Remember When…

Remember when…

Britney Spears wearing a sexy school girl outfit in her video Hit Me Baby (One More Time)  was scandalous?

Brit Brit was the talk of the town...

And now this is what we consider scandalous…

Taylor Momsen, who at 16, flashed a crowd at a performance and talked openly in interviews about sex and vibrators. Ummm, WHAT?!

Remember when…

Wearing jeans that practically showed your unmentionables (both front and back) was cool?  <–P.S.  What was that all about?  You couldn’t even sit down without your crack making an appearance, and from the front you had to make sure your you know what wasn’t showing.  Ummm…sounds AWKWARD and uncomfortable now.

From what I remember, the zipper would only be, like, 1 inch long.

Now we’ve graduated to wearing the “mom jeans” (sorry to all the mom’s out there, it’s just an expression) again…

Still not sure how I feel about these...

Remember when…

Brad Pitt seemed sweet and dated Gwenny?  They had matching haircuts/color and everything…

Awww, ain't that sweet?

And when he still seemed sweet and met and married Jen?

C'mon, can we get a collective "Awwwww..." up in this piece already?

And then when he turned into a huge a-hole when he met Angie (as he calls her…Barf) Jolie?

He even recently called his former marriage to Jen, and I quote, "boring and fake." Ummm...Eeew?

Remember when…

Cell phones used to basically be cordless telephones?

This Nokia was the very first phone I had...

And now we’re all high tech and sh*t…

And have the iPhone with all these crazy apps, and can also (GASP!!) go on the interweb?! Fancy pants.

Remember when…

Kennedy was a VJ on MTV?

Didn't she seem so cool at the time?

And Jesse…


And who could forget Carson?

And remember when he was engaged to Tara Reid, and was said to have slept with Britney AND XTina? So outrageous...

Now we have Damien?  I’m so out of the loop I don’t even know who he is…(I totally had to google “MTV Vj’s 2011”)…

Who the h is this dude anyway?

Remember when…

My flip-flop got stuck on the rug in the bathroom when I went to sit down on the toilet, and I totally fell off and skinned by elbow yesterday?

Oh wait, I don’t have a picture of that…<–You’re prob relieved, right?!

And yeah, that really happened…

Remember when…

Everyone was obsessed with Tommy Girl?

So crispy, so fresh...

And Sunflowers?

Oh, nostalgia....

And who could forget CK One?

The original unisex scent...fab.

Now we have…

Gotta love the Burb...


What are some of your “remember when’s?”

~The End…

All photos courtesy of MTV, IMDB, and Perfumania.


25 thoughts on “Remember When…

  1. Oh man, I seriously hate Jesse!

    Remember when we had pagers? I seriously felt so freaking cool telling people to page me. Hahahaha, so embarrassing. My best friends even had codes so they wouldn’t have to dial their numbers. I just knew if I got a 4 I should call me bff stat!

    • Omg, I totally should have done pagers. Like, seriously how did I overlook that?! P.S. I know exactly what you mean about the 4 page. Bwwwaaahahaha

  2. Remember when Star Wars was a kids movie???

    Now it’s been remade and extended and basically done to death on book, record, tape, radio and DVD.

    Gawd what a way to misuse a franchise.

    Even today we have groups of guys playing the characters for charity – God Bless the 501st Battallion!!!

    Love and hugs!


  3. I really liked this post.

    Remember Pauly Shore?! Aw. And Saved by the Bell. Clinique Happy.

    I’m still a little sad about Brad & Jenn. And Nick & Jessica.

  4. Knee socks! And shopping at Rave for baby tees and those gawd-awful polyester shirts. And how I rocked baby barrettes like constantly. Ah, I sort of miss the grunge-glam years. (Plastic jewelry!)

  5. Tommy Girl! I smelled it at a mall a few weeks ago and the memories just flooded back. I coated myself in that stuff when I was in high school. First perfume I ever had!

    I was feeling very nostalgic this weekend and pulled out my very first CD…CrazySexyCool by TLC. I miss when I felt like THAT was scandalous. The song “Red Light Special”? I thought it was the dirtiest thing EVER.

    And that Nokia? Was my first phone, too. A TracFone at that!

  6. TRL! Remember when MTV actually played music videos? Spice Girls! Platform shoes thanks to the spice girls! Phones actually really impress me because my first cell phone was the Motorola version of the Nokia one, green screen, no camera, and now I can get on the web while I’m talking on the phone and my phone takes better pictures than my camera. Oooo remember Game Boy when it was a big chunky grey thing with a green screen. I loved stealing my brothers and playing Super Mario! And shows like Clarissa Explains it all. We could probably go on for hours.

    • I still have my Motorola on an Orange account and a second given to me by my friend Leoni when she upgraded hers!!!

      Old Tech, but nobody wants to nick it! LoL!!!

      God Bless!


  7. remember when :
    -Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego was cool and you thought you were smart because you knew the answers.
    -when Clueless made every girl and gay boy say “whatever” or “Loser” (fingers on forehead)
    -When it was totally okay to have a crush on the Backstreet boys even though in reality the boys were effin’ old and we were like pre-teens. weird. awkward.
    – Nickelodeon cartoons were the ish and there was nothing wrong with dressing up as quailman (doug) for halloween.

  8. Great post… I used to love Sunflower perfume. The other day while shopping at TJ Max I saw a bottle of Sunflower and next to it was a bottle of Wings Perfume. I was so excited to see it and I think might go back this week and get some.

  9. Lol. Aha! The changes that have come so fast!! I loved the ‘remember when everyone was obsessed with tommy girl.’ I definitely remember those times. And, I remember the times with Britney, I love that girl, but I have no idea who the vibrator discussing girl is. Although yes, that is a little on the wild side, what are our teenagers learning now? Probably everything we adults know! I have to say I love the technological advances (I’m an engineer by trade) and love the new smartphone changes. I do everything with my business on my phone (and social, as well)! I’m SOL if I happen to lose it or it crashes on me!

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