The One About the Potty Mouth…

For some reason I haven’t been sleeping that well lately.  I think it’s a lot to do with starting my semester back to school, and getting re-acquainted with all the large amounts of reading and writing I have to do again.  It always takes me a week or two to get back into the school groove, and until I do, my sleep patterns are always disrupted.  Lately I’ve been waking up really early, and then not being able to fall back to sleep.  Matt keeps suggesting that I take a nap when I get tired half-way throughout the day, but something you should know about me right now before we go any further (as Meatloaf would say), is that I loathe naps.  They’re actually the bane of my existence.  I do not do well with naps, and I don’t know what it is about them, but every time I take a nap I always wake up pissed off.  Go figure.  Some people love naps, I personally hate them. Anyway, I really have no idea why I went off on a tangent talking about naps…

So, because my sleep has been out of whack, I have had these really bizarre dreams.  Most of the time I don’t even remember my dreams, and I am definitely not someone who analyzes dreams to figure out what my subconscious is trying to tell me.  However last night I dreamt that I dropped my toothbrush in a toilet.  In my dream, I remember thinking it was really gross, but for some reason I thought the toothbrush was salvageable.  So, I went and grabbed some of Matt’s latex gloves out of his medical bag, and when I returned to fish my toothbrush out, the toilet was suddenly spontaneously flushing itself.  Every time I stuck my hand in to get the toothbrush, it would flush and disappear again.

This was such a weird dream, that just this once, I had to explore more in depth what this all meant.  I looked up what water in any form might mean, (e.g. bath water, rivers, fountains, dish water, lakes, bottled water, toilet water, dog bowl water, etc.) and I found that it represents something spiritually good, and if you are a fire sign (which I am), dreams with water are good for balance.  So yay.  Well, whatever all that is supposed to mean…

However, I got to thinking and doing a little of my own analyzing, and this is what I came up with:

  • Maybe it just means I need to clean my toilet?
  • Maybe it’s a sign that somebody has been cleaning our toilet with my toothbrush. Ugh, which would be the biggest fail of the century…
  • Dirty mouth?  Maybe I need to clean it up with some Orbit?
  • Maybe I’ve seen Grease one too many times, and the combo of Rizzo’s potty mouth and Jan’s Brush-a, Brush-a, Brush-a were too much for my subconscious to bear…possibly?
  • Maybe God was showing me the error in my own potty mouth ways, and it was a sign to clean that sh*t up.  Ooops, dang it, there I go again.

Or maybe what it really means is that I’m just utterly full of crap?

Well, I sure hope not…

11 thoughts on “The One About the Potty Mouth…

  1. This is a true story of my morning today:


    I woke up super early this morning (not on purpose) and couldn’t fall back asleep. I started reading some blogs from my reader in bed, read this post and some others, got sleepy again and fell back asleep.

    I then proceeded to dream. In my dream I woke up in my bed and I had to pee, so I got out of bed walked to the bathroom, and the toilet was full of dirty laundry. I was annoyed that the laundry wasn’t loaded fully into the toilet so I could use it to pee. So I began to flush piles of laundry down the toilet, careful that they weren’t too big that the toilet would overflow. Then I realized my boyfriend had left some extension cords (?) In the pile and they were going down with the laundry. I was grabbing at the extension cords as the toilet was flushing the laundry down, trying to pull them back out. Also I was annoyed that Joe would leave extension cords mixed up with the laundry pile that was getting flushed down the toilet, instead of putting the cords away where they belong.

    Then I woke up.

    I do have to do laundry, and I didn’t have to pee. And there were no extension cords even near my bathroom.


    ps. it totally cracks me up that naps are the bane of your existence. that might be the cutest bane ever. (not to laugh at your bane).

    pps. sorry for the longest comment ever. over and out.

    • Oh my gosh, that is so freaking bizarre and hilarious! The extension cords were a beautiful touch. Hahaha. I have to say, Jen, if I were to analyze your dream, taking into consideration both the extension chords, along with toilet water, I would say it reminds me of that Beastie Boys song Professor Booty…you know…So don’t touch me ’cause I’m electric
      And if you touch me you’ll get shocked. I should write a book on, like, whack dream analyzations. Heehee.

      • P.S. I thought you might appreciate the other bane of my existence…making lunch. Not breakfast or dinner, no. Just lunch. Okay thanks. Haha

  2. Maybe it wasn’t a dream. Maybe you were sleep-walking… 😉 j/k I know all about those dreams! Waking up from those are so exhausting.

  3. It breaks my heart that you hate naps because I LIVE for naps. When I was in college one year I had sort of an early schedule, class wise, so I took a nap every single freaking day, and when I wouldn’t get one I’d be all cranky. I never realized it until my boyfriend was like, “You’re totally a little kid who needs their nap or you’re all grouchy.” Haha, so true.
    If I had it my way, I’d take a nap ever single afternoon. I love naps so much I wish I could get them pregnant.

    • Bwwaaahaha, you love them so much you wish you could get them preggers. Classic! But seriously I don’t think there is anyone on the planet that hates naps as much as me. I guess I might like them if I didn’t always wake up so p.o’d after them…Nah, I think I just hate em’. Ha!

  4. Just read this one after reading the freshly pressed post. Love it! I also wake up pissed off when I take naps, and your reference to Grease and Jan’s toothbrush song was fantastic. I hope you keep writing!

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