A Somewhat Hairy Sitch…

So, today I decided to give myself a haircut.  Why?  I really couldn’t tell ya.  Maybe it was boredom?  Living in the Caribbean I know sounds super exotic, right?  Well, that was kind of rude of me to assume, maybe it sounds like a H-E-double L- hole to you…either way or however you view it, I guarantee this place is not what it seems to you…ugh, there I go again with the assuming…I guess what I am trying to say is, living in Grenada is not always that exciting, and sometimes you have to make your own fun, which is precisely what I did today. (<–If by fun you mean almost having a breakdown because you got half-way through cutting your own hair, only to realize that there was a very very good chance you were about to ruin your hair, then it was tons and tons of fun! WOOO!  Can you tell I’m lying?  I am totally lying to you right now.

I woke up this morning feeling like, UGH.  Do you ever wake up feeling like that?  I just looked in the mirror and my hair looked so flat and tepid, that I thought my hair could use a little one-two, and that was it.  The idea to cut my own hair was sprung…(Btdubs, I have cut my own hair before, but just a lil’ trim and everything turned out just fine, so what was the harm?)…I know you’re probably wondering why there aren’t places in Grenada where I can go and have my hair cut, and I will answer that question by saying, there are places, but I have heard horror stories about them chopping off people’s hair and such.  So, therefore I wouldn’t even consider entrusting my tresses into those wretched scenes. On a side note, it is me who actually is the resident hair stylist on campus, and I do cuts out of our apartment all the time, because the students don’t want to have their huuuur cut by any of those cray cray hair places either…(<–Can you tell I am trying my best to justify to you all that I am not a high maintenance loony person?)  P.S. They have been known to cut women’s layers with a clipper. (<–Yep, stillllll justifying…) Anyway, so I thought my idea was a brilliant one, and I even told me husband about my plan, and he said, and I quote, “Oh Lordy, I’m gettin’ out of here.”  Because he knows where this little endeavor was about to take me, and even he could see that it was taking me on sure shot ride straight to where the crazy people reside.

So, I got my little spot all set up, in our bathroom, which is where all the magic was going to happen.  I had my handheld mirror, combs, water bottle, mat on the floor (as to not make a mess), and I was ready to go.  I wet my hair down, sectioned it out with clips, and everything was right with the universe.  About half-way through trimming the ends of my hair, I started to get cocky, and my mind raced in a bit of a mania, and I thought to myself, “I am already cutting my hair…and the wedding is over now…so why not just go for it, and really give myself a change.”  Yes, anyone can see where this story is headed.

P.S.  This is where pictures of the wondrous experience would be, but I can’t even post them because you would all see the photographs of a woman on the verge of hysterical histrionics.  ‘Nuff said.

So, I proceeded to take more and more off the layers, until I got to a point, of what some might call, no return…kind of a fork in the road…a dead end, if you will…but I had to keep going, I mean, I had no choice.  I had over ambitiously cut way too much off the layers at the back of my head, so when I got to the front of my hair, I freaked.  When I saw that in order for my hair to be even all the way throughout, that I needed to take off…well, a lot of hair (I don’t even want to tell you inches because it will make you shudder), I had somewhat of a nervous breakdown.

Matt came into the bathroom and attempted to defuse the situation.  He said, “Would it help if I took some pictures?” (He was only trying to help, because I had, had a tripod set up to take some shots while I was doing what was supposed to be a fun little project…)  But it wasn’t the picture-taking situation that had me worked up, it was this dreadful haircut I was knee-deep in that had me cursing the world.  I didn’t even need to answer, because I think he could see the crazy look in my eye, that there would be no pictures today.  No, none at all.  It was not a picture perfect kind of day.

I managed to walk away for a few minutes to compose my thoughts, eat some candy, read my blog comments, twiddle my thumbs, before going back into the place that had become my own little personal hell…aka, the scene of the crime.  So, I gathered my thoughts, took a deep breath, picked my sanity off the floor, and began to cut.

