To Hawaii with L-O-V-E…

Just wanted to share a few pics from my honeymoon in Hawaii before too much time goes by, and then it’s just old news bears…

Got a huge craving for sush while in Kauai. This meal sprung a raw tuna binge that went on for two straight weeks and the rest of our honeymoon. Note: Look at my expression...This is the face of someone who needed to be fed asap. I turn into a little devil when I'm hungry.

We want on a helicopter ride in Kauai, and I wanted to die. Wait, no I didn't want to die, I wanted to live, and that's why I was scared sh*tless! I was basically peeing myself at right about this moment.

View from above while Enya was playing. No, I'm not kidding. The pilot was really playing Enya, and I kind of enjoyed it...But shhhhhh....And he even spoke in that smooth listening radio voice, which prompted Matt to ask later, "Why do all pilots talk in that easy listening voice??" He's totally right.

Solid ground, I love you.

At the Kauai coffee plantation. Matt wanted a bite of the action.

I was trying to look like I was emerging from the coffee beans...

But then I realized the branches had a weird sticky coating. Fail.

Matt mothering a baby octi. Cute.

I got whipped in the face with sand. Guess I can skip my weekly exfoliation. Sweet.

In Maui at the Old Lahaina Luau soliciting a lil kiss from the Tiki Man.

View from dinner on the beach in Maui...beauticious.

Dinner at Kauai Grill. Please take a moment to notice Mr. 007 himself in the background. Yes, we took this pic for the sole purpose of getting Pierce Brosnan lurking in the shadows.

We splurged for a private cabana for our last day in Kauai. Right here I am laughing at something Matt said. He's a regular ol' comedienne, that Moo-Moo.

Everywhere we went in Maui, they gave me flowers to put in my huuuuur. Love u, Maui.

P.S. I just realized that this post has a ton of pics of just moi…I prom I’m not vain.  I only have the pics from Matt’s cam on my computer in Grenada, because I left my cam in NY<–Tear:'(  So maybe more pics later?

4 thoughts on “To Hawaii with L-O-V-E…

  1. I love Kauai! I got married on the beach at the Marriott, and then came back and honeymooned there and on the Big Island. I think we even went on the same helicopter ride, I totally remember Enya playing!! How I wish I could go back!

    • Hi Vanessa! Isn’t Kauai the most beautiful place on earth? Like, seriously! My husband and I almost got married in Hawaii too, but we ended up nixing the idea, because it was too hard to get the whole fam there. I am so jeal that you got married there! It must have been so gorgeous!

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