History of the Girl Crush

What Is a Girl Crush?

A girl crush is when you meet a woman whose sense of style, beauty, brilliant achievements, or personal charisma makes you admire her, but it is by no means a physical attraction.  A girl crush means you hold another woman in such high regard that you aspire to be like that person.  The crush-ee is usually not someone who is in your current group of girlfriends, but more someone who you adore from afar (e.g. A co-worker, an old friend, or a celebrity.)

Every girl has had a girl crush (whether you want to admit it or not), and most of these kinds of crushes date back to when we were just little lasses.  It wasn’t hard for me to remember my first girl crushes…

Smurfette = Sass-a-frass at its best. I soooo wanted that little white eyelet dress and white heels.

And I can’t forget about the other keeper of my heart…

Brittany from Alvin and the Chipmunks...And can you blame me? Look at those leg warmers, that high ponytail, and swoopy bang...Sighhhh...

Eventually I graduated to good ol’ half pint…

I remember I wanted to be a 'little firecracker' just like Laura Ingalls. She was so spunky and she used to take on Nelly Olson who was twice her size. Bad a** chick...Bad a** chick.

Then there was Kells…

Kelly Kapowski...I basically just wanted to be her. She snagged the cutest bf, Zack Morris, and had the best mall bangs...Like ever.

Not long after Kelly came my most timeless girl crush…

Cher from Clueless changed my life...'Nuff said.

The Cher girl crush definitely deserves a little more expanding upon.  The first time I saw Clueless was when I was going into the 6th grade.  When I think back about my adolescents, I think about Cher.  I wanted to be just like her, Do you blame me?  She had an awesome wardrobe, the coolest friends, and talked like a total grown-up.  She was pretty much the coolest girl I had ever seen.

10 Things I Learned from Cher:

1.)  Cher taught me about ‘monet’s’ <–A girl that looks good from far away, but up close is a big old mess.

2.)  To never date someone who dresses better than you.

3.)  That Ren and Stimpy are way existential.

4.)  That searching for a boy in high school is as useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie.

5.)  That it was cool to wear tank tops over baby tee’s.

6.)  That it was not cool to wear overalls.

7.)  That you really can argue a grade from a C+ to an A-.

8.)  That it’s okay to have no idea what you’re talking about, as long as you sound like you do.

9.)  That if you hit a parked car, you should definitely write them a note.

10.)  That having a good sense of direction counts, even if it’s only in the mall.

After Cher came the other Brit Brit…

For the first time in my life I jonesed to be a brown eyed girl.

Then there was…

Sarah (aka Kate Beckinsale) from Serendipity. I dyed my hair reddish-brown in lieu of my girl crush on her.

Later came…

Michelle Williams in that infamous yellow dress, red lipstick, and side chignon at the Oscars...Classy babe.

And most recently…

Penelope Cruz in Vicky Christina Barcelona. This movie was made at least 3 or 4 years ago, but no other girl crush has topped my dear old buddy, old pal, Penny...Her hair in this movie inspired my wedding day hair. She is the ultimate.

Girl crushes are such a funny thing, aren’t they?!  Who knows…someone might have a girl crush on you right at this very moment, and you don’t even know it!

So tell me, who are your girl crushes?

Photos by IMDB, smurfs.wikia.com, alvin.wikia.com, palzoo.net, glamour.com, zunshine.com, and mypartyshirt.com

32 thoughts on “History of the Girl Crush

  1. I’m so glad someone brought this up! I once did with my husband; he just called me a lesbian afterwards. (In his dreams!)

    I totally admire soft, though extremely fit, brunette women, like Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Morrison, and Famke Janssen. They’re gorgeous, clean, and play really intelligent characters. I also love Kate Winslet and Drew Barrymore for telling the whole world to just deal with their curvier figures. And I adore Emma Stone!! I would follow her around like a desperate puppy.

    I was not really involved with the current state of things when I was growing up, but I loved Princess Leia in Star Wars and Deanna Troi from Star Trek.

    (I just revealed too much about myself, haven’t I?) 🙂

    • Ahhh! That’s awesome! I totally forgot about Princess Leia, but that is a really good one. Oh, and I love Emma Stone, too. I find her absolutely hilarious, and I would kill for her comedic timing!

  2. Sarah! I adore your blog and your written voice, you are hysterical! I am Reagan’s friend Jen and I found you thru her! I think I *still* have a girl crush on Brittany chipette. Actually, I don’t think, I know. Anyway, you’re a great writer, I can’t wait to read your book, and I hope to meet you someday!

    • Jen! Omg, is it weird that I totally feel like I know you?! I have heard sooooo much about you from Reagan! Thank you so much for reading my blog, and I am flattered that you find it funny. That really just made my day. I will be back in NY in December, so we’ll have to all get together then for sure!:)

      • Sarah!! Hahaha I feel like I know you too! I so hope we can all hang out in December… because I love you already and thats really nice but maybe a little creepy and will hopefully be much less creepy when we actually meet each other. 🙂

        But really, you are seriously a great writer! and Yay!

