Who does that?!?!I Like, seriously, who does that?!!!!!

Do you ever notice that there are certain people who seem to have no shame whatsoever?  This inappropriate behavior can rear its ugly head in many, many forms.  Examples of these kinds of people, might be the person who tells a really inappropriate/obscene joke in front of your g-ma (grandma), or someone who ignores a blind person who needs help crossing the street.  These are the individuals whom you just can’t help but declare…

Who does that?!?!I  Like, seriously, who does that?!!!!!

Lately, I have had a ton of “Who does that?!?!I  Like, seriously, who does that?!!!!!” moments.  I am not even kidding, I have seriously looked over my shoulder a time or two for Ashton Kutcher to jump out of the bushes, and to say, “Dude, you’ve been Punk’d,” or I glance around for anyone who even resembles Borat, to make sure that I’m not being thrust into feature film that I haven’t consented to.  However, much to my chagrin, there are no cameras, no Ashton Kutcher, no Borat, and nothing at all fake about these encounters.  This is just real-life, bat-sh*t crazy bull stuff that is goin’ down in a major way…and also really good material to blog about.  Without further adieu, I bring you…

My top 5:  “Who does that?!?!I  Like, seriously, who does that?!!!!!” Moments Lately…

1.)  I was in line at the grocery store with a cart full of groceries, when a man walked up behind me with one bottle of water and a pack of gum.  He kindly asked me if he could cut in front me because I had a lot, and well, he had a little, and he had a friend waiting outside in a car to pick him up.  I said, “Sure.  No problem,” and I proceeded to let him step in front of me…when all of the sudden, his wife/gf came rolling up with a cart full of twice the amount of groceries that were in my cart, and he let her also step right in front of me!  I made eye contact with him as if to say, “What the h is going on?!”  He was not fazed at all by my dirty look, and he actually smiled and winked at me. <–Ummm eeew?

The bus system on campus, where my husband goes to medical school, was totally out of whack one afternoon.  It was so backed up, that it caused more people to be waiting for a bus, than there was enough room to accommodate.  People were being fairly considerate, letting others step in front of them, who had waited longer, but there was one exception to the rule, as there always is.  After having waited for at least 45 minutes for a bus (that normally comes every 10 minutes), it was finally my turn.  As I stepped forward for my turn to ascend up the bus steps, I was quickly interrupted by a man 3 times my body weight, who proceeded to step on my foot, and basically remove me from his path, so that he could get in front of me and take my turn.  The worst part, is that I actually see this person at the gym every single day and he has no shame whatsoever.  <–Oh no he di-ent.

3.)  Last semester I was in our apartment on campus, and had just gotten out of the shower.  I walked over to the window to shut the blinds, when I noticed a custodial worker, who was just about to sit down right outside my window to enjoy his lunch, and a free peep show (or so he thought.)  Instead of getting up and being embarrassed once he saw me standing there at the window, he actually waved and smiled at me, and proceeded to sit down and open up his brown bag lunch anyway. <—Ummm, WTF?!

4.)  I was in line at Subway getting my uj (usual), when the sandwich artist complimented my head band.  I was surprised, because it was just a stretchy headband that I wear to the gym to keep my bangs back, but I said “Thank you,” to which she proceeded with, “Can I have it?”  So, I laughed (hoping she was joking), and when my uncomfortable laughter subsided, I glanced over at her, but she was not laughing…or smiling…she was just looking at me.  So, I was so uncomfortable that I actually took the head band off and gave it to her…yes, you heard me right.  I gave it to the creepy girl, and she took it…and she put it on, right then and there in front of me, and continued to make my turkey sandwich.<–Ummm, wait.  Did that, like, really just happen?  Why, yes, yes it did.

5.)  I was walking out of a store when a random man and I crossed paths.  As we passed each other, like two ships in the night, he actually yelled out to me loudly, “Hey, why don’t you smile a little?”  I was so dumbfounded as everyone else turned around to see what all the hollering was about, that I was actually at a loss for words.  The thing was, I didn’t think that I wasn’t smiling. <–Umm, seriously dude?  WTH?

Perhaps I should have told him that sometimes Sarah Smiles Awhile…and sometimes not so much…

The End.

34 thoughts on “Who does that?!?!I Like, seriously, who does that?!!!!!

  1. The story about Subway totally reminded me of a really similar awkward experience I had when I was about fifteen. I was a cheerleader in high school and our mascot was the mustangs. Our bloomers had two cute little horseshoes interlocking on the right butt cheek so guys would always yell, “Show us your horseshoes!”
    Anyway, I was in uniform at Deidrich’s (like Starbucks) and the cashier was asking me about the bloomers and how she could get a pair. She asked if she could buy a pair off me, or if I could order her a pair when we placed our squads orders. WTF??? I was so confused and a little shy about it. So weird!!
    And regarding the last story, I’ve totally had strangers say to me before, “Hey, smile!” Like, in an elevator. It’s like……wtf, no one just stands there with a stupid grin on their face all the time.

  2. OMG to 3 and 4. I died. And I seriously can’t believe you took your headband off and gave it to her… And then she stood there and put it on like a freak show! WHO DOES THAT?! And the smile guy… I probably would have had to give him the finger instead.

  3. I have a story that will have you laughing your arse off. I was in a movie rental store a few years back and I had the farter. This lady followed me throughout the store and would just get close enough to me and let one rip – she did this about 3 times and when I noticed her closing in I said do not even think it about and she gave me a hrrmmpp and moved on to who other than my boyfriend. I did not say anything and he did not say anything while checking out. We got in the car and closed the doors and my boyfriend stated I was fart bombed in there!!! We busting out laughing – really though WTF:) Great Post – Have a Great Weekend!

  4. Sounds like a normal day in the UK – you missed out the gang of hoodies shouting abuse and death threats though, their form of entertainment…

    Love and hugs!


  5. #5 totally takes the cake! It reminded me of a time when I was on my front porch when a trio of teenagers were walking by on the street in front of my house. They stopped at my fence and one of the girl’s points to the coke I had in my hand and says “Can I have a drink of that coke”? I had never seen this girl in my life and was completely dumbfounded. I just said “sure” and after she took it I told her she should keep it. I still shake my head over that one. I call those moments “You Have Got To Be Kidding Me” moments.

  6. I LOVE the Subway story! I seriously started laughing so hard I was crying! I can totally see myself doing the same thing because I wouldn’t know what else to do! Great post, I love your blog 🙂

  7. That number 4 girl is a freak! Was it hard to go in there again without removing any other hair accessories beforehand?!
    We were strolling through the shops the other day and a woman pushed through our little family group, smacked smallest son hard in the head with her handbag, and then proceeded to walk at a leisurely pace, slowing us all down. My sons little sad face turned to me and I asked him if she had hurt him, ‘yes mum’. Grrrr… Stepping up behind her, and using my growliest telling-the-dog-off voice, I said MOVE. She moved. Usually I let crazy public behaviour just slide on by, damage a family member and there will be repercussions!

    • Omg, I was so caught off guard I didn’t know what else to do. P.S. Now every time I go to Subway, I have to stake out the situation and make sure she’s not there!

  8. Grocery cart guy would have had my cart rammed into his ankles at full speed. I would then have reclaimed my place in line. I called a woman out for trying the same thing to me once. She had her child with her and I asked if she really thought it was OK to be teaching your child to break in line. Others in line said something to her too so she muttered something under her breath and went to the back of the line.

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