Would You Rather…

Be stranded on a desert island with your 4 worst enemies?

B*tches might make your life miserable, but then again, maybe you'd start to like each other after awhile...

Or be completely alone?

And lose your marbles like this fool...

Would you rather be alone and rich?

Leona Helmsley was so rich, but died so alone that she left her fortune to her dog. No, I'm not kidding.

Or be loved and poor?

Are you really poor if you're rich in love?

Would you rather live a long life but never find true love?

Can you ever truly be fulfilled if never loved in return?

Or live a short life but experience passionate true love for 6 months?

Can anything really match the feeling of being loved? Even if it's in exchange for a shorter life?

Would you rather be able to fly?

Just think, you could go anywhere in the world you've ever wanted to go...

Or be able to read minds…

And you could know what everyone is really thinking...but maybe your feelings might get hurt if you could...


Tell me…

What would you rather?

22 thoughts on “Would You Rather…

  1. Hmm- good questions!

    1. I would rather be stranded with four enemies. If they continue to get on my nerves, I’ll just put ’em on a raft and send them far away. (no I would not take the raft for myself and leave them there- I would rather be stuck on dry land 😛 )

    2. Poor and loved. Nothing makes you feel richer than the feeling of being loved.

    3. Short life with love.

    4. I would so rather be able to fly. It would freak me out knowing what people are thinking. And how do you turn it off? Do I always have to listen to everyone thinking around me? Eek- I’m thinking I would voluntarily stand myself on that island alone just for some peace and quiet.

  2. Enemies, Poor, Short, and Fly – I think people and relationships are the most important aspect to anyone’s life even if they are enemies, without a dime, or only enjoyed briefly – each other is all we really have when it comes down to “purpose” in life. But, I also think people can cause the most pain (why I would fly). There’s some things I’d rather never know. :]

  3. 1. i guess with enemies at least the argueing would keep me entertained!
    2. loved and poor
    3. short life with love, can i at least hang around long enough to see my children grown? but then i guess if i was alone i wouldn’t have the kiddos so . . .
    4. Fly, because if i knew what everyone was thinking i might have more enemies!

  4. 1) with enemies cause I think being with them would make me actually want to strive harder to get off the island, if i was alone id probably give up and drown or something. lol
    2) poor with love, because how are you really poor when you have love?
    3) Have a short life but find true love, cause how could someone even live long without having the love of someone else.
    4) I’d wanna be like sookie and read minds… and if any vampires are involved like Eric… that’s just an extra wonderful treat! =)

  5. I’d rather fly, I dream about it every night. I’d rather live a short life and love, than to live a long loveless life. And finally, I would rather be poor and loved than not at all. It is the reason I moved from a big city back here to my small town, I’m poor as hell, but happier than I’ve been in a long, long time, since my first years in the big city. Rich in love, that I definitely am! Great blog!

    • Thanks for reading:) Glad to hear you are happier since you moved back to a small town. You know what John Mellencamp says about small towns, right? “I can breathe in a small town.” That’s pretty accurate, eh?

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