      • Haha! You are so funny, and that is not creepy at all! I love it! Thank you for saying I’m a good writer…I am working a novel for a Young Adults Writing class and I am so stuck…So thanks for the inspiration!:)

  3. This is creepy for me to say, but maybe I have a girl crush on you! I really like funny people, men or women, and you’re funny, so I like you. Same with Reagan. The funniness totally (ok, mostly) fixes my jealousy of how pretty you both are! I loved the list of things you learned from Cher. I feel like I need to watch the movie again.

    • That’s awesome (and not creepy)! Haha! Btw, you have to watch Clueless again. I just did, and that is why I wrote that post. Its just so funny and in my opinion, one of the best comedies ever made!! I’m telling you, the jokes in that film transcend time.

  4. Ha! Great post! Loved it! I do have a quibble but it’s a minor quibble. Girl crushes can also be on boys, men and even a few can be physical attraction with other females. I guess everyone has a different meaning for the term.

    • True, very true. I guess it’s really what a girl crush means personally to you that defines it. To each their own! Thanks for reading:)

  5. I love Clueless so much. I saw it for the first time in 6th grade, too. I asked for the VHS for Christmas and watched it every single night for the entirety of my Christmas break. My poor dad watched it with me every time.

    Anyway, my first girl crush was from a book. Claudia Kishi from the Baby Sitter’s Club! I thought she had amazing style…ha! I still love reading the descriptions of what she was wearing.
    Others that spring to mind: Jennifer Aniston. Mostly in Friends but also in The Break-Up.
    I had a HUGE girl crush on one of my ex-boyfriends friends. She fit so effortlessly in a group of mostly boys, always was dressed so cute, and was so friendly and happy. I snagged her. I might have broken up with him years ago, but she’s remained one of my best friends.

    • Ha! I got Clueless on a VHS, too, and also watched it obsessively! And that is too funny about Claudia from the Baby-Sitter’s Club…I totally remember the descriptions about her outfits, too! Anyway, thanks for reading Whitney!:)

  6. My current ones are Ginnifer Goodwin, and Emma Watson – love them both and am so jealous that they look so gorgeous with the pixies. I want one so badly, but every time I cut my hair I end up in tears so I guess I will just live vicariously through them. 🙂

    • Omg, I love the pixie cut, too. As a hairstylist, though, it’s a cut that could quite possibly send me into an anxiety attack! Something about cutting a woman’s hair that short just feels like such an immense responsibility! My fave pixie cut ever was Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby…it was the most perf pixie cut ever.

  7. I also share a major girl crush on Britney. But I think it’s because she took the world by storm at such a young age. And regardless of her troubles, I just can’t help but love that girl. I also have huge girl crushes on Jennifer Love Hewitt (Party of Five anyone?), Olivia Wilde and Angelina Jolie. And, although everyone thinks I’m disgusting — Megan Fox. But I actually think I just love the motorcycle riding, classic car loving character she played in transformers. Great post Sarah!

    • Kat, It’s so weird but I, like, vaguely remember talking about Britney (and our shared love for her) back in the day…And omg, I love Jennifer Love Hewitt too, but in her recent Ghost Whisperer days…nobody can do a smoky eye like homegirl on that show. Haha

  8. Duuuuuuude. I have told my fiancee numerous times that if I were to ‘go gay,’ it would be for Kate Beckinsale. Can you say GORGEOUS?! OMG. I totally developed a girl crush on her (as well as on the bold lipstick) in Pearl Harbor.

    • I totally agree! I forgot about her in Pearl Harbor, but I am definitely in agreement with you there, too! Love love love her. Thanks for reading;)

  9. Rudy Huxtable had the life and battery operated sweatshirt that I wanted. Nowadays I live for Beyonce. I might even break out into song and dance before I announce the conception of my 1st child.

  10. When I was a girl it was Linda Carter back in the day because she was Wonder Woman. And shoot, even Wonder Woman in general in her awesome bright costume (what there was of it anyway). Lucy Lawless as Xena and Storm from the X-Men are my favorites. My comic book nerdiness at work but I love women that can swing a sword, throw a punch or a lightning bolt every now and then.

  11. I have so many of the same girl crushes! Kelly K. and Cher – not to mention Brittany from the Chippettes…what a great list! Thanks for the laughs and making me realize how many girls I have had “crushes” on. : )

  12. I’m right there with you on Laura Ingalls Wilder and Penelope Cruz, esp in VCB, she made that movie so incredible!

    other girl crushes for me are Salma Hayek, alicia keys, mariah carey, and angelina jolie before she went crazy (that is a purely subjective timeline, I know).

    congrats on FP!

  13. I have to say firstly, I am thoroughly enjoying reading your blog, it’s hilarious! 🙂 I enjoy your writing, you’re quite qitty, and I love wit.

    As for girl crushes… I’ve had many, but my first girl crush has stuck with me my entire life – Rogue from The Xmen, and was so crushed with her casting in the movies, I just didn’t feel that Anna Paquin did her spirit right.

    I look forward to reading more! 🙂

  14. I sympathized with Rogue because she could never touch anyone or feel the touch or embrace from another person her entire life. Makes for a very lonely person. Even if it’s all fiction.
    Anna Paquin I don’t feel had the confidence she now exudes.

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