It’s My Book Debut And I’ll Cry If I Want To!!!!!

It’s here! My book is out in the world and I’m a literal mess!! I’m excited but nervous but happy but emotional but floored but humbled but scared but glad but freaking out but mostly just really, really thankful.

Here’s a link to it on Amazon, as well as a universal link to all retailers. This is the Kindle version for now. Paperback will be available in a few days.

Oh. And my book happens to be an Editor’s Pick, so I’ll just be over here 😭😭😭


Pssst! I’m giving away 3 advanced reading e-copies of my book, The Wanderers, to the first three people to comment on this post!

My book debuts this Friday, so I’ll be sharing links to all retailers in a few days, but if you want in on this freebie, please comment below with your email address!

Ummm…My Book Release Is Happening June 21st!!!!

I got the news yesterday from my publisher that my book baby will be released into the great, wide open on June 21st! Whoa. Up until now I’ve been really excited, but I’d be lying if I said the reality of having people read my words didn’t leave me a little like…😳😳😳😳…ruh-ro.

Every writer dreams of the day their writing will finally be out there for the world to read, I mean, it takes most of us years upon years. For me, it took seven years and two full books before I got a break. Even so, nothing prepares you for the moment it’s on, like, actually ON. It’s like you wait and wait and wait and wait forever and you’re soooo impatient as you wait some more to get noticed, and then when it’s finally your time, you think you’ll be more than ready to show out. But somehow you’re all…eeeep.

However, when I remember the blood, sweat, and tears that went into writing this thing, I’m more than ready to get it out there. I only have to remind myself of the labor of love it was to get here and I’m excited all over again.

I really hope you all will take a chance on this book and tell me what you think afterwards. That would mean everything to me.

I’ll leave you with a little check-list I made to give you an idea of what The Wanderers is about and if it might be up your alley.


Hooray!! I can finally share the book cover for my upcoming debut novel THE WANDERERS!! Seeing my novel captured in a perfect snapshot makes this whole thing that much more real! Like, it’s really happening, you guys. I’m FINALLY going to be a published author! This has been a long time coming, so seeing my name in print is a very surreal moment for me.

Ah. Wow. Sorry, just letting it all sink in for a sec. I do plan on sharing more about my road to publication soon, but today I’m just celebrating this awesome moment, and the truly awesome way the cover artist captured the essence of my book!

Here’s a peak into what THE WANDERERS is about:

When eighteen-year-old Sosie Friedman’s mother dies in a horrific car crash, rumors around her small beach town swirl that the accident was really a suicide-plot gone awry. Desperate to prove the gossipers wrong, she digs into her mother’s past and uncovers clues that suggest her mother wasn’t who she pretended to be.

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, she connects with a school acquaintance, a quiet but thoughtful loner, who introduces her to his small group of friends. Swept into their curious world, she embarks on a road trip with them to escape Sandy’s destruction—and to discover a man who may hold clues to her mother’s death. But like the shoreline under the lashing winds and rain, her reality starts disintegrating before her eyes the more she learns. When she wakes up in the aftermath of a car crash eerily reminiscent of her mother’s, her new friends are nowhere to be found.

Sosie must now piece together evidence to explain her mother’s death, or risk suffering a similar fate.

THE WANDERERS will be available this summer, so stay tuned! I’ll share the links for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers as soon as it becomes available.

More teasers, too, soon!


I can’t wait to hear what you all think of my book cover!!

Forever Young-ish…

Anyone catch a glimpse of their reflection in the self-checkout video at Target? Let me tell you, that sucker doesn’t lie. I did yesterday and WTH, like, I’m old now?? Is it just bad lighting?? Tell me it’s bad lighting. Why do I look ill? What’s happening???? I had a full face on, and yet, I looked old af. Someone talk me off a cliff here. Please.

I guess it’s all hitting me because I’ve been on a long-ass trip to Denial City for at least a few years now. Even when I’ve recently been finding gray hairs sprouting up, it’s like my brain turns off from the concept that I’m aging, and goes to a safe place where I assume everyone who sees me out with my two kids probably thinks I’m the nanny. Who do I think I am??! Benjamin Button?

I need to get a grip or at least some Botox… I’ve heavily started my obsessive-level research on all things injections and lasers, thank you very much.

I guess you could say Target was my age defining moment.

But please tell me I’m not alone in this? Was anyone else living in a delusional fantasy until they were thrust into the real world with a firm push in the way of sneaky surveillance cameras revealing their true form? I’m not spiraling or anything. Or rambling. I don’t know why you’d be thinking that.

Tell me your stories of accepting age, please. Or at least tell me how young I look.

Once upon a prom time in the year 2001…

Who remembers their prom? 👑

Someone started the hashtag #YAGoestoProm and it got me thinking about my own prom many moons ago.

I put so much thought into my prom dress and hair/makeup. I grew my nails out for weeks so I’d have the perfect french manicure. When the day of prom came, I must’ve spent seven hours getting ready. Seven!! The me of today wouldn’t even know what do to with this much time to myself. But there’s a good bet I’d take a long nap. Two kids will do that to you.

I was sure I’d always look back and love how I looked, but the truth is, I still like my dress—it’s whimsical while not being too precious—but oooooof I’d be lying if I said that hair didn’t make me cringe a little. I was looking a little June Carter-y before I knew what that reference meant.

What do you remember about your prom?

Tell me everything.