything that doesn't involved getting dirty...

2.)  I am not a natural at the whole housewife thing.  Although, I do try really really hard at it, and Matt has reassured me that I’m a great housewife.  However, I still somehow feel like I’m lacking in that department.  For instance, I love things to be clean, but I loathe cleaning.  I really heart clean laundry, but I hate the process of doing it.  I actually do love love love cooking, but I hate cleaning everything up afterwards.  Let me add, that I do indeed carry out on all the above tasks, it’s just that I wish I was more enthusiastic about it.  Maybe I will find new devotion to it once we actually have an apartment that is bigger than this one teeny room. <–married housing.  Here’s hoping…

This is pretty accurate...

3.)  I am definitely a city girl.  I used to daydream with friend from my old job in the city, about how we would leave our stressful lives and move to a tropical island and just braid hair all day long.  AHHH WHAT?!  Like, seriously what the h was I thinking when I said this??!!  The reality is that island life is gorgeous, with beautiful weather and breathtaking beaches…but it’s an extremely slow-paced life here, with difficulties completing some of the simplest chores.  There is simply no rush to get anything done, which is fine and dandy for this culture, but for me, it drives me to loony-ville, and has made me realize that I thrive in a much faster paced lifestyle.  Just sayin’….

4.)  I reeeeally heart reality tv.  Grenada has brought about a new appreciation for all things reality for me…from Sister Wives, to Jersey Shore, can’t forget the whole Housewife gang, oh yeah, and Bachelor/Bachelor Pad, American Idol, and the list could really go on and on.  I know, I know, it sounds like all I watch is mindless television, right?  Well, you are right, but isn’t all television sort of mindless anyway? <–I’m totally just finding a way to excuse my trashy television taste….but you probably could already tell that.

And Last…

5.)  I really enjoy my time with just me, myself, and I.  I’ve always been someone who marches to the beat of my own drum, and this experience has only magnified it.  I’m not saying I don’t like to hang out with my friends, or to get out and do fun things, because I do.  What I am saying, is that I really love my alone time, and have found that it’s essential for me to prosper.  I love to read, write, listen to music, exercise, etc.  Most of these things I do solo, and I love it.  Call me a loner, if you will, but I disagree.  I just happen to really love the time I have to think, reflect, get my school work done, and to


The End~

24 thoughts on “It’s Just Me, Myself, and I…

  1. Aw, I agree with you on all points 100% except for reality TV….though I tend to love crappy scripted shows, so to each their own! 😉 (But I also love so really stellar, not so mindless TV so there’s that, too.)

    (Seriously, I still have traumatic flashbacks to my first/last true camping experience…!)

  2. 1. Shit that means I must be high maintenance too. I never knew! Me dirty = like hell that’s happening.
    2. I’d think you’re odd if you were enthusiastic about cleaning. Do you want some heels and pearls to do your cleaning in, June?
    3. Come to the south, I moved here when I was 16 from the north. Talk about a culture shock. “I be shufflin’ along.”
    4. Me too!
    5. There are some things that are just better to be done alone.

  3. Hi Hun! 🙂

    I live my life day by day, enjoying my dreams and coping with the little problems that crop up – OK, so being held at gunpoint and knifepoint aren’t ‘little’, but I got through it without having to hand somebody their lungs – and doing housekeeping when I have to has been painless until my joints complain at which point I find the value in a hot cup of tea!

    Basically I’m happy, content and fancy free – how many others can say the same???

    Love and squishy hugs!


  4. I love my alone time. I sometimes get all weepy and emotional that I don’t have a boyfriend and I’m 25 and I live alone with my cats and then I realize that when I do try and date people I get so irritated. I’d rather be by myself. I’m a loner.

    Also, I love Sister Wives. A lot.

    • Don’t get weepy that you don’t have a bf…the thing is, it’s better to be alone and happy, than with someone just to be with someone and unhappy…Don’t you agree?!

  5. I love my alone time…and somebody might find it strange, but….what can you do..:) still I need time for myself, I love to jog on my own, I love to dance in my room, I love to take morning coffee and read the book and prepare myself for a new is necessary and if I respect my ‘time alone’ I will be a better friend, better person, better daughter, sister, lover…etc.
    I love equally my time alone and my time with friends, family, colleagues.
    Long live ‘alone time’…hehe;))
    lovely post.

    • Omg, I love to dance in my room too! I didn’t know anyone else actually did that too! I thought I was just a big freak! Hahaha!

  6. Don’t worry, I don’t think anybody likes the “housewife thing” when it comes to cleaning and laundry. Unless you are Monica from FRIENDS, but then its called OCD not “super housewife.”

  7. Thank you for calling yourself a loner. The older I get the more I feel exactly the way you described. I love getting out, I love being with my friends, but I also totally completely love my alone time. I love alone and I spent the bulk of the last two weekends alone and was just fine with it. I keep wondering if one day when I get married if it will go away, or if I’ll tell my husband he needs to leave me alone so I can do my own thing. Alone time is the best!

    • I bet if you’re anything like me, then when you get hitched you are still going to crave that alone time. It actually works out great for Matt and I, because he is pretty much always studying, and someday he is going to be working a lot, too. So, it’s not really going to end. I think for some girls, it would be really hard on them to have so much time on their hands, but I embrace it, and I don’t mind it at all, because I get to catch up on all the stuff I love!

  8. I grew up on a farm, so I would rather clean the house and do the dishes instead of muck stalls. I am not saying I love to do house chores, but there are worse things I could think of having to do. I love the outdoors and going camping, but I grew up in the country and not in the city. Since I have moved to the city life I have become a little more high maintenance – like to feel put together with hair, clothes and shoes. Thanks for sharing and here’s to enjoying life in our own way and doing it to our own beat:)

    • I totally envy you for being so domesticated, yet so adventurous! I wish I had an ounce of adventure in me, but I just don’t. I like to spa…there I said it! I like to go spa-ing when I’m on a vaca…NOT zip lining! Ha!

  9. Hi Sarah,
    I’m completely with you. I love things to be cleaned and organized. I do like to cook a little bit, I only not like it more, because the fact we need to clean up everything afterwards. So, I always look up recipes that we can cook everything in one pan only. That help, hahaha.
    Nice to share it with you 😉

  10. Isn’t it refreshing when we start to figure out who we really are?

    Great post. Just enjoy where you are today and know that in all likelihood much of what you think now will probably change over the years!

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