Somehow, someway I managed to finish without completely losing my marbles.  I just calmly went through the rest of my hair section by section, until I finished.  When all was said and done, it actually looked…good.  I have to say, I was actually pleasantly surprised with the results…which leads me to believe that maybe I was just being crazy, and it really wasn’t that bad all along…Perhaps I just thought it was…

All I know is, whatever the case may have been, I will never…and I repeat…never…cut my own hair again.  I prom.

P.S. Remind me that I made this vow 6 months from now…

19 thoughts on “A Somewhat Hairy Sitch…

    • Omg! Hahaha!!! Well, the good news is that it is still long, I just went a wee bit too crazy with the layers. After much assessing of the situation, post haircutting disaster, I decided that it is really not bad. Thankfully!

  1. Oh man, I can relate! I live in Guinea, and the only prospect for a hairstylist is a barber that comes to my husbands work every few weeks, but I chickened out when I discovered that, in addition to his clippers, he uses a pair of what appear to be a step above safety scissors (you know, the kind you used in preschool?). So for the last few days I’ve been trying to figure out how to cut my own hair (it is super short), but I’m pretty sure it can only end in disaster. *Sigh*

  2. You are brave, but you know what you are doing!!! I’m sure it looks GREAT! You could shave your head and still look good! We are all freaks about our hair…that’s why I cut my own, too…can’t trust anyone around here to get it even, EVER!!!! xoxox Love and miss you! 🙂

    • Haha, Aunt Lor! I don’t know if there is a person on the planet who is crazier about their hair more than me. That is why the fact that I took scissors to my own hair is such a bizarre thing for me to do! Oh well! It’s really not bad at all. I think I just got nervous and freaked! Haha! Love and miss you toooooooo

  3. Sarah…you cannot do that – I need pictures! I’m dying to see what the hair looks like! Like most women, I grow my hair, cut it, grow my hair, cut it so I get it. I can’t wait to see. I’m a reader through Reagan (who, by the way I love with short hair). I live in Canada and my father-in-law teaches in Grenada a couple of times per year so Matt has likely met him – how weird, eh? I’ll be back looking for pictures.

    • Hi Jenna! Thanks for reading! That is awesome about your father in law teaching here in Grenada. I just told Matt and he wants to know his name, so he can see if he has had him. What a small world that would be!! Anyway, I will put up pics in a couple days, I promise!

      • Hi again – I couldn’t view your replies for a few days so I just saw this – His name is Dr. Hollomby, he’ll be back in January. He’s a Nephrologist, I’m not exactly sure what he teaches when he’s there. Let me know if he’s had him or will have him. We may go visit next christmas but you’ll be gone by then, non?

  4. Pictureesssss!!! It’s so not right to make us wait! 😉 I’m glad its still long though I probs wouldn’t *hate* it short…. I’m a super freak about my hair too. You know when Britney Spears first came out with Baby One More Time forevs ago and she had that cute little layerd look going on? I went to my moms stylist to get that hair cut. I had long hair, bangs grown out, etc. She took my (grown out!) Bangs and cut them at my eye. I shit you not I went white in the face. The stylist joked about getting me a paper bag. Are you forreals lady. Sooo traumatic! So now I’m overly picky about my hair.

  5. You know, I was just thinking about getting a hair cut this morning (my hair always looks like a cat threw up all over it, so cutting it myself is not an option) — but after reading this post I think I’ll grow it out for the winter….

  6. lol No such problems in Trinidad, I can assure you. But trims could easily end up as haircuts here too if you don’t have a regular hairdresser or you don’t know how to assert yourself to get what you want.

  7. Bahahahha I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with you… I have done exactly the same thing! It all turned out ok in the end and no-one really noticed the haircut disaster I did to myself… My boyfriend is now the victim of my haircutting skills and he prefers my unique style to a professional hairdresser. Home hairdressing is da bomb! Keep writing… u r so funny

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