12 Things That Movies Have Taught Me About Life…

Everything I’ve Learned About Life, I’ve Learned From Movies…

1.)  Jerry Maguire from Jerry Maguire taught me how to deal with stressful work sitch’s when he said:  “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna do what you all think I’m gonna do, which is, you know, FLIP OUT!”

Jer-Bear's about to lose his sh*t...

2.)  Llyod Dobler from Say Anything taught me what kind of guy I should hold out for when he said:  “What I really want to do with my life – what I want to do for a living – is I want to be with your daughter. I’m good at it.”

Oooooooh Llyod...What a dreamboat.

3.)  Cady from Mean Girls taught me about girl code:  “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.”

Note taken.

4.)   Loretta Castorini from Moonstruck taught me about table etiquette:  “My mother has a saying. Do you want to hear it?  Don’t shit where you eat!”

'Nuff said.

and Loretta also taught me about proper funeral attire…

“In time you’ll drop dead and I’ll come to your funeral in a red dress!”

5.)  Julia from The Wedding Singer taught me about what is an appropriate wedding kiss:  “Not porno tongue. Church tongue.”

Thanks for the demo guys.

6.)  Elle Woods from Legally Blond taught me about awesome comebacks:  “Oh, I like your outfit too, except when I dress up as a frigid bitch, I try not to look so constipated.”

Oh no she di-ent...

7.)  Brooke and Gary from The Break-Up taught me that there are just some things men and women will never see eye to eye on:  Brooke:  “I want you to want to do dishes.”  Gary:  “Why would I want to do dishes?!”

Men are obvi from Mars...

8.)  Harry from When Harry Met Sally showed me that, like Sally, I am indeed high maintenance when he said:  Harry: “There are two kinds of women: high maintenance and low maintenance.”  Sally: “Which one am I?”  Harry: “You’re the worst kind; you’re high maintenance but you think you’re low maintenance.”

Just another high maintenance broad...

9.)  Baby from Dirty Dancing taught me that everybody has an awkward moment now and then when she said:  “I carried a watermelon.” (Johnny walks away)  “I carried a watermelon!?”

We've all had a watermelon moment, eh?

10.)  Cher from Clueless taught me that it’s okay to be super choosy when it comes to boys when she said:  “You see how picky I am about my shoes and they only go on my feet.”

Take your sweet time, Cher.

11.)  Annie from Annie taught me how to stick up for myself:  “All right, who’s next? Anybody else? Then get lost!”

Sure, she looks sweet...but she sure is scrappy.

And last but not least…

12.)  Truvy from Steel Magnolias taught me how to keep it real:  “There is no such thing as natural beauty.”

Gotta love the Doll-inator keepin' it real yo.

And thanks Dolly…

All photos courtesy of IMDB

44 thoughts on “12 Things That Movies Have Taught Me About Life…

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  2. For the record, my outfit today is: black dress pants, a black belt, a black beater tucked in (and a super cute sweater). HOWEVER, as I was getting dressed I said hmm…seems like I’m channeling Johnny Castle today. HA! Such a fitting post Sarah. I loved it!

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  4. Love the same movies…and learned a few things from some of the different lines…..No one should “complete” you (unhealthy relationship Jerry Maguire), “No one puts baby in the corner” – don’t let anyone make me feel less than and “I’d rather have 5 minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special” – Julia Roberts, Steel Magnolias. Good stuff – thanks.

  5. These are great! Say Anything – sigh, all men should be like that 🙂

    I love that quote from Legally Blonde as well and have been tempted to use it a few times….

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  7. You’ve captured a few of my favorite movies, though my favorite lines are different:
    “No one puts baby in the corner,” from Dirty Dancing
    “I’ll have what she’s having,” from Harry met Sally
    Great fun, great blog!

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